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  1. deeflog

    Farewell Dean Kent

    They're medical team can have him
  2. deeflog

    Would we take $cully back?

  3. deeflog

    The Trading and Drafting Board ... has begun

    That’s a beauty!! this gets my vote
  4. deeflog

    Changes v Geelong - Elimination Final

    Spargo was far from great today
  5. deeflog

    Brendon Goddard

    close thread
  6. deeflog

    Which Dee has X-Factor?

    Bailey fritsch can play anywhere on the ground, and is a hard match when put forward
  7. deeflog

    Who Do You Want ?

    GEELONG we owe those pricks, start frost on Hawkins and move the ball like we did against the eagles yesterday
  8. deeflog

    Brayshaw Re-Signs Until 2022

    Great stuff gussy!!!
  9. deeflog

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Just an irrelevant media personality trying to be relevant
  10. deeflog

    Billy Stretch - Stress Fracture / Toe

    How long until Hunt is available again?
  11. deeflog

    Peter Jackson stepping down

    The club can’t thank this bloke enough. Has turned this club right around. Thanks Peter
  12. deeflog

    Angus Brayshaw

    Just sign on the dotted gus huge upside in this kid and allows jones to be more damaging
  13. deeflog


    How the f#ck did stretch get picked in the seniors, just not up to it
  14. deeflog

    Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    Time for Goodwin to make statement at selection!! lewis has to be dropped, along with harmes
  15. deeflog

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 3

    6- gawn 5- hogan 4- petracca 3- jones 2- bugg 1- Lewis