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  1. NFL

  2. Fox Footy Channel - summer editions

    Won't see much of us as no-one on Fox supports us except maybe Roosy. Hopefully the 2017 replays start soon.
  3. Injured Draftees

    Can probably add Lachlan Pascoe to this list. Recovering from an ACL injury. Played in the SANFL at 16.
  4. NFL

    New Orleans Seattle Dallas

    Petruccelle would want to improve his kicking. Looks worse than John Butcher.
  6. Collingwood should have got -5 for giving up a second round pick for a rookie listed player, and Norf 0 as all they did was a pick swap. Pick 91 for Gibson does not count as all it did was save Adelaide from having to wait for DFA to open and it won't be used.
  7. The Jack Petruccelle Thread

    Had a another look and there is no players listed from outside TAC Cup/Under 18s Carnival. Fairly lazy not looking at State league players.
  8. The Jack Petruccelle Thread

    Andrew Brayshaw at 20 and Fritsch nowhere to be seen.
  9. There's some on here that will whinge when we win the flag that we should have won the GF by more. 1 point will [censored] do!!! We got what we wanted so I'm happy with that. The reports that Maxy and Tracc are close to new deals tops it off nicely.
  10. Trade rumours

    25 and 40 for Schache? 29 and 31 would have done it then?
  11. Trade rumours

    Maybe no-one wants to trade 'down'?
  12. Trade rumours

    Next years from the Eagles or another trade?
  13. Trade rumours

    We would have 12, 36 and 84 which would be enough.
  14. Trade rumours

    Should be asking Richmond if 29 and 31 for 15 would work.
  15. Port the big winners in Trade Week?

    Winning trade week means nothing. Remember how many times people said we won the draft?