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  1. Out coached again.
  2. Learn to play you useless [censored].
  3. Do we like to make it difficult for ourselves?
  4. Nearly tipped the TV over.
  5. [censored] this. Umpires can get [censored].
  6. Arsey pricks
  7. How arsey are Geelong? Bloody showboats too.
  8. Umps wearing blue and white hoops. Cheats.
  9. Don't like the thought of Essendon being 3-0 but really like Carlton being 0-3. Fair dilemma that. Would also like Hawthorn and Norf both be 0-3 a swell.
  10. Hawthorn are very keen on Steven May. Would be a great get if he's not already committed there.
  11. We look lazy so far. Wake up!!!
  12. Mucking around with it too much.
  13. How good does the home guernsey look with no sponsor muck on the back.
  14. They didn't have one on the front.
  15. This pro Bulldogs umpiring is getting very old.