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  1. Bring-Back-Powell

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    How many times do you reckon Bruce will say the following in tonight’s telecast: ”You just get the feeling we’re going to learn a bit about these two sides tonight...don’t you”? We can win this if we set the tone early and Port have an off night. If Westhoff and Dixon and Robbie Gray are blitzing it early, then it’s going to be a long night.
  2. Bring-Back-Powell


    As much as a loss would hurt tonight, you’d almost take a 3 point loss.
  3. Bring-Back-Powell


    To all those concerned that we’re too weak and short in defence, we have a viable option that can play down there. He wears number 25 and he’s our best defender on the list. Last week we played him up forward and we lost badly in a shoot out.
  4. Bring-Back-Powell


    Was hoping Jeffy was there instead of Spargo.
  5. Bring-Back-Powell


    I'm elated with this news.
  6. Bring-Back-Powell

    Lever in the coaches box

    Good on him. Seems like one of the more switched on youngsters in the league. I’m still shattered that he’s gone down as I’m sure Goodwin and co are. Our defence was disfunctional, leaderless and 2013 esque vs Collingwood.
  7. Bring-Back-Powell

    Darwin game to be dumped?

    So basically the club is conceding that this year's Darwin game is going to physically effect our run home this season. Not good. However, good news that we may be looking to get out of the deal. More than happy to have that home game transferred to Etihad given how well we play there and how badly we play at the MCG. Interesting that last year we had a good win over Port the week after Darwin, but then put in 2 lackluster performances against North and GWS (both interstate). So the flow on effects could last beyond the 1 week.
  8. Bring-Back-Powell

    Training - Tuesday 19th June, 2018

    Like that idea. We now need height in defence. (I still think T Mac may return down back if our defence doesn't stack up over the next 4-6 weeks but that's another story) Although I've never seen Petty play, I think he'd be a good match up for Marshall who's just a 19/20 year old kid himself and is coming back from personal tragedy. Hinkley talked up Marshall massively last night as one for the future, but he only had a 6 possession 2 behind game last week in his return. Petty could then take on St Kilda's youngster in Josh Battle while O Mac takes McCartin and someone else minds Bruce if he's back.
  9. Bring-Back-Powell

    Changes v Port

    http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-06-19/dees-keen-to-bury-memories-of-birthday-blip Sounds like 3 of Tyson, Stretch, Garlett and Petty will get the nod. So on that basis: In - Tyson, Garlett and Petty Out - Spargo (dropped not rested), Hannan, Pedersen. We're lacking a third key foward/back up ruck so T Mac will have to take a couple of centre bounces a quarter,.
  10. Bring-Back-Powell

    When will Melbourne break these embarrassing records?

    Yeah thanks for that. Good memory or research by you. Was only focusing on Friday night home and away games and that final slipped my mind.
  11. Bring-Back-Powell

    When will Melbourne break these embarrassing records?

    If you're referring to that amazing 3 point win over Adelaide in Roosy's first year, that was a Saturday twilight.
  12. Bring-Back-Powell

    When will Melbourne break these embarrassing records?

    That's a useless stat IMO. We beat Port on a Saturday night over there in 2016. I guess if that game was on a Friday night we would've lost.
  13. Bring-Back-Powell

    When will Melbourne break these embarrassing records?

    When was the last time we played an interstate game on a Friday night? The most recent one I can think of was against Sydney in 2003 on Anzac Day when we blew a 20 point three qtr time lead and then conceded 10 last qtr goals.
  14. Bring-Back-Powell

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    As a result of this disastrous injury, T Mac will be our number 1 key defender by round 18-19. I’m willing to put money on it. Meanwhile Hogan and Weideman will be our 2 key forwards. That defence they put out last Monday isn’t good enough to a) win a final and b) beat the good sides on the run home in order to qualify. You can blame the midfield all you like but somethings seriously wrong with your defence when an American is dominating as if he’s Wayne Carey and a first year kid and Will Hoskin Elliott are kicking 8 between them. T Mac will have to go back and replace Lever’s leadership and there was absolutely none there last week. That’s why unfortunately Lever’s injury will have certainly cost us a top 4 spot and possibly even a top 8. Yes, T Mac’s 6 goals were lovely but they were merely wall papering over some bad cracks.