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  1. A lost cause, do you think WJ? I like others liked what we saw of him in 2016, but time is slipping away!
  2. Un-sportsman like conduct

    And here was I hoping the trickle down effect would go from supporter to player and good opposition play would be acknowledged on field keeping with the theme of this thread.
  3. Un-sportsman like conduct

    When I was a lad at school we were told to applaud any good play by the opposition: a fine rule and one that should be followed in the AFL. Imagine when Jack Whatts kicks a goal for Port against the Dee’s we clap and say “well played that lad” thus showing a level of sportsmanship not previously seen in professional sport supporting. And like the trickle down effect in economics the idea will catch on and be adopted by the whole of the AFL. The thought of young Weiderman kicking the winning goal on Queens Birthday and then being applauded by the Collingthingy army gives me goosebumps!
  4. Maroochydore training camp

    Suede loafers! Ah sir the preferred footwear of cads and bounders. Do you perchence drive a Jag?
  5. If economics is the dismal science then surely statistics is the doleful science. i do wonder what data Champion Data gathers and how they use/interpret it. Jayden Hunt considered elite while Michael Hibberd not mentioned, ridiculous in the extreme! Jayden Hunt has the talent to become elite but he has a fair way to go. Hibberd AA proves my point.
  6. Jake Lever

    So, Jake has six toes on one foot and plays the banjo?
  7. Jake Lever

    Unfortunately Sue, Collingwood or Carlton could go winless this year (what a delicious thought) and they’d get more Friday night games than us. And Romsey’s a nice town, not too far from where I live.
  8. Jake Lever

    Quote from the Age article: “ One of the aspects of returning to Victoria that excites him most is the chance to watch Romsey play on Saturdays when the Demons play a Friday night game” Ho ho ho yuk yuk giggle. Somebody please tell the lad!
  9. Sponsorship Problem?

    Or at least have the current store at the MCG located in an easily accessible location. If possible outside the Gallery of Sport/MCG tours entrance - lots and lots of tourists coming and going with lots and lots of money to spend!
  10. Preseason Training Week commencing - 22/01/18

    If everything goes right on rehab front, we will probably not debut any new players round one! If that comes to pass, how many seasons since that has happened.
  11. Preseason Training Week commencing - 22/01/18

    To all you track watchers out there: Any thoughts on Harrison Petty? Apparently well respected junior: how does he look? How’s he training?
  12. Colin Sylvia

    Most if not all clubs have programs in place to encourage players to study in preparation for life after football. I know many Demon players are at university or studying part time at a tertiary institution so that the transition to civilian life will be made as seamlessly as possibly. However a few slip off and into trouble, but I think there are fewer and fewer of that ilk.(For instance, Big Max is already set on becoming the worlds best barista)! I feel sorry for Sylvia but cannot dismiss as trivial what he has done. Would a “Sylvia” be recruited by the MFC today? I doubt it!
  13. And talking of Jordan Lewis:
  14. Nor sure if it’s been mentioned but young Charlie’s great grandfather Bob senior played 2 games for Melbourne in the early ‘40’s. So there is a connection to the club! I’ve said before - as a 4th generation AFL/VFL player Charlie has football running through his blood like few others.
  15. BOOOOMER HARVEY. What a tiny terror he was! Bastard ruined many a day at the footy for me😩
  16. Spargo was 17years Old when drafted I believe. He may well grow a few cm at least. Also in his favour is his football heritage- it must count for something. He apparently has genuine football smarts. He’ll make it!
  17. Nathan Jones...

    ...turned 30 in a few days time. How many more seasons in the red and blue? He’s played 239 games and all being well will reach the milestone 250 and more this year. So, can he go on to the magic 300? That’s a further 2/3 years! I’d love it if he could, your thoughts folks.
  18. 2018's 'breakout' player

    I’d add Andrew McGrath to that list, a very mature young man who arrived ready made for the big time. Back to the Dee’s and Maynard. Those who have seen him play speak very highly of him but my fear is his age, at 26 and a rookie is he too mature to learn new tricks?
  19. Nathan Jones...

    I certainly hope you’re correct. With Jack Viney suffering re occurring foot problems Jones’ leadership is more important than ever IMHO. His resilience has been outstanding but suffered a little last season. I hope he can make another 3 or 4 years and a few finals appearances ( inc. the big one).
  20. 2018's 'breakout' player

    A forensic examination of James Harmes’ (got it this time) tats may be required for signs of godly powers!
  21. 2018's 'breakout' player

    Very good, damn autocorrect lead me into Ancient Greece mythology by mistake
  22. I say this every year: thank you so much to everyone who reports and who downloads photos. For those of us living away from Melbourne it is wonderful to see. And the excitement builds. i must say Hogan looks very scary indeed and Frosts ears look like they were taken from Charlie Windsor!
  23. 2018's 'breakout' player

    I’ve been looking back at a few of last seasons games and a player who often stood out was James Hermès. But he was inconsistent. When he was good he was very good but when he was bad he went missing. If Hermès can retain that good form for longer he will have a real breakout - best 22 - year. Otherwise and for all of us who are in football terms “midgets” (178cm/5’10”) or under, I hope Charlie Spargo does well and bites the rest of you on the collective bum!
  24. List Updates by Goodwin

    You beat me to it!
  25. List Updates by Goodwin

    “Feint” is what I hope they are learning. All the best players do it!