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  1. Are we the most cautious club in terms of players returning from injury? Sometimes I'm sure a fingernail chip would result in 2 weeks with the rehab group.
  2. North and St Kilda are both umpires pets. Both teams rarely lose the free kick count. [censored] them both - they are terrible but do somewhat OK being kissed on the dick by the officials every week.
  3. It's like this every time we play them. [censored] lift!!!
  4. Very slow. Still look asleep.
  5. Time to smash these pricks. If for nothing more than their ridiculous banner.
  6. We should be 6-4 going into the bye and 7-4 before playing the Dogs in Round 13. I think success is definitely not far away.
  7. Best to Jesse. If we make the finals this year it will be one of the more sensational achievements.
  8. Two more goals would be nice.
  9. These umpires are dead set cheats. No doubt sanctioned by AFL House.
  10. I broke my coffee table. We should be 7-0. After next week we will be 3-5.
  11. [censored] shithouse
  12. This is why I tipped Hawthorn. Was expecting them to play like this. We are letting go them do what they like.
  13. Maybe I should sign my dog up?
  14. Dunn in a Pies guernsey.
  15. Out coached again.