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  1. Oxxx

    Perth flights

    I got $800 return with Virgin, however I am flying up Thursday night and getting back early 8am Tuesday morning. The flights have an overnight stay in Sydney on the way up & Adelaide on the way back. & for those complaining about prices, if an airline puts on an extra flight then the plane will be flying back empty, therefore it should be expected to pay at least double. & that's not including costs to reschedule flights for people on the flights who get cancelled.
  2. Some sort of a mass visual protest at the game would be the most effective. If there was a mass group of people turning their backs on the game, petitions,dressed as ballerinas/netball players etc then it would get media coverage and that's what would be best. Unfortunately things like letters, ringing people, etc isn't going to do much.
  3. Oxxx

    Brad Green

    I've been saying all year that Green isn't captain material, but sadly he was the best option at the time. Next year I would take a punt and give the captaincy to one of the kids who will lead the club for the next 10 years. Why not offer it to Scully if he wants to continue, or more realistically give it to somebody like Trengove?
  4. Oxxx

    Baileys tactics for this week.

    The reason why we won this week was nothing to do with Dean Bailey. Obviously it was because "the players played well". The next time that we lose it will have nothing to do with the playing group and will be all the coach's fault.
  5. Oxxx

    Baileys tactics for this week.

    I reckon his game plan was to win by 100 points. But seeing as though the game plan failed, he should be sacked ASAP and Garry Lyon should replace him as coach.
  6. Oxxx

    Beamer in trouble ...

    I'd say just fine him $5k and get on with it. To kick him out of the leadership group would be a bit far fetched, because he has shown more leadership on the field this year than most of the other members of the group combined. I'm not condoning urinating over a public bar while your captain and vice captain are asleep, but he also urinated over the Brisbane midfield yesterday whilst the same players were sleeping. If you're going to kick players out of the leadership group then kick out those who are letting you down week after week and not those who make 1 mistake. If somebody is going to make a decision on the punishment to Beamer then let Dean Bailey do it himself, as there aren't many players within the 'leadership group' who deserve to be able to make a decision such as this.
  7. Oxxx

    Bruce's goal celebration

    Was I the only person who thought that the booing of Cameron Bruce was absolutely disgraceful? MFC supporters have no reason to dislike Bruce - we are the ones who got rid of him and he wanted to continue playing with us. The man has a right to make a living, so he decided to continue for another team. If there is anything that he has done wrong then please enlighten me. Really, Bruce playing for Hawthorn should result in a win-win to both sides. Our up & coming youth such as Trengrove, Trapscott, etc should be able to cover for the viod that Cam is leaving, and hopefully he should be able to contribute to the HFC.
  8. Oxxx

    Vent your Spleen

    Red & Black.
  9. Oxxx

    3 things I learnt

    1. Essendon have quite possibly the most fickle supporters in the AFL. When they are playing crap they will crucify their own, when they win 2 preseason games they think that they are a premiership contender. 2. Tom Lyon is a big unit for his age; I can't wait until we get him under the father-son rule. 3. There are alot of Melbourne supporters who don't understand the concept of "3 things I learnt".
  10. Oxxx

    2010 Attendances....

    Filter it to only home games during the h&a season and we are less than 2,000 per game from Geelong who were 4th best in the league.
  11. Oxxx

    The new MFC emblem

    Bloody hell some people must get really bored during the off season. This is the best emblem that I have ever seen for this club.
  12. Oxxx

    Forum Game Challenge

    This pest is getting boring. The sooking was funny at first, but now it's getting repetitive.
  13. Oxxx

    Travis Tuck in drug overdose ...

    Cousins got 12 months on 2 strikes coz the cops found viagra in his car. Tuck gets 12 weeks for 3 strikes & an overdose. Something doesn't add up.
  14. Oxxx

    Unofficial Richmond Cheer Squad

    I don't care if they want to chant & sing etc, but alot of them were getting really aggressive towards Melbourne supporters. At 1/2 time a bunch of them were telling us to get [censored] etc, while we were just going to get drink/food. It was also very surprising how young alot of them were! Alot of them were about early-mid 20s.
  15. Yeah but that looks like a really inflated market, as the 5 favourites are all under $5, and that's totally disregarding the other 11 teams in the comp.