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  1. Thrice

    Peter Jackson's Replacement?

    Freakonomics podcast did a great series on CEOs a couple of months back. Both empirically and anecodotally in almost all cases it is better to recruit from within for a CEO. In a business sense, companies that do have stronger growth, shareholder confidence etc than those that recruit from outside. Those that recruit from outside tend to change the rest of the executive, and a whole heap of corporate knowledge, strategy and culture walks out of the door with them. Then people further down the organisation are left rudderless unless the change is managed well (always incredibly hard to do). The only attraction for recruiting from outside is if the organisation is a basketcase and the culture needs to be turned around. This was true pre-PJ but, at least from the outside, the opposite seems to be true. If Josh Mahoney or George de Crespigny are being groomed for the role and then we would be mad not to appoint them unless an absolute superstar candidate is available. Look at how the AFL has appointed it last few CEOs, by grooming through the head of football operations role, during the period where the league has expanded from a parochial Victorian league to the dominant sporting code in Australia: then compare that to NRL which recruits from outside and hasn't grown at anything like the rate of the AFL.
  2. Thrice

    Goal Kicking reliability on SEN

    Yet he was 26.6 last year. It's in his head because his technique is actually quite sound as he demonstrated last year. Melksham has an 'idiosyncratic' technique that he seemed to be able to tame last year but is struggling with this year.
  3. Thrice

    Goal Kicking reliability on SEN

    Tommy McDonald has only had 9 shots for 8.1. Petracca was in the top 10 most accurate last year, as was Melksham who has also struggled this year. McDonald and Hogan were also in the top 10 and look to have kept up their form (touch wood).
  4. Thrice

    Is Brayshaw more rounded than the Trac?

    He looked underdone on the weekend and Saints put a lot of time into him when he was on the ball: I reckon that incident with the 50 was the frustration boiling over. It was the first time I'd noticed him commit an undisciplined act on the field in his career. He is a brash character off the field but tends to contain that very well on the field. Oliver and Hogan are far more hot headed than these two.
  5. Thrice

    What is the Weid's role

    The way I see it is that he is that his role is highly structural. We want to play a territory game and he creates a contest every time the ball comes near him. If he doesn't take a mark he is quick at ground level and instinctively tackles to force a stoppage and reset. He rarely gets beaten. As his confidence and strength grows he will clunk a few more marks, he has decent timing in the air. His chop out ruck work is serviceable, which frees up Tommy to roam the wings when going through the midfield. I have a feeling the coaches would be quite pleased with how he is going.
  6. Thrice

    Post Match Discussion - Round 7

    There wasn’t an article on the AFL site this morning which confirmed that he has the worst conversion.
  7. Thrice

    Post Match Discussion - Round 7

    Actually we would’ve taken Brayshaw and Lever. Fact.
  8. Thrice

    Collingwood vs Melbourne

    Does it help that this use of Dusty and Cotchin was first noticed by Daisy Pearce last week?
  9. Thrice

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    Balic is injured - hammy tightness. I wonder if Stretch is a clear in or designated emergency?
  10. Thrice

    Josh Wagner

    Joel Smith is a similar size and type and the coaching staff rate him highly as well. Has greater athletic talents too. It's great to have depth.
  11. Thrice

    Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    Nought supporters had it penned in as a win as well on BF, cos yannow, it's Melbourne and did you see they way we belted the Saints and they nearly lost to the Lions. Means nothing.
  12. Thrice

    Gawn doesn't want to be a pushover

    He got pushed aside by Acres pretty easily in a marking contest. Probably partly due to positioning but it would be the sort of thing that could play on his mind if he has doubts.
  13. Unfortunately I was not born with the pithy one-liner gene such as your good self Mr Tremblay. Ironically I am quite direct when speaking, some (over the age of say 50) could say laconic.
  14. Perhaps middle aged blokes should stop getting so hung up about language change and just accept that it happens. The meanings of words constantly shift and evolve - even dictionaries note this and are constantly updating definitions with new usages and noting older, now archaic meanings. A couple of great examples are the words gay and [censored]. a generation or two ago they mean happy / carefree and unusual respectively. Now they almost exclusively refer to homosexual men (or homosexuality more broadly) and even people who grew up using those terms in their original meaning hardly use them in that way. So accept that laconic now has a second meaning of laid-back, your kids will ask which team the Dees are versing on the weekend and that millennials will refer to everything as awesome and there is nothing wrong with any of it. In fact, the advent of widespread literacy has actually slowed the historical rate of language change.
  15. Thrice

    Preseason Training Week commencing - 05/02/18

    The first 15 rounds of 2017 we were the highest pressure side in the comp before falling away due to injury etc. Our best footy last year was streaming inside 50 in waves and scoring through general play or hit ups to free players. Goody has shown his hand on this one. He's looking far more closely at Beveridge and Hardwick than The Gospel of Chazz. We've got quality KPFs but I doubt we'll see more than 2 in there too often this year. And mobility / forward pressure will be one of the main KPIs of those that do play, something TMac has especially.