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  1. On now:
  2. Think Ben Kennedy would be pretty close to selection too. Not long till we find out!
  3. Players have gotten a pretty good deal. Securing a percentage of unbudgeted revenue & club revenue is a big win for them, but very happy to see the following: * Revamped injury payments model, guaranteed funding of $250,000 annually for concussion research; * Past players to benefit from the establishment of a Lifetime Health Care program; As headline grabbing as the pay and salary cap increases are, these are probably the most significant gains.
  4. This season’s taught us that looking too far ahead can be fraught, but the assumption would be that Hawthorn’s pick next year would be quite high, so you would have to offer a lot for them to do the deal. Similar situations with Brisbane and probably Fremantle I suppose. I’d be surprised if we threw in players that are genuinely rated highly enough to net us those sorts of picks in return (even when bundled with our pick this year, which looks like it’d be a pick around the fringes of pick 10). I’m not sure if the list management team is as pick focused these days and I suspect we are well into the phase of supplementing the core of our young team rather than targeting high draft picks. If we were chasing a high pick, we’d probably have to take a punt and bundle our first round picks from this year and next into a package for next year’s first from a team we’d don’t expect to go well. Would probably look a lot like what St Kilda achieved in their trade with Hawthorn, so maybe if Kelly decides to leave (and doesn’t come to Melbourne) we could do well as third party facilitators.
  5. Article appears to have disappeared now, but IIRC it compared Jeffy's output this year to Betts'. Whilst Betts was ahead in more of the pure offensive categories, Jeffy performed well defensively. I noted that Jeffy is about 2 and a half years younger than Betts, so was curious what Betts output was at the same age, and whether Jeffy may be in for a comparable spike in output as he reaches a level of experience in AFL coinciding with a period of relative peak in physical condition. Betts age 28 year was 2014, his first year in Adelaide after Carlton allowed him to leave as a free agent, and the numbers below are Jeffys half season so far against a full season from Eddie (stat comparison from Footywire). Intriguing to see if the comparative numbers stay close over the journey: Jeff Garlett Name Eddie Betts Melbourne Demons Team Adelaide Crows Forward Position Forward 158 Career Games 265 Swan Districts Origin Calder Cannons August 3, 1989 Date of Birth November 26, 1986 27yr 10mth Age Turned 28 in 2014 180cm Height 175cm 73kg Weight 73kg 2010 National Draft Last Drafted In 2004 Pre-Season Draft Round 5, Pick #85 Last Draft Position Round 1, Pick #3 Carlton Blues Last Drafted By Carlton Blues 2017 Stats for Season 2014 12 Games 22 9.0 Kicks Per Game 7.6 3.0 Handballs Per Game 5.6 12.0 Disposals Per Game 13.2 3.2 Marks Per Game 2.4 2.4 Goals Per Game 2.3 1.2 Behinds Per Game 1.0 4.5 Tackles Per Game 3.4 0 Hitouts Per Game 0 2.6 Inside 50s Per Game 1.7 0.8 Goal Assists Per Game 1.3 0.8 Frees For Per Game 0.9 0.2 Frees Against Per Game 0.7 4.8 Contested Possessions Per Game 6.8 7.2 Uncontested Possessions Per Game 6.2 7.4 Effective Disposals Per Game 8.7 61.7% Disposal Efficiency % Per Game 65.9% 1.5 Clangers Per Game 1.8 0.4 Contested Marks Per Game 0.1 1.3 Marks Inside 50 Per Game 1.3 0.5 Clearances Per Game 1.4 0.4 Rebound 50s Per Game 0.4 1.0 One Percenters Per Game 1.0 0.9 Bounces Per Game 0.4 88.6 Time On Ground % Per Game 87.7 76.2 AFL Fantasy Score Per Game 68.2 80.8 Supercoach Score Per Game 79.4
  6. Deal was pick 23 in return for Frost and picks 40 & 53. We drafted Neal-Bullen and Oscar Mac with those picks. GWS drafted Pat McKenna with pick 23 (who is currently on our injury list). I think we did ok out of that deal.
  7. They're at least spending time discussing Melbourne on Classified (after dissecting the problems at the Dogs). All positive.
  8. A replay of the game is up on Youtube here:
  9. Me too (along with my 2 year old, who heard the song played AFTER the game for the first time)!
  10. If Bernie's form doesn't pick up, wouldn't mind seeing Trenners getting a shot at playing that role in the ones.
  11. He did, along with key back Oscar Clavarino. Davies-Uniacke has probably bumped his draft standing up since and Clavarino seems to have drifted a bit.
  12. Similar thought crossed my mind post QB win. It can’t hurt to pull out those sorts of wins in big games in front of big crowds while there are players interstate working out which Victorian clubs they would be happy to move to. Especially when equivalent clubs in the market like, say, St Kilda or are Kangaroos aren’t quite performing. Would equally hope that Melbourne's management of player welfare (eg Jesse Hogan in difficult times) is noticed by managers out there too.
  13. Mitch King back, hope that means Spencer plays against the Dogs. Also, disappointed that the VFL GF rematch wasn't scheduled as the televised game of the week.
  14. Put themselves under cap pressure after signing Ryder & Dixon. Think they locked away Wines last year, so no room for them to move prior to new CBA coming into effect. Hartlett was initially available last year and clubs are reportedly throwing cash at Pittard now. I'd like us to look at youngsters Aidyn Johnson and Todd Marshall. Johnson has great pace with some good tricks and would be cheap if he wanted to come back to Vic. Marshall was a reasonably high pick from Murray Bushrangers and is tall enough to play ruck/forward, but will have limited chances whilst Dixon and Westhoff are running around in the fwd line. Trengove may be a decent plan B to Lever pursuit.
  15. Was good in close, but kicking lacked penetration from recollection. Also didn't show a lot of pace in his age 18 year and was hit by injury post champs (which led to him missing a fair amount of footy in his first year at the Dockers I believe). Very good overhead and a very good decision maker in tight, but feel that he would be more of a depth addition than anything else.