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  1. Exactly that.
  2. Surely this has got a 62 week home and away (plus finals) club imposed ban written all over it?
  3. Hawthorn to find form in Round 7.....lock it in.
  4. This with Bugg out and Brayshaw in.
  5. I couldn't care less, so long as he comes back and tears Richmond a new @sshole!
  6. Terrific to see the dogs playing the Dockers back into some form before next week as well.
  7. Do you ever say anything positive? EVERY comment on this thread from you is negative! How about posting something when we are playing well or have a good passage of play!
  8. Jack watts take a bow.
  9. Should be 3 goals in front. Cmon boys!!
  10. Moving the ball beautifully now, tackling pressure is great!
  11. Hunt playing really well. Breaking lines.
  12. Weak as [censored] from Bernie
  13. Fear was just a matter of time before the league was once again exposed to the irresitible force of Pedo!!
  14. My God some Melbourne supporters have absolutely no idea, one peanut behind me who ran with the old "kick if long" all day, said during the game "if the ground spoils the ball, then it is a mark".
  15. $10.10 for a pint in the MCC! Do they have any idea how inconvenient that 10 cent price hike is to a person??