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    The Toby Bedford Thread

    Knightmare's thoughts on Toby: http://www.espn.com.au/afl/story/_/id/24719704/afl-draft-wrap-toby-bedford-stands-sandringham
  2. ChaserJ

    Go and get Gaff!

    Are we playing off for the Andrew Gaff Cup as well as a spot in the GF?
  3. Probably just his manager putting a bit of pressure on Port to put a deal (or improve a deal) on the table, but hope we'd make an enquiry. Could definitely use his run and kicking skills. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-07-10/indemand-speedster-yet-to-commit-to-power
  4. ChaserJ

    13 Years Ago ...

    Remember Mooney dominating around the ground for them too. Rocked up hoping we could emulate the miracle win at Kardinia Park that got us there, but the game looked over at quarter time. At least Robbo capped off his career year with 4. Not much else to take from the game for Dees fans. I think the Dees had spent their tickets getting to the finals in an epic run in. We also lost Neita in the final round win over Essendon.
  5. Trengove and Scully were supposed to be the players to lead our club out of the doldrums at picks 1 & 2 of the 09 draft. Whilst they didn't work out for us, the 09 draft has given us (eventually) Melksham and Gawn, who are absolutely critical to September success.
  6. ChaserJ


    An old workmate of mine used to play cricket at Maribyrnong Park when Walker was a junior. Walker was a very talented key position player who at the time had his pick of potential success in either footy or cricket. Some considered his talent comparable to Peter Wright at the same time. He came from a very cricket focused family, so footy didn't really get a look in. Clearly our recruiting team (Tim Lamb according to the article) kept tabs on him. His cricket career was derailed by injury issues, so I hopefully he can get his body right for footy. If he does, we may have pinched one. Edit: Wonder if the timing of Harley Balic's retirement had any connection with this announcement?
  7. ChaserJ

    Round 23 Fixture Announced

    So this has us featuring on the Sunday afternoon game on Channel 7 all the way through to the end of the home & away season. And after an 8 day break this week on 7 day breaks all the way to the end of regular season. Nice.
  8. ChaserJ

    Dom Tyson - 100 Games

    Hear hear. Hope Dom has a trong finish to the season and gets the opportunty to play finals. Was very, very good for us when Roosy was head coach.
  9. Bailey's been around the mark as a top 20 prospect coming into the Champs, and has held/improved his standing with some good, consistent footy. Can win his own ball, runs hard and has popped up for the odd goal resting forward. Probably in the 15-20 range at this stage.
  10. Victorian from an interstate club?
  11. ChaserJ


    That felt like more salt. 2 points not a true reflection, Saints were a four goal better side than us today. Our midfield mix was exceptionally poor today, work rate was tepid. Had hoped the Collingwood game was the reality check the club needed, but seems like reality needs to slap us a few more times. Problem is, the season may be gone before the team wakes up.
  12. ChaserJ

    Essendon VFL v Casey Demons - VFL Round 13

    Slow. Speed hasn't ever been one of his tricks. When fully fit, a good endurance athlete, competitive and great decision maker in close.
  13. ChaserJ

    The Toby Bedford Thread

    Had heard that Bedford was eligible for us under NGA, so kept an eye on him yesterday. He has good pace and I really like his endeavour, but was a bit scrappy with his skills and decision making. May not have been used to spending as much time on ball as he did against WA, but was one of VC's best (Walsh, Williams and Eli Smith were probably the only others to play reasonably for VC) well as WA really controlled the game from start to finish. Unless he makes massive strides in the second half of the season, I don't think we'd have to give up too much to match an opposition bid at this stage.
  14. I'm in Adelaide for the weekend, how cheap are the tix?
  15. ChaserJ

    The Jack Billings Thread

    Was a good kick for goal as a junior, don't quite know what's gone on at St Kilda. Could give us more outside run through the midfield & his field kicking is still good. Would be funny if we used Tyson in a trade to finally get him, think we could get more out of him than St Kilda has. Had quite a good year in 2017 and was probably their best against us in Rd 21. Can imagine if Taylor & Viney believe in him as a player chances are we've already picked up the phone.
  16. ChaserJ

    The Ed Langdon Thread

    Most noteworthy are Dylan Shiel, Stephen Coniglio, Nick Haynes, Steven May, Lachie Neale & Robbie Gray who are all RFA's. Jack Martin also comes out of contract, but would be a year short of free agency under current rules. Would love the club to have a crack at bringing him to Melbourne.
  17. ChaserJ

    Go and get Gaff!

    True, and he wasn't pleased with us over the Watts trade last year, but Connors is a pro and speaks highly of our list and direction. We are almost a completely different club to the one Juddy visited in '07.
  18. ChaserJ

    The Ed Langdon Thread

    We loved Jake in his draft year, and clearly we didn't lose his number after the Crows drafted him. I like how our recruiting team maintain contact with these guys even if they end up elsewhere. Shows the importance in building and maintaining relationships.
  19. ChaserJ

    The Ed Langdon Thread

    Had hoped we might grab him in his draft year, but Oscar ended up still being on the board at pick 53 (Oscar was potentially a 2nd rounder, thought that the Bulldogs might grab him earlier). Can't really fault our selections in 2014, but sounds like Taylor really liked Langdon as well. A small forward who was projected to move into midfield, looks like he's developing into the player we hoped JKH might become http://www.afl.com.au/news/2014-11-12/meet-ed-langdon
  20. ChaserJ

    Over at the Doggies supporter forum . . .

    Also think there was a real blend of experience and youth in that particular team. With Matthew Boyd retiring and Morris having numerous injury issues nearing the end and a couple of other important departures (Hamling, Stringer) , they largely have the youth, but nowhere near the experience of the 2016 list. They seem to have fallen pretty hard and their list moves since 2016 haven't worked tremendously well. Cloke was a swing and miss and I'm not sure Tom Boyd and Schache will work well in the same team. There's still a long way to go before we can judge whether either will even make it, and both cost valuable assets to acquire (although Boyd has his place in Bulldog lore secure regardless). Wonder just how much the Jason McCartney/Dalrymple schism hurt the Dogs list management post premiership.
  21. ChaserJ

    The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    And his kicking (both field and shooting for goal) has been exceptional. Becoming a wonderful player.
  22. ChaserJ

    Jake Melksham

    When you consider we gave up pick 25 (which became pick 30 after Academy bid matching), we've done well out of this trade. BTW pick 30 ended up being Mason Redman. Harley Balic was still on the board and may have been our selection if we didn;t trade pick 25. All worked out in the end:
  23. ChaserJ

    Jake Melksham

    Melksham’s an interesting one. Looked like such a talent for Calder in 2009. He had a ripper GF, showing a bit of toe and a long, accurate kick. Not sure exactly what happened after he got drafted, but didn’t really see a lot of his best traits for almost his entire run at Essendon, and his under 18 form started to look like an outlier rather than the norm. Not sure if it’s the change of environment, change of role or just maturity, but Melksham’s looking more and more like the player that was drafted at pick 10 in 2009. Where he wasn’t able to find a place as a midfielder, or back flanker (which is what we brought him into be), he’s really clicked as a medium forward. Bit of credit due to the coaching team to trying him there to see how he would perform in that role, and plenty of credit to him for embracing all aspects. His decision making has been on point, defensive accountability very impressive and his delivery into the fwd 50 has just been elite.
  24. ChaserJ

    Inside Football - Gone

    I was a regular reader. Lot's of very good analysis and the annual draft special was a must read for draft geeks like me. Unfortunately IF gone the way of much of quality print media. Likely Hutchy's call, but writing was probably on the wall already.