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  1. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    This is the one point of the rest that is harder to substantiate. As the season progressed and Oscar become more comfortable at AFL level his judgement around intercept marking / spoiling improved markedly. He is actually a strong mark and added intercept marking - through better positioning - to his game. He could work on spoiling to advantage - Lever is the competition benchmark for this - although he isn't poor in this facet of the game.
  2. Nibbler - how good can he be?

    For much of the season he was rated as on of the top 10 midfielder/forwards in the comp by champion data. The final standings for the year are: C Petracca C Wingard M Walters S Menagola D Mundy S Edwards T McLean C Daniel K Lambert L Dahlhaus Not ordinary names. And it was only a flat end to the season that cost him from finishing top 10 for the season. Daniel, McLean and Petracca (who dees supporters chronically under-rate, but that's for another thread) are the only others on that list at the start of their careers, the rest are well-established and important members of their teams.
  3. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    So basically what happened to us this year. The biggest factors with injuries are: - In game injuries that leave you down 2 players early: Against Richmond in Round 5. Lost Gawn early in Rd 3 against Geelong. - Injuries to multiple players from the same position group: Jones, Viney, Tyson, Salem. Bugg suspended. - injuries to groups of players at the same time that leave you short handed and also struggling to get recovered players back in to the team at the same time. Round 14 onwards, with the above group. Watts, Jones and Gawn were all short of a gallop when they returned.
  4. It is a matter of intensity as well. No disrespect DC but I doubt you were doing AFL player-level training loads! It does sound like they are being ultra cautious, and with good reason. This bloke is an 8-year blue-chip investment. Playing the long game: we'd take one season at 85-90% output due to a delayed pre-season if the next 7 are at 100%.
  5. McDonalds @ MFC

    Strictly speaking there would have been a few weeks in 2010 after James McDonald was delisted (contracts end on 31 October) and Tom McDonald was drafted on 18 November 2010.

    I would be interested in a comparison with Jack Petruccelle who has been named in connection with our picks also and has a fair bit of pace / line-breaking ability. @stevethemanjordan I believe you've seen a bit of Petruccelle and might be able to add some insight?
  7. Jumper Numbers 2018

    I can see #4 being on hiatus for a year to be honest - unless Lever or Balic want it. I can't see a player currently on the list wanting it out of respect for Watts and you wouldn't give it to a draftee because of the expectation that comes with it (club history attached to it)
  8. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    I'm best at the anagram ones (I've just seen someone else got Rodan). I find the double meaning / pun ones too hard but I'll have a stab at: 12. Howe (How was he good?)
  9. Jumper Numbers 2018

    I think its true to consider it an upgrade: certainly where rookies are concerned, who are almost universally in the 40s. Once they are rewarded with a spot on the senior list I think it is only fair that they at least have the option of a number upgrade. Running one's eye down the current list, the following players have changed numbers: 5. Christian Petracca (#26 in first season). In true Petracca fashion this change was inspired by his love of the NBA: Chris Paul for the LA Clippers has the twitter handle CP3 and he wanted something similar - CP5 (obviously 3 was taken by Salem!). 11. Max Gawn (#37 until Jamar's retirement in 2014). Inspired by his deep respect for Jimmy Stynes. 16. Dean Kent (#34 in first season) 22. Aaron vandenBerg (#37 for first 2 seasons) 25. Tom McDonald (#43 in first season) Unfortunately the exercise didn't really serve to prove my point, with Harmes retaining his 43 from his rookie days!

    http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/afl-fixture-2018-saints-in-mix-to-play-on-good-friday-20171020-gz5e40.html The Pies have formally requested this. The proposal is tied to alternating the QB match and the season opener each season. You know you're doing something right when the pies are requesting 2 matches a year against you
  11. Trade rumours

    Kolodjashnij is a risk. He's got good skills and moves well but is still panicky under pressure and prone to momentum killers. We've got enough of those is Harmes, Bugg etc. would need to be confident that we can work that out of his game
  12. Trade rumours

    Unless it's been shot down elsewhere I'm going with Libba as being the rumoured player. We'd wanna do our due diligence though. I just can't see Sidebottom leaving the Pies.
  13. Do Melbourne supporters dislike hard players?

    If you'll excuse the ad hominem, there's an ignore function for a reason. Oliver is extremely tough for starters, so to imply he is not is just wrong. Jetta, Viney and Jones are universally loved, largely because they never take a backward step (and, not coincidentally, the only consistent performers during our recent period of mediocrity). Even blokes like Magner, Tapscott and Terlich quickly won plaudits from supporters during this period for their toughness despite being quite limited players.
  14. Steven Motlop

    If the rumours are true that Geelong are fed up with him and pushing him out the door then that is a fair rocket to be delivered to a player in his prime. A new environment and a coach who understands the value of a cuddle occasionally could (should?) bring the best out of him consistently. He has exactly what we need more of: line-breaking ability and class forward of the ball. With Petracca's move to the midfield this further reduces class and x-factor in the forward line. He is also the best player of this type available this off-season (left-field trades aside) and would come at no cost. I would be extremely surprised if we aren't looking seriously at him