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  1. BOOOOMER HARVEY. What a tiny terror he was! Bastard ruined many a day at the footy for me😩
  2. Spargo was 17years Old when drafted I believe. He may well grow a few cm at least. Also in his favour is his football heritage- it must count for something. He apparently has genuine football smarts. He’ll make it!
  3. 2018's 'breakout' player

    I’d add Andrew McGrath to that list, a very mature young man who arrived ready made for the big time. Back to the Dee’s and Maynard. Those who have seen him play speak very highly of him but my fear is his age, at 26 and a rookie is he too mature to learn new tricks?
  4. Nathan Jones...

    I certainly hope you’re correct. With Jack Viney suffering re occurring foot problems Jones’ leadership is more important than ever IMHO. His resilience has been outstanding but suffered a little last season. I hope he can make another 3 or 4 years and a few finals appearances ( inc. the big one).
  5. Nathan Jones...

    ...turned 30 in a few days time. How many more seasons in the red and blue? He’s played 239 games and all being well will reach the milestone 250 and more this year. So, can he go on to the magic 300? That’s a further 2/3 years! I’d love it if he could, your thoughts folks.
  6. 2018's 'breakout' player

    A forensic examination of James Harmes’ (got it this time) tats may be required for signs of godly powers!
  7. 2018's 'breakout' player

    Very good, damn autocorrect lead me into Ancient Greece mythology by mistake
  8. I say this every year: thank you so much to everyone who reports and who downloads photos. For those of us living away from Melbourne it is wonderful to see. And the excitement builds. i must say Hogan looks very scary indeed and Frosts ears look like they were taken from Charlie Windsor!
  9. 2018's 'breakout' player

    I’ve been looking back at a few of last seasons games and a player who often stood out was James Hermès. But he was inconsistent. When he was good he was very good but when he was bad he went missing. If Hermès can retain that good form for longer he will have a real breakout - best 22 - year. Otherwise and for all of us who are in football terms “midgets” (178cm/5’10”) or under, I hope Charlie Spargo does well and bites the rest of you on the collective bum!
  10. List Updates by Goodwin

    You beat me to it!
  11. List Updates by Goodwin

    “Feint” is what I hope they are learning. All the best players do it!
  12. List Updates by Goodwin

    What is Mr Goodwin going to say - “player x is a lazy bastard and needs a kick up the bum”! Of course not, but I do hope there is a bit of damning with faint praise when needed as well!
  13. It’s always interesting to read the comments at the end of any article on The Conversation, and the final comment on this article is worth reading, especially the last paragraph. It’s about club culture and the writer singles out Melbourne, Carlton and Brisbane as having the weakest culture over recent years. A bad, lazy culture may take years to overcome: I believe the Melbourne Football Club has a way to go to eradicate this pernicious culture that has grown over decades of mediocrity. However, I applaud the club for its efforts over the last 4 years, but it takes time and strong dedicated players and staff. Is Goodwin good enough? Not sure! But Viney, Gawn, Old McDonald, Jones et al seem to have the passion and intelligence to steer that change. (At least I hope so,)!!!
  14. Rare Robbie Flower Highlights

    Great memories, such talent. And you tend to forget what a stick figure he was, but his evasiveness was extraordinary,

    Tripping over a tree root while searching for your ball😩!