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  1. Interim Captain

    Perfect opportunity to bring Trengove back into the team, ay?
  2. My 3 word player analysis V Geelong

    I'd hate to argue with one of the positive statements, but that was definitely not Jones' career best game! Thought he was a little sloppier than usual and on a good day those 3 behinds would have been at least 2 goals. But yes, he was good as usual.
  3. Captain Courageous Nathan Jones

    Jones has been one of our best kicks for years (I'd argue since he won his first B+F), but was prone to clangers because he was often under immense pressure, had to kick quickly, or had ordinary players as his targets. I can't stand it when people describe Jones as merely a "grunt player" or "not being blessed with natural skills" - it's a stupid footy cliche said by media personalities who watch one Demons game a month. Jones has been a skillful player for many years - he just doesn't have the block locks to go with it. The more he gets the freedom to play as an outside midfielder or half-back flanker, the better his kicking looks. I wouldn't be surprised if he finally gets an All Australian guernsey this year or in a few years time as a half back flanker.
  4. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-03-07/afl-players-top-50-the-day-max-gawn-became-invincible The pre-season hype continues, with our fourth player included in this year's AFL Players top 50, a ranking voted by the players themselves. 17. Max Gawn 33. Nathan Jones 44. Jordan Lewis 50. Jack Viney It's hard to remember any point in recent history that we've had this many players considered among the competition's best (perhaps White/Yze/Neitz/Bruce back in the early 2000s?). It's a far nicer feeling than opening up Mike Sheehan/Robbo's top 50 to find Nathan Jones buried in the "players who just missed out" section.
  5. VFL Finals Are Important

    I completely agree and was going to post something very similar myself. Ask any sportsperson - a premiership is a premiership, regardless of what level it's won at. Winning a flag (and at the very least, getting deep finals experience) surely can do great things to unite a group of players, particularly young players, and set this club up well for the future. You only need to look at the recent VFL success of teams like Box Hill (Hawthorn) and Geelong to realise the importance of having a strong and successful VFL side.
  6. The Day of the Demon is coming says Warren Tredrea

    Found these great articles as well. Exciting times ahead! http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/copy-cats-20100425-tlpw.html http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/from-flogged-to-flag-in-quick-time/story-e6frf9jf-1225902478811 http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/brisbane-coach-michael-voss-wary-of-superpower-demons/story-e6frf9jf-1225897595909
  7. Harry O'Brien used to tear it up against us. Whatever happened to that lad?

    6 Gawn - 63 hitouts against the best ruckman in the game. Amazing! 5 Viney - his last quarter almost got us over the line 4 Lumumba - possibly his best game for the club. Don't think he got caught at all today. 3 Vince - was always around when we needed him 2 Oliver - clearance machine! 1 Kent - would have got the 6 votes if he snatched those other 2 goals
  9. Demonland Player of the Year

    6 Viney 5 Watts 4 N Jones 3 McDonald 2 Kennedy 1 Oliver
  10. Delisted Free Agents

    If we wanted a proper crack at finals next year, I wouldn't be opposed to bringing in James Kelly or Jed Adcock for a year or two to see if they can give us some Daniel Cross-esque experience. One year from these guys is probably more use to us than another year of Terlich in the seconds. However, it looks like Mahoney isn't interested in picking up any DFA (he said that before the recent delistings of Moore and Grant, though). Will be interesting to see if Jamar gets a run anywhere - surely a team like Essendon could use an extra ruckman.
  11. Changes vs Cats

    Out: Pedersen (but only if injured) In: Dawes Michie didn't add anything as the sub, but shifting players in and out of the team can't be helpful. I'd keep him, unless JKH is fit and firing, or one of the other guys makes a speedy recovery. Otherwise, bringing in Bail, Newton, or Terlich just creates unnecessary instability. Was actually pretty impressed with young Stretch today. Thought he wouldn't be able to run out the game, but was very handy in a number of roles. I'd given ANB the benefit of the doubt and give him another week or two to get used to the tempo. Would keep playing RIley too - adds a lot of toughness to our midfield and was probably a little stiff to be penalised on a few occasions for fair tackles.
  12. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 11

    6 Jones - Almost every time we kicked a goal, it was through his excellent ball use 5 Toumpas - Beautiful outside midfielder game. Best game at the club. 4 Hogan - The first of many many many bags 3 Vince - Just keep running and creating opportunities 2 Cross - really want this man to stay on for another two years 1 Dunn - almost back to his best. Would have lost by a lot more if he wasn't on song.
  13. Can we bottle what Daniel Cross has

    He was probably the best Dog on the field yesterday One thing that impresses me about him is his contested marking ability. He doesn't look like the kind of player to hold those marks, yet he gets them every time. He's taken 8 this year (#55 in the league, #4 at Melbourne)
  14. Changes For Next Week

    I can't understand why Jamar isn't in the team. He's got his flaws around the ground, but he's one of the best ruckman in the league and he's a pretty good mark. At the very least, he makes us competitive in the centre square and gives our midfield a chance. I know we need to give Spencer a chance, but the only thing he has over Jamar is his tackling and his age. Jamar beats him in every other area (including the ability to play as an extra forward if needed) Gawn still doesn't seem ready (will he ever be ready?), so we need to bring Jamar back and cut our losses with Spencer. Rotating Jamar and Pedersen in the centre square is the first step to us being competitive. My recommendation would be to get the team back to our best 22 ASAP, rather than [censored]-farting around with the deckchairs. That means Jamar and Hogan are definite ins, and Jetta/Viney are in, if fit. It also means Stretch needs to go back to the VFL. IN: Jamar, Hogan, Jetta (if fit), Viney (if fit) OUT: Salem (inj), Spencer, Stretch, (M Jones or Bail out if Viney fit) We know that Howe and Dawes can play when on song. Howe needs to play forward in Watts' absence. Dropping him (and Dawes) leaves us with more untried d-grader in the line-up.
  15. There's no excuses for some of the performances we've delivered this year, but it's worth noting that the teams we've lost to have been the best teams so far this year (and will probably all play finals). They are: GWS (5th) Adelaide (4th) Fremantle (1st) Sydney (3rd) Hawthorn (6th) Given that we've all now had a look at these teams, who do we think will go deep into September? After the Freo game, I was convinced that they would win this year's flag. Their midfield was so strong, and Nathan Fyfe was an absolute beast. But after watching the Hawks yesterday, it's hard to see them not winning the flag again. They converted almost every turnover into a scoring opportunity, and found so much space in their forward line. Sure, we looked like a dumb footy team. But they looked like a very smart footy team. The other highlight for me (if you can call it that) would be GWS and their pace. That 14-goal patch was about as one-sided as I've seen in years (and we've seen a lot of one-sided contests). They absolutely ran us off our legs, and were really bold in attack. Dylan Shiel will become a superstar, if he isn't one already.