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    GAME DAY - AFLX Scratchings Match

    I had a quick look and almost felt embarrassed for the players: what a silly concept! And made even sillier by the inanity of James Brayshaw and his infantile commentary style. What a [censored]! (Sorry Angus)🙁.
  2. Dee Dee

    Calling All MCC Members

    George, I remember talking to an MCC committee member some years ago who assured me that the MCC does put money into the football club, a look through the annual accounts may reveal more (or ask Steve Smith)! I believe that years ago during the very dark days of the footy club the MCC was really propping it up, although it’s difficult to find out more.
  3. Dee Dee

    Calling All MCC Members

    Your experience is certainly different to mine. I try to attend every MFC game at the G (home or away) and the “nexus” seems to be stronger than ever. There are certainly many MCC members who support other clubs, but go to (for instance) a Carlton vs Hawthorn game at the G and the MCC members area will not be nearly as crowded as for a Melbourne vs Carlton or Hawthorn game. And just on the joint membership question, I’m a full MCC member and each year if I’ve been good my wife advances me the money to take out an additional MFC membership. And further to Mr Gawn’s request, when he finally plays his hundredth game (I think round one?) he will be offered full MCC membership (not restricted). So, I trust he will take out a combined MCC/MFC membership as well.
  4. Dee Dee

    The Bearded Jaffle

    I reckon you’ll find Max is more figurehead than hands on in this venture, but making the odd “celebrity” appearance. It appears to be a Gawn Brothers venture underwritten by Max. So DZ how much did they charge? Good value for money?
  5. Dee Dee

    Sam Weideman

    This! The filth would love to “bring him home” (or maybe kidnap him) at sometime in the future. Lock him away and throw away the key lest Eddie comes sniffing!
  6. Dee Dee

    Jack Watts video

    There are quite a few ex BGS boys in the AFL system quietly going about there careers in football, as there are from other private schools. And JW isn’t the first to achieve a degree of notoriety from his of field activities.
  7. Dee Dee

    Impact of rule changes

    The grass at most(if not all) grounds is cut in 10 metre (light/dark) widths to help umpires gauge distances. Check it out next time you’re at the G, you’ll notice 5 widths from goal line to apex of 50 metre arc. Of course that doesn’t mean the blind so and so’s don’t get it wrong from time to time😎.
  8. Dee Dee


    Ah 2009, the good old days of training the house down😀👍!
  9. Dee Dee

    Shadow Sparrow

    And now we have some teammates who’s brains he really can pick. Teammates who really have been there done that, teammates who really believe in themselves and teammates who realise that with hard work and dedication, the prize may not be too far away. A culture that is still building but one that Sparrow and the other “kids” will embrace as natural. A big, big turnaround from 8 - 10 years ago. I know we all thank Paul Roos but I want to thank Daniel Cross for importing a professionalism of dedication and training that shocked many at the club into changing their ways (or getting out)! How much talent was waisted a decade ago by ineptitude, amateurism, and pure stupidity, a bloody lot IMHO.
  10. Dee Dee

    Laughing at the Pies.....

    Now, no one could call me a cruel or callous person but the first video was wonderful.😀!
  11. To further hijack the Tom Sparrow Thread, Andy Lovell became quite ill for a time, I’m not sure what the problem was, but he missed quite a few games as I remember. I was at Princess Park for a game against Carlton when he returned, a couple of Carlton supporters near me couldn’t believe how gaunt he looked (and neither could I), he looked a different person! At his best he was excellent but his best was short lived I’m afraid. And back to the Tom Sparrow Thread: if Sparrow could become as good constantly as Lovell at his best I’m sure we will all be pleased. (Maybe buy him an axe and a few logs).
  12. Dee Dee

    MFC Mature Age Players, Best of 2018 and beyond.

    That’s what I thought! Gee Haileybury get the kids don’t they - notoriously so!!!
  13. Dee Dee

    MFC Mature Age Players, Best of 2018 and beyond.

    ?Austin Bradtke is mature age?
  14. Dee Dee

    Gary Pert?

    Any news regarding how our new CEO is going? He’s been in the job for a few weeks now so I thought we’d hear something about how he’s settling in. He has damn big shoes to fill!!!
  15. Dee Dee

    Does Height matter that much?

    Glenn Archer used to stand and beat far taller opponents. He was (I think) 182cm tall but powerful, coordinated and beautifully balanced. On the other hand I can remember 200cm lumbering ruckman who were hopeless. Hard work and ability, hard work and ability.
  16. Dee Dee

    Training - Friday 30th November, 2018

    Just on young Bradtke, I understood he was being chased by a number of clubs before he chose Melbourne. I suppose recruiters saw something in him: ours certainly did👍.
  17. Dee Dee

    Training Pics - 30th November, 2018

    Thank you for the excellent photographs 666. As a country lad who can’t get down to the city too often they really bring home to me the atmosphere of training. Well done.
  18. Dee Dee


    Gee, she is one very smart lady and from a very smart family. Just look at her entry in Wikipedia.
  19. Dee Dee

    2019 Membership

    ? What’s a Cheque? Is my credit card about to be replaced by new technology?
  20. Dee Dee

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    And dominated by 10 drop in cricket pitches right now. Not to mention the surface grass cut to 12mm length for cricket (24mm for football) making it rather hard. I certainly wish we could but not possible any more.
  21. I suppose I’ve seen it a little too often, the “we got this bloke for peanuts but he’s really good”. However the FD made the decision and I hope it will be the correct one.
  22. I watches 1 match that he played in this year and had trouble finding him on the field. So yes at present Baltic and Viv Michie both come to mind. I wish the lad well but I’m a bit pessimistic.
  23. How things change, a few years ago our full forward was 187cm tall! In fact Allen Jackovich and Russell Robertson were 187 (and probably still are). Yet today they are considered smallish! And Colinjazzknee at 190 is mid sized. I feel an affinity with Charlie Spargo!
  24. Dee Dee

    Calling all MCC Members

    Actually you do have a point (if IMHO badly expressed). I know MCC members who claim to support the Football Club yet don’t know much about the team and never go to matches. How wealthy they are,, I’m not sure😳. It’s an interesting fact about MCC members, as many as 40% never go to events and of the remaining 60%, maybe 30% go to a match (cricket or football) once or twice a year. So, you pay $15.00 a year membership, lucky bu#*er! There’s that story from a few years ago concerning the man who travelled from England to attend the 50 year lunch. It was his first visit to the MCG!
  25. Dee Dee

    2018 Player Reviews: # 13 Clayton Oliver

    When I first saw Jordie McKenzie in a pre season game the bummers I thought we had found the player Clarry has since become. This new #13 is really one out of the box! I just hope we can afford to keep him!!!