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  1. In particular a lot of discussion was had here about getting a ruck forward who could come in and relieve Jack of the duty. A player who could come in straight away whilst King came back and developed. Darcy Cameron was raised a fair bit and I was hoping for Rowan Marshall. Don't mind getting Filipovic in as one for the future, but agree we erred by not getting someone in who could help out in the ruck straight away, even if it was going to (initially) be their secondary contribution. Hannan and Johnstone may end up being gems for us, but they didn't strike me as filling immediate needs in the 16 draft.
  2. The kid from Brisbane is Connor Ballenden. Looks a very good kp prospect, would be top 5 in an open draft. Think your source's thoughts are consistent with what I've seen so far. The top end looks extremely good, but depth isn't quite there at the moment.
  3. Think that's landed at 13-17.5% rises over the life of the new agreement (4 year deal I believe, in principle agreement is in place). 16-20% (when you factor in the removal of the veterans allowance) over the life of the agreement for AFL players isn't such an amazing deal when compared with what some other workplaces are securing. Of course there are others that are getting nowhere near that amount.
  4. i believe joining has become part of the induction for new players into AFL and a lot of the access to player development programs is organised through the PA, it's as close to compulsory without it officially being a formalised condition of being a registered AFL player.
  5. Usually a tactic employed by management to create a wedge between non-union and union members of staff. Not viewed as good faith bargaining and its success usually is determined by how unionised a workforce is. Might be a tough sell when 100% of players are AFLPA members.
  6. Every player is a member of the AFLPA (by default), I'd imagine such an approach would likely lead to disputation. AFL also more or less bankroll the AFLPA (conflict of interest much?), so would they want to hamstring them so totally? If the players actually voted against the AFLPA recommendations, how could they effectively represent players at all (personal judgements of how they represent players currently notwithstanding) going forward? Many workplaces have negotiated 13% increments across 4 year deals, so 18 over 5 is pretty good when compared to other workplaces. Then again, the AFL is a billion dollar industry and AFL players are in and out of their careers in a much more compressed period of time than the typical workplace (on average about a quarter of their working life will account for 75% of their career earnings). The AFLPA have been pretty consistent in their requests for a percentage of revenue. I can appreciate the clubs impatience, but find it telling that they fall in behind the AFL on this topic every time.
  7. We also upgraded our third round pick which was Jayden Hunt. Pies were keen with their third rounder, so the trade may have allowed us to secure him too.
  8. Used spend time up forward as a jnr and showed he was a very good 1 v 1 mark, would like to see him thrown forward every once in a while. Was also compared to Luke Hodge when he was coming through, and I think all of the reasons why were on display on Saturday. Hopefully that has set the standard for Christian.
  9. And it's done. Effective immediately.
  10. It seems that the AFL will (at last)! GWS Giants lose Murray region as AFL re-shapes northern academy system Not only will Albury be stripped from the zone (Spargo and Brander will be released into the pool), but the already mentioned restrictions on players ranked inside the top 20 (subject to ladder positioning) will also come into effect immediately. Excellent.
  11. There are some questions on whether either will be GWS bound next year. Brander may be ruled ineligible due to his parents farm being outside of the GWS zone, and AFL look like removing Albury from the zone, which would put Spargo back into the pool. Add the possible 2017 draft penalties from the Whitfield affair and it looks like they might get fewer free kicks next year. Horse has bolted, but speculation is that AFL are now worried about the optics around the generous start up concessions GWS have been granted. Jack Powell from GWS Academy also looks a player. On a side note, how is there only one player from WA in the AFL academy? I know there have been issues over there, but there has to be more WA talent around.
  12. Manic with his defensive pressure and highly competitive. Definitely an area we can improve in up forward.
  14. Thanks PSD, knew you'd have the lowdown. I'm a fan of Fisher as well, wouldn't mind us taking a flier. You see much of Bradley Fullgrabe from the Swans & Matt Taylor from Perth?
  15. Hard for me to make too much comment on Cameron as I haven’t seen him since he was draft age a few years back (2013?). I understand he spent more time forward in the WAFL this year and added goal kicking to his CV. Ruck forwards are a somewhat rare commodity, so I think he’s a good shot to be drafted this time around and clubs in need could take a punt from around the third round onwards. He may have covered this in ‘Angry's’ thread on Cameron, but @Pennant St Dee would probably be able to give us more on Cameron as our WA based draft watcher. I hope we don’t jump too early for needs sake, as I think there’ll still be a good amount of talent available at 47. The best available ruck options (both mature age under 18) are all likely to need time to develop at Casey, so comfortable with taking whomever gets through to our pick in the 60’s. McInerney wouldn’t be a bad option, but I’ve liked the look of Peter Ladhams from South Australia. He has a fair bit of talent, but apparently some off field issues had recruiters questioning attitude. He appears to be trying very hard to change minds, and could be a value pick. Ratugolea from Murray is an exciting athlete, but is very raw and unlikely to ruck full time at the next level (mainly due to his height which I think is only mid 190’s), but I can see clubs taking a punt. Draftable late as a forward ruck. Rowan Marshall is one I’d be happy to take as a mature ager. Has shown a fair amount of development over the last year or so and has shown ability in key posts at both ends of the ground. His mobility is quite good, so his versatility might give us some cover and depth in multiple areas of the ground. Max Lynch from Murray/GWS Academy is the other one who has shown flashes up forward as a ruck, but is very raw. IMO 47 is too high for all of those guys. Think it was wise list management to retain Cam Pedersen as a fwd ruck, as I get the feeling whichever ruck we pick up in the draft period probably won't play much at AFL level in 2017.