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  1. Slobbo carrying on on 360 about how it's a travesty that Buddy's goal isn't goal of the week, let alone the year. "anyone can get into a torp" apparently...
  2. I agree...I just don't think we can make it.
  3. The fact that there was approx 3 cameras at the ground will prevent it from happening.
  4. You will never win a game of football relying on a backwards running Garlett and Melksham, going into your forward line. It's just wishful thinking. We had zero forward line presence tonight.
  5. It had nothing to do with Darwin, we would have still lost at the G against this Adelaide side. People seem to still forget we are in recovery mode re finances.
  6. Vince is cooked but I disagree about Lewis (tonight)...I've been one of his biggest critics but thought he was good tonight.
  7. I don't think we will play finals. Of course happy to be proven wrong...
  8. Why the [censored] are we so dumb at marking contests?? I put it down to to Goodwin telling players to back themselves and fly for the ball. But it's dumb. We have to be smarter. ALL year we have gone up to spoil in numbers which then leaves no one on the ground!! We are then left so vulnerable on the overlap and the opposition make us pay! This happens time after time!
  9. Frost again flying, missing the punch and going to ground... so costly.
  10. Terrific to see JKH just trotting along once the ball was out of his reach. A real killer instinct that one.
  11. Thanks for killing the game Frost.
  12. Holy [censored]!!!
  13. Geez they love a throw the Crows.
  14. To who? There is no one forward to even kick to.
  15. They'd be doing the exact same thing to us at the G right now.