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  1. furious d

    Finals Tickets

    That was painless. Anybody know which end our cheer squad is at. Got M2 thinking I'd be near the cheer squad but now I'm thinking Hawthorn cheer squad may be there.
  2. furious d

    The moment you know when you’re going to win

    It was Hannan's goal for me. i was thinking one more would seal it and when he ran in and kicked it I launched out of my seat and threw both fists in the air. Completely forgot that I'm recovering from shoulder surgery. Finished the game in considerable pain, still sore now, but the smile hasn't left my face since that moment. Go you demons!
  3. furious d

    Channel 7__ please replay Demons V Cats

    Would love someone to put roving Brian up on youtube. Hate roving Brian normally but he's never done our rooms before.
  4. furious d

    Finals Tickets

    Got em
  5. furious d

    Finals Tickets

    Yep, this is a bad joke. Wasted 3 and a half hours yesterday, wonder how long it will be today.
  6. furious d

    Finals Tickets

    I’m in the freakin q again
  7. furious d

    Finals Tickets

    This queue is [censored], how have some gotten in more than once while I can’t get in at all?
  8. furious d

    Finals Tickets

    How the [censored] have some of you got through more than once? I can’t get through at all. 2 computers trying for over an hour and no luck. At least it stopped crashing half an hour ago but this queue is endless.
  9. furious d

    Finals Tickets

    Been trying for half an hour, can’t get past the queue and it keeps crashing and sending me to the back of the line. Getting very frustrated
  10. furious d

    Support Melbourne

    Nothing has changed yet. We made finals and that's great, but it means nothing. 40+ years of the emotional trauma that comes with being a demon is not going to be healed by just making finals. Only a premiership will begin to heal those wounds. A dynasty would go a long way to enabling a full recovery
  11. furious d

    Go and get Gaff!

    Yep, got that one wrong, not on my pat Malone there. Happy to admit it and in hindsight very very happy with the result. We pick Wines and Roos never comes and the club is probably still a mess. You on the other hand are pretty much always wrong. Even asking Jones to leave would be a monumental slap in the face. It would [censored] him off after he stuck with us through everything and the younger guys, esp Braysh, would be being told that no matter how good a servant you are we’ll treat you like crap when it suits us. Loyalty is a two way street and your idea would ruin all the gains we’ve made to our culture in the last 5 years
  12. furious d

    Go and get Gaff!

    Worst , most clueless poster ever to contribute to these boards. Would do more damage to our club than the forced retirement of Jnr McDonald. There's a saying you should take to heart, "it's better to stay silent and appear a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt."
  13. furious d

    Go and get Gaff!

    Can anyone tell me how the matching of offers works? If we offer a short term contract on mega dollars, say $3mill for 2 years with a verbal agreement that his next contract would be 4 years at $400-450 thousand per year. We're essentially matching WC's 6 years at $800,000. (These numbers are theoretical and unimportant, I don't want to argue the specifics, I'm interested in the mechanics.). Would our offer render the Eagles 6 year offer redundant and force them to match our 2 year offer? Our list is younger than theirs and could probably afford to take a bigger hit in the short term and it leaves more space when we have to re-sign our young stars on better dollars. Gaff also gets a big portion of his 6 years with us paid upfront which he can invest to make even more $'s over his contract length. I'm pretty sure Luke Ball did something similar to get to Collingwood in the draft. Nominated a massive 2 year price for himself with a verbal agreement to accept less on his next contract.
  14. furious d

    Frankston v Casey Demons - Round 7

    Is this on radio anywhere?
  15. furious d

    The Clash Jumper Poll 2018

    This is my favourite clash jumper ever. If we have to have a clash strip this is it. This is a Melbourne jumper, in fact it's the Melbourne Jumper I fell in love with as a little kid. I fell in love with it because it's the jumper Robbie Flower wore. When I drew Melbourne jumpers incessantly as a kid, this is the jumper I drew, I didn't use the dark blue texta. I was in my teens when we reverted to Navy, I love the Navy and that's our strip, always will be. But this clash is unmistakably Melbourne. Our Jumper is blue with a red yoke, not the other way around, not white, not silver, not a logo or picture on the chest. Well done to the club, can't believe nobody thought of this sooner. I hope we keep keep this and the redback jumper for our clash strips for a very long time and put this argument to bed forever.