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  1. Trade rumours

    Kolodjashnij is a risk. He's got good skills and moves well but is still panicky under pressure and prone to momentum killers. We've got enough of those is Harmes, Bugg etc. would need to be confident that we can work that out of his game
  2. Trade rumours

    Unless it's been shot down elsewhere I'm going with Libba as being the rumoured player. We'd wanna do our due diligence though. I just can't see Sidebottom leaving the Pies.
  3. Do Melbourne supporters dislike hard players?

    If you'll excuse the ad hominem, there's an ignore function for a reason. Oliver is extremely tough for starters, so to imply he is not is just wrong. Jetta, Viney and Jones are universally loved, largely because they never take a backward step (and, not coincidentally, the only consistent performers during our recent period of mediocrity). Even blokes like Magner, Tapscott and Terlich quickly won plaudits from supporters during this period for their toughness despite being quite limited players.
  4. Steven Motlop

    If the rumours are true that Geelong are fed up with him and pushing him out the door then that is a fair rocket to be delivered to a player in his prime. A new environment and a coach who understands the value of a cuddle occasionally could (should?) bring the best out of him consistently. He has exactly what we need more of: line-breaking ability and class forward of the ball. With Petracca's move to the midfield this further reduces class and x-factor in the forward line. He is also the best player of this type available this off-season (left-field trades aside) and would come at no cost. I would be extremely surprised if we aren't looking seriously at him
  5. 2017 Player Reviews: # 13 Clayton Oliver

    Interesting how you two have noticed the same thing but taken the opposite inference. I think he lack(s/ed) confidence in his kicking, however his ratio shifted toward more kicks as the season went on. This was certainly the coaches encouraging him to kick more as his kicking to position and weighting of passes is already quite strong. I'm coming around to VP's way of thinking. He has a really strong first 2 or 3 steps to clear congestion. As confidence in his kicking grows he can certainly use those steps to execute a kick from congestion. He has demonstrated his speed of mind and ability to sum up options so there is little doubt in my mind that he will be able to add this attribute to his game.
  6. Jayden Hunt: The Longest Kick

    Lynden Dunn and Trent McKenzie (GC) are the consistently longest kicks in the comp.
  7. 2017 Player Reviews: # 5 Christian Petracca

    He is already the highest rated mid/fwd in the comp by champion data in his second year. And also the second highest rated dee (behind Jones). We (dees supporters) talk him down a lot - anyone who follows footy closely marvel at his talent. He is the real deal and has the attitude to fulfil the talent. Even now we are demonstrably better side with him out there (as with Oliver and Hunt).
  8. Obviously didn't watch him play much in the last month or so when he regularly lowered his eyes and hit up leads inside 50. Check the replays of the Saints and Pies games in particular.
  9. Petracca was named in last year's side as a HFF, which anyone who watched the Dees for 5 seconds this year would have known is where he plays.
  10. Andrew Gaff

    T Mitchell was highly rated before the trade, hence the Pick 14. But after the season he just had he now commands a top 5 pick. Same goes for Hibberd, he would command more than Pick 27 coming of an AA year. You've gotta play the odds with draft picks, and so it is how you approach trades using them. Looking at pick 28, for every Lewis Taylor 'steal' there's a Fraser McInnes or Dillon Viojo-Rainbow who didn't make it. It's starting to get into the speculative territory where if you get a 50-100 game role player you've done pretty well, someone like Ryan Lester who was also Pick 28. Similarly, 100-150 games and a couple of top 5 B&F finishes is around the mark for a Pick 10. That's what we would get with Gaff. Even if it is slightly 'overs' we can only trade what we have*. The sooner every club gets an academy and can take advantage of the points system the better to even some of these trades out. But that's a debate for another day.
  11. Trade rumours

    And leave a good looking (tatt-covered) corpse

    The Geelong vs Pies game was a very average standard. Even then the cats didn't get out of second gear except in the final term to make sure of it.

    Razor Ray just loves Razor Ray. He loves picking out the technically correct free but struggles (many would say deliberately) to umpire in the 'spirit of the game'. Even in that saints game he had a couple of dubious calls that went our way in the final term. The fact that every club's supporters complain about him equally should tell you all you need to know about his bias.
  14. I respect that you have some cachet as an 'inside source', so to clarify for everyone: That is verbatim the Jon Ralph quote from the article posted by Abe yesterday.
  15. Josh Kelly

    There was no 'toss up'. Whilst he was available as a mini draft pick we were only ever going to take Hogan. We picked Toumpas over Wines thinking we were getting a Kelly-style player in him.