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  1. Agree with that. This forward line will look so much more potent and reliable than the one vs North: HF Watts Pedersen/Gawn Petracca F Hannan Hogan Garlett Weideman to not return until next year at the earliest.
  2. Putting the Cunnington [censored] weak penalty aside, I thought our players made a pledge not to do anything silly for the rest of the year that would see them on the sidelines. Very silly and costly by Salem.
  3. Gee that's not going to suit a team on a 6 day break playing a team on a 13 day break. Luckily the game will start at 4:35 rather than 1:40.
  4. Salem will be suspended. I was under the impression the players made a pledge not do any more cheap shots for the rest of the season.
  5. Salem will cop 3 weeks down to 2 for his elbow on Higgins. Norf will file a fraudulent doctor's report like another club we know and the MRP will rely on the report rather than the incident on it's merit.
  6. Id almost feel sorry for Richmond supporters, except for the fact that they carried on like ungracious arse hats after they beat us on Anzac Eve.
  7. Waite, Mullett and Garner (and Swallow if he turns the clock back) are good ins for North. Going to be very tough to get this win.
  8. I agree he has flair but his disposal has been horrid at times, which is weird because I though he was rookie drafted based on his elite kicking? You'd imagine he'll remain in the side until he has a poor game. He'll be a useful match up on one of North's medium forwards such as Garner or Wood.
  9. Depends which version turns up.
  10. It seemed like every man and his dog were happy for the Dogs to win a flag (I personally couldn't give a stuff unless it's us winning it). Just wondering if the Saints would receive the same sentiment this year, as per the Dogs winning it from nowhere.
  11. Would anyone be happy if St Kilda won the flag this year?
  12. Wish it would come in this year, in the event we finish 9th or 10th.
  13. Yep, Howe attempted a speccie against Richmond in 2015 and collected Nev in the process. The club rested him for 4 weeks. They also rested Rohan Bail for a number of weeks, but well...err....he didn't quite kick on as well as Jetta has.
  14. Would it be worthwhile putting on Vince on Higgins who is their best player IMO. Higgins, Goldstein and Waite (and maybe Ben Brown) could have a massive bearing on this match.
  15. At risk of talking yourself out of the win on Sunday, I'd avoid the North forum on bigfooty. They are supremely confident of beating us on Sunday. A few samplers: "They don't have a ruck" " they have a bunch of midgets up fwd and down back" "Break even in the middle and we win. Simple."