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  1. furious d

    Frankston v Casey Demons - Round 7

    Is this on radio anywhere?
  2. furious d

    The Clash Jumper Poll 2018

    This is my favourite clash jumper ever. If we have to have a clash strip this is it. This is a Melbourne jumper, in fact it's the Melbourne Jumper I fell in love with as a little kid. I fell in love with it because it's the jumper Robbie Flower wore. When I drew Melbourne jumpers incessantly as a kid, this is the jumper I drew, I didn't use the dark blue texta. I was in my teens when we reverted to Navy, I love the Navy and that's our strip, always will be. But this clash is unmistakably Melbourne. Our Jumper is blue with a red yoke, not the other way around, not white, not silver, not a logo or picture on the chest. Well done to the club, can't believe nobody thought of this sooner. I hope we keep keep this and the redback jumper for our clash strips for a very long time and put this argument to bed forever.
  3. furious d

    Post Match Discussion - Round 23

    I disagree with this. Culture is a whole of club thing. Admittedly, we play a much smaller part than the players and coaches, but we play our part. Supporters talk to players all the time, players don't live in a bubble. I don't see how players wouldn't be effected by things they constantly hear, even if they claim they aren't. They are humans just like us. I remember the after game functions of yesteryear, I remember seeing people fawning over a young Col Sylvia, pumping up his tyres, telling him what a superstar he was destined to become. We are the backslappingest supporters going around after a good win, everyone's a star and the premiership is ours for the taking. A week later we're slashing wrists and wanting to trade half the list out. The arrogance of Melbourne fans is what truly baffles me though. All the talk about wanting Richmond in an Elim because we're a much better side and will smash them. How in hell do you come to that conclusion? Historically we are the biggest rabble of the last 50 years, My entire lifetime of following the "demons"has been one of repeated abject failure, some periods have been a bit less failure ridden but make no mistake it's all ended in misery. Recently we lost to North and scraped in against Brisbane, we are playing bog ordinary footy atm and have been ever since the Sydney game. except for a quarter here and a 10 minute burst there. Sadly that was the week after I first allowed myself to believe we'd make finals, lesson learnt again. Never have faith in Melbourne, never ever The "relax we've got this" attitude is clearly one the players buy into, but still every time we play a team below us some smartarz insists on posting it and more often than not the team proves they were thinking the exact same thing. That phrase should carry a ban from this site, lifetime would be my preference but I'd settle for 2 weeks. While I'm on this rant the constant harking back to The Northey days or even Daniher or Balme years is really really sad. We were soft during all this periods and never won anything that mattered, I'm guessing here but in all those years I bet we had a period of stinking it up, 3 consecutive losses at least and most likely drubbings has been a standard feature of every season I've seen. We should be done for misleading branding, we're not and in my lifetime have never been demons, perhaps marshmallows would be more accurate.
  4. furious d

    Where was everyone?

    I hate these threads. I live in the country and buy a couple of 16 game memberships for me and Mrs d knowing full well that we'll be lucky to make 5 games a year. I don't know which games we'll be able to make and consider the ones we know we'll miss as a donation to the club. I could just get the 3 game country membership if you'd prefer.
  5. furious d

    Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    If we miss finals I'll blame you DWA, why tempt fate like that? My most hated 4 words in the english language. You want to block offensive content @Demonland I'd have that 4 word combo at the top of the list. Seriously though, anyone who'd rather play Richmond than Port in the finals hasn't been watching this season. The Tiger aren't that bad a side, a bit inconsistent like us but they're better than Port, West Coast, the Bulldogs, St Kilda and Essendon. 3 of the top 4 losing this week has blown the premiership race open. 2 top 4 spots there for the taking and GWS looking very shaky and with a difficult run home. A top 4 spot is ours if we're good enough. Win our last 5 and we'll have the double chance, regardless of what else happens. We could let 1 slip and still make the 4 but would need other games to go our way. To miss the 8 from here we'd have to choke, win the games we should (nth, bris,coll) and we're playing finals. As a lifelong demon I can't rule out us choking big time but I do have the feeling that this group is made of different stuff than the demon sides I've followed from the mid 70's.
  6. I'm keeping the lid on old. This thread is mis titled too. Sure we broke "a" drought, but "the" drought has been going since 1964 and it's not over yet. My lid will come off when we're up by more goals than there is minutes left in the game that will break the only drought I'm worried about. You won't hear a "relax we've got this" from me before then. Not even this week, we're still fickle till we prove otherwise and we can only do that with time and wins. Doesn't mean I can't enjoy the win though, and enjoy it I did.
  7. furious d

