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  1. Absolute [censored] joke this umpiring.
  2. Umps lifting. [censored] cheats.
  3. Rosebury giving the Eagles a million frees.
  4. Why are there loose players inside 50?
  5. Terrible start.
  6. +4.5 line now into 1.80 on UBet. Still $2.05 head to head but must be a big out for the Eagles. Have heard Priddis might not front.
  7. Interestingly the Sunday Sessions podcast for last Sunday where Nathan Burke said about trying to get all players off has not appeared. Wonder if AFL House did not want those statements being able to be heard again. Cat definitely let out of bag.
  8. A bit of both - bookmakers will shorten odds in anticipation of $$$$ being bet on teams like us. It's why Collingwood are usually shorter than they should be before the start of each season as their supporters tend to back them, more than supporters of most other teams.
  9. Guessing the two at the back of the square will run different patterns expecting Maxy to win the hitout than what has been done the last 7 games. Will be interesting to watch.
  10. Carlton = Rapetank Essendon = Dirty Drug Cheating Bastards
  11. Nathan Burke who is on the MRP did say on ABC radio yesterday they try to get all players off in terms of suspensions. Guessing Zak Jones and Matt Rosa aren't on the special list.
  12. Sorry if this one has already been posted, but Jack's matchwinner with the 3AW commentary:
  13. That was not a mark. Umps are a joke.
  14. [censored] this. Getting smashed at the minute.
  15. Mark not paid to Hewitt was a disgrace.