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  1. 2018 Membership Thread

    The club phone app should be able to include the membership barcode so the card isn't a necessity.
  2. Who plays in JLT v North Melbourne 24/2?

    More concerned about the price of the beer at the ground than who we send down. Either way it's 25 in the red and blue and us Hobartians only chance to see the boys play without travelling. Guessing most of the Hobart based members on here will be at the game?
  3. AFLW: Rd 3 Vs Fremantle in Perth

    Every Freo goal is a fluke
  4. Crazy things you’ve done as a Demons supporter

    I have broken a lot of things watching games on TV. Coffee tables, remotes, other things. At games I don't talk to anyone around me. More interested in the nudie run done by @Cassiew
  5. Preseason Training Week commencing - 05/02/18

    Think we would have one in the week of no JLT game.
  6. NFL

    Don't think any move on Foles will happen until after the draft, or certainly after the free agency circus is well under way. Depends a bit on where Cousins ends up.

    Just another way for the AFL to continue their expectation of 12 months media saturation a year. It's like they have to be front or back page every day. 99% don't give a [censored] about footy while cricket season is on. Guessing they will also be thinking that this will destroy rugby league and union everywhere but Queensland and NSW, although they would like to destroy it there too.
  8. NFL

    Foles is not worth a first. I'm not actually sure he's worth a second. He has not proven himself as a starter and while excellent this season (and in 2013?), is essentially a system QB, like most that aren't named Brady. Actually it could be argued Brady is a system QB that is unbelievably good at it. Foles will get paid if he wants to leave to be a starter. Not sure it will work out though.
  9. Gold Coast propped up by AFL

    This is true for the Lions as well. I was a Bears/Lions member in 1996 and 1997 and most members went for the Bears/Lions most weeks, except when they were playing the team they always supported. Games against the Pies were like an away game. There was thousands of them.
  10. NFL

    Congrats @Dappa Dan.
  11. NFL

    8 points. 1 minute. No time outs.
  12. NFL

    Philly need 5 yards on 3rd down to seal it. Otherwise Brady gets one last chance.
  13. NFL

    That's what I thought. But I thought Jesse James was a runner too. Terrible play calling on the 2 point conversion. Play action? Seriously?
  14. NFL

    WOW. Will it stand?
  15. NFL

    33-32 Pats. Gronk 2.0.
  16. NFL

  17. NFL

    I read it as OPI against Gronk. He does push off a lot that's not called, but he does have them hanging off like bananas regularly.
  18. NFL

    It is the Pats so the officials don't see it. Philly in again. TV on at work but trying not to watch. Wait for the flags to fly now the Pats are 2 scores down.
  19. NFL

    Pats conceded a penalty yet? Unlikely they will.
  20. JLT Member Barcodes

    Fair enough, but no way I will be using them for anything but this game. I could not think of anything worse than doing that to Demon brethren.
  21. JLT Member Barcodes

    Feel free to delete mods if inappropriate. I'm looking to get a few more members barcode numbers from the JLT ticketing e-mail that members got the other day. If you aren't going to the Hobart game against North and don't mind me using your barcode to get tickets for some mates, would you PM it to me? Thanks in advance.
  22. NFL

    Good luck today @Dappa Dan
  23. Anyone else feeling sick in the guts

    Yes, but the Hurricanes inept showing yesterday is to blame.
  24. Maroochydore training camp

    Solves that then. My assumption was based on an Instagram post that must have been of a photo from before leaving to the Sunny Coast.