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  1. Demonland Player Banner 2018

    Marvellous banner, I bet the players’ll be lining up for copies!
  2. 160th Anniversary Jumper

    I don’t disagree with you Colin- but... what I do like is the fact that (at the moment) we are the only team that can have one!😄
  3. No Parking in Yarra Park

    That’s a good idea DV8. Just one of the many reasons for the re-development of the northern side of the ground (including the MCC area) was to allow easier access to disabled people. And on any match day one can see the great number of cars in the disabled parking zone close to the stadium. It would be foolish to disadvantage such customers as they were in the past.
  4. The pre-game warmup is dead

    Well to start with there is a huge 500 + car park plus various catering, workshops and storage facilities. That’s not to say more changerooms couldn’t be built but probably when the great southern stand is redeveloped. I must admit my knowledge of the bowels of the MCG is pretty well restricted to the northern side and its quite a mess. But I understand the southern side is similar.
  5. The pre-game warmup is dead

    I can see a problem! Namely the lack of changing facilities at some grounds. At the MCG for instance there are two player change rooms only, and teams are required to get to them well before the match starts presenting problems for curtain raiser teams. And yes we did have exhibition wimins games a couple of years ago but they were special and I understand arrangements were made for the girls to change elsewhere which would not always be the case. However with the mooted redevelopment of the GreatSouthern Stand maybe more facilities could be built.
  6. The pre-game warmup is dead

    This brings us back two or three decades when there was no pre game warmup. Was it Terry Wallace who first brought his team out for a pre game warm up? Then all teams followed!
  7. Recruiting - going after the big fish

    Good article! Still would like to nab Josh Kelly while not breaking the bank: (is he a big fish)?
  8. Compulsory Helmets

    You can bet on one thing with the AFL and with the individual clubs namely, the threat of litigation will foster innovation. Somewhere a solution will be found if the publicity and legal costs are severe enough. And remember mums can be very angry when it comes to their sons safety.
  9. Demons Game Replays - where to see them

    It looks like the Demon Replay Archive on bigfooty is setting up to replay games again this year. I used it last year with great success and the archive goes back years and years. I use Apple TV to show games on my large TV.
  10. Our Most Marketable Player

    I’m not sure how “marketable” some on these lists are. Dustin Martin for instance may appeal to a few but from a marketing point of view he represents too much of a risk (heavily tattooed and somewhat inarticulate) to be a family friendly face of product X. Dangerfield IMHO is very marketable as is Gawn: they both represent the acceptable family friendly face of the game. And family friendly generally means Mum. I could imagine Max being the face of (for instance) the XYZ coffee bean company, and Dangerfield doing farm machinery ads for all the western district farmers. Not too many football players are articulate and have good looks and have a profile that reaches beyond the footballl community.
  11. A lost cause, do you think WJ? I like others liked what we saw of him in 2016, but time is slipping away!
  12. Un-sportsman like conduct

    And here was I hoping the trickle down effect would go from supporter to player and good opposition play would be acknowledged on field keeping with the theme of this thread.
  13. Un-sportsman like conduct

    When I was a lad at school we were told to applaud any good play by the opposition: a fine rule and one that should be followed in the AFL. Imagine when Jack Whatts kicks a goal for Port against the Dee’s we clap and say “well played that lad” thus showing a level of sportsmanship not previously seen in professional sport supporting. And like the trickle down effect in economics the idea will catch on and be adopted by the whole of the AFL. The thought of young Weiderman kicking the winning goal on Queens Birthday and then being applauded by the Collingthingy army gives me goosebumps!
  14. Maroochydore training camp

    Suede loafers! Ah sir the preferred footwear of cads and bounders. Do you perchence drive a Jag?
  15. If economics is the dismal science then surely statistics is the doleful science. i do wonder what data Champion Data gathers and how they use/interpret it. Jayden Hunt considered elite while Michael Hibberd not mentioned, ridiculous in the extreme! Jayden Hunt has the talent to become elite but he has a fair way to go. Hibberd AA proves my point.