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  1. I just recieved a completely different family's 4 membership packs. Will be phoning the club and dropping the memberships off at the correct address this afternoon. I have to go past there anyway. I just hope my membership isn't being sent elsewhere as well
  2. yeah, afl package, flight (virgin airlines), Accomodation and match tickets. Found a pub showing a replay of the first prelim and have never enjoyed watching Collingwood win more. I can't think of anybody I would rather beat nor hate to lose to in a GF. High stakes!
  3. Working a half day tomorrow before flying to Perth with my Dad. Our return flight isn't until Sunday night. We better bloody win!
  4. how do you know cranston and hore won't be with us next year? Is this rumour or fact?
  5. Why is humphries out? She's quality! And why was Mifsud dropped last week? We relied too much on Cunningham and it cost us. I really hope we win this game. I don't think I will be able to stand seeing us miss out on the GF again
  6. Several tackles. Plus he has done very little previously this year so it was easy to top
  7. I liked Kent's run and intensity tonight and thought it was his best game this year
  8. What a fantastic year. Just going off 23 eyar old memory but didn't the Pies lose to the eagles in first final by under a goal after dropping a mark in the forward 50 in the dying minutes? I like to think we would have been a real chance had the pies won that game, saving us from playing the eagles in perth in the prelim. No fact checking, all from memory. How close am I?
  9. from the 2 and a half vfl games i have watched this year on tv and the handful of games i saw him play last year
  10. mitchell's hands are the best in the game. he can hand it off in any direction and is already positioning himself as he grabs it to put to a team mates advantage. trengove: get ball. steady body. look for teammate. pass ball. he rarely gets to the third step before he either gets tackled or is forced to dispose of it blindly. maybe i didn't mean slow running speed but rather slow thinking...he just runs at a different speed in every sense
  11. slow speed translates into poor decision making, poor execution and turn overs. it's not just about running. we can't afford the turnovers
  12. can't get it to stream on my pc. I guess i'll have to listen to pickering and hutchison on sen. i hate listening to these fools!
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