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  1. Inside Football - Gone

    I was a regular reader. Lot's of very good analysis and the annual draft special was a must read for draft geeks like me. Unfortunately IF gone the way of much of quality print media. Likely Hutchy's call, but writing was probably on the wall already.
  2. Bucky's thoughts from the Hun: BUCKENARA SAYS: In my Melbourne list analysis column for the Herald Sun during the trade period I wrote the Demons needed a small forward to help Jeff Garlett and they’ve got that in Charlie Spargo. He can play through the midfield but I think his position at AFL level will be as a small forward who loves to tackle and pressure the opposition. I really like the selection of Harrison Petty. I had him rated at 22 in my top 50 so to get a potential key defender of his quality at 37 great value. He reads the ball really well in flight. The Demons have a bit of a history of taking mature-age players out of second-tier competitions and they’ve done it again with Bayley Fritsch who kicked 42 goals for Casey this year. Melbourne also need some more outside pace and they get that with Oskar Baker. THE VERDICT: Melbourne came into the draft last at pick No.29 but would have walked away pretty happy. They’ve addressed list needs so that’s a tick from me.
  3. It's been well documented that Spargo missed most of this year after dislocating his shoulder twice. He did have a very good bottom age year (when it was still expected that he would get to GWS as part of their academy), and if anyone's interested in seeing Charlie in action, the 2016 TAC Cup GF is on Youtube here: He was one of Murray's best in the loss to Sandy (featuring at least 4 2016 first round picks + Andrew Brayshaw), from recollection he had 20 touches to half time. Edit: Match also features our rookie ruckman Lachie Filipovic.

    Have seen him play a couple of times and his marking and judgement of the ball in flight stood out. Was highly competitive too. Caught the eye as a key back, even while I was watching out for mids & fwds (I figured we were more or less stocked in that area). Perhaps we're also covering the spread with both McDonalds OOC at the end of next season.
  5. Guide to the Draft

    Cal Twomey's late mail has us taking Ling at 30: http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-11-23/cal-twomeys-late-mail-topfive-draft-bolter
  6. SSM postal vote

    No denying that White Australia is a stain on our history that Labor has to own responsibility for, but they hardly represent the conservative side of politics. Still view Turnbull as a centrist in a party that's moved right at a surprising rate.
  7. SSM postal vote

    Modern political lines have made it extremely difficult for both major parties to represent their traditional bases. Certainly with Labor there's a real push pull between the more progressive base and the traditional working class, who may be more reluctant to support progressive policy (looks like this was at play with the Wrecker's count above). Indeed, it looks like the Greens have pinched some of the more 'progressive' left leaners from Labor in recent years. No doubt that trying to accommodate the traditional Coalition base has tied Malcolm up in knots whilst trying to govern as a 'moderate' leader.
  8. 2017 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    Even in this draft, Hamish still feels like one for the rookie draft. Probably doesn't have the tricks to compensate for his lack of pace at the highest level. Has a big body, is competitive and can win his own ball (was an over ager this year), is handy overhead, but haven't seen the standout trait that puts him ahead of others I think would be available at 47.
  9. Toumpas now re-signed: http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-11-10/former-demon-toumpas-among-six-power-resignings
  10. For the time being. Out of contract, but guessing he stays at it looks like Port have made their cuts. Three former Dee top5 picks at Port next year. Super happy for Trenners.

    A couple of players who may be around at our picks who I wouldn't mind us taking. Spargo had been fringes of the top 20 before he hurt his shoulder and missed the Championships. He probably slides a bit as others have been playing and getting exposure. Bailey was good for the Allies in most games I saw him play, with an additional couple of centimeters and a little bit more consistency in his ball use would be further up the order. Ross can use the ball well and has an intriguing athletic profile and might be a reasonable fit on the wing. (Profiles from AFL Draft Central) Zac Bailey Inside Midfielder (Southern Districts/Allies) 23/09/1999 | 180cm | 68kg Scouting notes: Has a great burst of speed and he isn’t afraid to collect the ball and burst out of a stoppage getting distance on himself from his opponents. The right footer is usually a clean kick but can have the odd poor game by foot. Wins the contested ball and tackles well. Last month: Was one of PACs best through the midfield against Scotch in South Australian school boy football. In the 2017 South Australian State Championship game against Henley High, Bailey was able to break free at the stoppages and was damaging getting the ball forward. He won best-on-ground honours for his performance on the night. Charlie Spargo 
Inside Midfielder/Small Forward (Murray Bushrangers/Allies) 25/11/1999 | 175cm | 73kg Scouting notes: Small bite-sized midfielder who cracks in hard. Despite his size he wins the ball in the contest and tackles hard. Is one of the few midfielders who has a good goal sense and is a hard match-up when deep inside 50. Was originally zoned to GWS but it is now ineligible for GWS to select him under changes to their Academy zone. Has had shoulder surgery which will rule him out for the season. Last month: Missed the entire month recovering from shoulder surgery. Was invited to the National Combine and will still interview with clubs there. Jackson Ross Outside Midfielder/Medium Forward (Haileybury College/Eastern Ranges) 22/06/1999 | 192cm | 75kg Scouting notes: Booted 29 goals playing as a centre half forward and on the wing for Haileybury College in the APS school competition. Comes from an elite tennis background and is still quite raw in football terms. Has a long kick and is able to use it on either side of his body. Very athletic and has a National Combine invite. Last month: Booted five goals against Calder Cannons in Round 16 in a very strong performance, and whilst was quiet in the game against Geelong Falcons the following week – he did some good things on Saturday with nine disposals and three tackles. There’s plenty to like about Ross and a big finals series could push him up clubs boards.

    https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/sport/afl/wa-trade-wrap-eagles-inactivity-explained-as-dockers-score-recruiting-coup-20171019-gz4e7z.html I felt the Weagles overrated their list this year. They gave impression that they were in the window and recruited accordingly, and were exposed in their capitulation to GWS (and to a certain degree over the course of the season). Sounds like they are very much in danger of making the same mistake again. Staggered that they traded away their 2018 first rounder for a swag of 2nd round picks this year. For a chance to pick up WA talent around the mark no less. @Pennant St Dee, any thoughts on who they might be looking at in that range? Oscar Allen should go a bit higher than that, same with Naughton. Maybe Jake Patmore & Liam Ryan?
  13. Trade rumours

    I need training from Buddy on how to lose ultimatums and influence people with more money than sense!

    Yeah, suspect he goes in the 15-22 range. Some chance, but think he might go just before our pick.

    He's rising quickly.