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  1. Thrice

    Phantom Drafts - 2018

    I can absolutely guarantee that Port won't pick the other King twin at 6. They didn't trade up in the draft to pick a Victorian. Will most likely be Rozee unless Lukosius or Rankine are miraclulously still available.
  2. Thrice

    Random MFC encounters

    Not actually my surname!! (maternal side) Could tell you a few more stories about his career... and his bone dry sense of humour (the story above is a good one... he was a ruck, so Barassi didn't pinch his spot!!)
  3. Thrice

    Random MFC encounters

    Risking outing myself here but Alan Krause is my grandad. Bloody small world!
  4. Thrice

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    The Hogan trade values him at pick 2. The Beams Trade values him at pick 9 (assuming Pies top 4 next year) with the late pick swaps. Assuming GWS and Bombers both 5-8, Shiel valued at pick 5. We did better than the Bombers, that's for sure.
  5. Thrice

    Rumour File

    One of those facebook rumour sites has Robbie Gray coming to the Dees. Apparently he is unhappy with the direction Port are taking and wants to move back to Victoria. I'm only reposting because he's just about my favourite non-MFC player and would love to see him in our colours, not because I think there's any substance in the rumour.
  6. Its actually 7 prizes of 2x plane tickets and tickets to the game :https://www.sen.com.au/news/2018/09/18/win-or-sen-is-flying-demons-fans-to-perth/ Through Whateley: tweet, video or email your motivational speech on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively Through KB and The Doc in the Arvo: Demons Trivia, head to head with two callers every day Tuesday to Thursday. With a final prize given away through registering on the website.
  7. Thrice

    Video to get us pumped for the finals - Go Dees!

    Not that I'm necessarily expecting a straight answer, but I always wanted to know: are you the real Colin B Flaubert? I know someone who knew him and am reliably informed he is in fact a dees supporter and is a school teacher out Knox/Rowville way. So at the very least it's a degree of esoteric screen name creation that deserves commendation.
  8. Thrice

    Changes v GWS Giants

    It's from Roy Morgan's nation-wide all-encompassing survey of 14,000 people. Then extrapolated out to the nation population over the age of 15. That's a really solid survey population, it would be accurate to within 2-3 percent. The question will be something like: do you follow AFL (y/n). If so, which team do you support. Naturally within those numbers there will be plenty that take only a passing interest. We regularly boast that we have one of the highest conversion ratios of supporters to members, that's the stat that matters.
  9. Thrice

    Changes v GWS Giants

    From Roy Morgan (2017), number of supporters of each AFL club. Both us and Tigers are at the pointy end of converting supporters to members.
  10. Thrice

    Umpiring v West Coast in Perth

    Stevic also good. The Footballistics book released a couple of months ago analyses the 'noise of affirmation' and it is real. Furthermore, it is the single largest source of home ground advantage in the AFL (as it is in most sports, it turns out: see Russia's performance in the World Cup as a neat piece of anecdotal evidence). It leads to an average of 1-2 goals advantage per game to the home side against an interstate club. The effect is severely diminished when two clubs from the same state play each other, as the crowd noise is more even. To further prove the point, the effect is greatest in WA and SA where they still get highly partisan crowds for the derbies. The greatest concern is that that AFL umpring department refuse to acknowledge it. If they were to acknowledge it exists they could coach the umpires on strategies to deal with it.
  11. Thrice

    Roosy on Dees vs Swans

    Nope, Ben's right. We beat North Melbourne and Adelaide (first time) when they were both in the 8. It is calculated on the top 8 as it stands right now. Indeed, the wins against those two are the reason they aren't in the 8. (The less said about the Cats the better).
  12. Thrice

    King: Oliver can be Dee's Dusty

    These are the AFL Player rating stats, which are based on impact on the game, not fantasy points. It is as absurd to say that they are completely meaningless as to say that they are the only system that provides any insight into a player's value. For what it's worth, this system is the one taken most seriously by AFL coaching panels. The players at the top end of this are all at the pointy end of the AFLCA votes. A good example is the contrast between Tom Mitchell's game and Clarry's on the weekend. Mitchell scored 159 supercoach points, but only 16 Player rating and didn't get a single coaches vote. Clarry got 136 supercoach points and 29 player rating points and 7 AFLCA votes (Max go the 10 votes with 131 and 26).
  13. Thrice

    Jason Taylor Resume

    Menagola wasn't on anyone's radar kicking dew around the WAFL. Geelong scouted him and got him. Well done. But in reality we got Fritsch in similar circumstances. Ben Brown had an unspectacular junior career and North took a chance on him as a 21 year old. He'd been playing more as a ruck and was only the season before he was drafted that he switched to a key forward. Again, see Fritsch. Hulett didn't make, but he was a fourth round pick based on needs moreso than best available. Similarly, it's a bit of a stretch to call a bloke who's played 30 games across 4 seasons taken a pick 40 a bust. There's plenty taken in the third round that play precisely 0 AFL games.
  14. Thrice

    Peter Jackson's Replacement?

    I posted some research early in this thread that points to organisations that recruit a CEO from within their organisation typically outperform those that recruit from outside. It is generally only when an organisation is a basket case that an external appointment is a better option. Further to that, in about two thirds of cases CEOs are internally appointed.
  15. Thrice

    All Australian watch

    Pies fans would be just as resolute about Grundy being ruck. It's very tight. I can't help but think whoever wins next week is in the box seat. Hogan CHF, sort of on the assumption that Darling is a forward pocket and Brown full forward. If Darling is considered a CHF he would be ahead of Hogan. Oliver a very strong possibility of a bench spot. Won't start on the field because he's in his third season and has to be hazed. Others have played AA quality games but haven't strung a heap together. Jetta and Hibberd were both were poor for the first 5 rounds, along with the rest of the back 6 (besides Oscar). Melksham has had a few blinders amongst a greater number of good ordinary games (like today). We're playing so well because we are very even across the park. Look at our spread in the votes.