    The 17-5 season

    The whole point of going this way is it doesn't require conferences and it doesn't limit where clubs can finish on the ladder. I hate the idea of conferences and would prefer to keep them out of our game. It's just a FAIR method of deciding who plays who in the last 5 rounds of the season. It would be a bit inconvenient not knowing the fixture for Rd's18-22 until after round 17 was done and dusted but that would be a small price to pay for a truly fair fixture. Not interested in extra blockbusters but I'm very keen to see an uncompromised competition.
  8. furious d

    The 17-5 season

    I like this but I'd make one small tweak. Teams should be rewarded for finishing higher, I'd swap the lower teams in conference a and c. Conf A- 1,4,7,12,15,18 Conf B- 2,5,8,11,14,17 Conf C- 3,6,9,10,13,16 Not really conferences as such, just the last 5 rounds decided after rd 17. This is the best idea I'v heard to make the draw actually fair.
  9. furious d


    Disagree poita, Dunn deserves an opportunity to further his career and that probably wasn't going to happen with us. It's very classy of the club to move him on for peanuts and pay a bit of his salary if it's necessary and we can afford it. Another year in the VFL and it's probably career over but I think he'll get opportunities at the pies and a chance to prolong his AFL life. Thanks Lynden, your decade of service was during a terrible period for the club, but you'll always be a demon regardless of what happens in the future and I hope to see you enjoying our next premiership success as heartily as I will.
  10. furious d

    Winning Trade Period

    I'm not sure we'll have a winning draft period Mr Steve but we've done well in the trade period imo. We go into next year with Lewis, Hibberd and Melksham in our best 22, that's a considerable strengthening of our list that will be enhanced by the natural development of our young talent. Anything less than finals next year will be a fail. We are finally back. These last 10 years my mates have been mightily impressed with my knowledge of the new draftees coming through. I'd tell them all the things I'd learnt about their new young players trawling endlessly through phantom drafts. This year I know nothing about the upcoming draft class and it feels bloody good, long may it last.
  11. furious d

    Richmond - delusional?

    I want to see Tiges fans meltdown so much I'm actually barracking for Carlton. Feel sooooooooo dirty right now.
  12. furious d

    Round 1 Team

    FB: Jetta Dunn Garland HB: Salem McDonald Lumumba C: Vince Viney Brayshaw HF: Watts Pederson Vandenberg FF: Garlett Hogan Kent Foll: Gawn Tyson Jones Int: Bugg Kennedy Frost Oliver Emg: M Jones Harmes Grimes I think Lumumba will get first crack at back flank if he plays well for Casey next week, if he doesn't do enough M Jones comes in and Vince moves to a back flank.
  13. furious d

    Demonland Supercoach 2016 Comp

    The Flying Eyeballs will go around again, cheers again for all your effort DeeVoted.
  14. furious d

    Jack Watts in 2016?

    I said 4 of those 6, so clearly nothing hinges on any 2 of them. Lumumba had a shocker last year, I expect significant improvement this year. Unlike you and others I haven't written Grimes off yet, just like I never gave up on Nev Jetta. Grimes played ok last season, his confidence is still shot though. When he gets the ball his first thought is to not stuff up, so he takes too long looking for the safest option. He needs to think less. I'm not sure he can get over the scars of his career so far but if he does he'll be best 22 for sure.