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  1. Beetle

    The Ox reaction to yesterday's win!

    Probably polished off about 17 stubbies under the duress of the previous 118 minutes like a lot of us.
  2. Beetle

    Which Dee has X-Factor?

    Kobe Farmer
  3. Beetle

    If we beat Meth Coast I will ...

    There is a strong chance after today’s win, I WILL NOT tell the bass playing bunny to go and get [censored] again next week, as I walk past him up the hill towards Jolimont Railway Station.
  4. Beetle

    Put your hand up if you started crying...

    I had trouble justifying Hay Fever to the missus in this weather..
  5. Beetle


    Just booked a new tatt.
  6. Beetle

    The song that describes how I'm feeling - Round 22

    Dead Kennedys - Drug me
  7. Beetle


    Result, form, future games aside and apologies if already mentioned....I literally only just noticed the players didn’t wear black arm bands last week.. Didnt the club make a statement they would wear black arm bands for Jarrod Lyle’s passing?
  8. Beetle

    160th Anniversary Jumper

    My favourite was this one: "They should introduce a 'commiserations jumper' with the 22 pea hearts that played the final round of the season last year and the 22 that will play Round 23 this year wear it with their names on it. Yuck what an embarrassment. I've had a gutful".
  9. Beetle

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    John Northey sends his regards.
  10. Beetle

    Alex Neal-Bullen

    Needs to learn to put his head over the ball for starters. Unfortunately ANB is the definition of a front runner..
  11. Beetle

    What is the point?

    It kills me following this mob mate but I’ll never waver. The day will come when it will all be worth it....these struggles will just make that moment even sweeter. Stick with us...maintain your integrity. I’ll never follow another team...so until then, for now, I’ll have another glass of vino..
  12. Beetle

    Arrogant Swans Fans

    Swans fans are about as good as you get as far as opposition supporters go.. Melbourne supporters who have no [censored] idea do my head in much more.. Come sit in the MCC during game day for a lesson in the basics..
  13. Beetle

    What is the point?

    Speaking from 42 years of experience...it’s pretty easy....just keep drinking harder.
  14. Beetle

    a positive

  15. Beetle

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Hunt is a dud. He got off the leash early in his career because no one paid him any attention.