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  1. Ha Ha! They are only a couple of thousand years apart! But Onassis does have a quote which is quite appropriate for these times- "Remember, things are only as bad as you think they are." Of course he was a billionaire, so that was easy for him to say!
  2. You obviously haven't read any of my previous posts about mental illness in football. I have stated previously I grew up with someone who suffered severe mental illness which impacted not only on themselves but on everyone in their family, including me. In those times there was no help, even if it was sought for. In my previous posts I made the point I feared too many footballers citing mental health problems when they made poor choices in their social life would cause the public to become cynical and feel less sympathy towards the everyday people who suffer mental illness. So what do you find disgusting? How dare you.
  3. Wow! Saw what you did there. Quoting Aristotle is really raising the culture in this discussion. Bravo.
  4. Phew! Thanks for that! I completely missed the two Olivers in your side. Maybe I need new glasses. Although wouldn't it be nice if we did have two Olivers in the side. How far along are we with human cloning?
  5. Please help me out DeeSpencer. I was never good at math, but four players came out of your side and four players came in. Yet I cannot find young Brayshaw. Please explain this anomaly before I organize a search and rescue of the Bermuda Triangle for the poor boy.
  6. Just re-read my statement on Watts in his post game on-field interview, and feel I need to expand on my views. Of course he is likable, I didn't mean to imply he only appears to be. He also appears to be easy going, and nothing bothers him, but hearing his confession that on some days he didn't want to get out of bed, was enlightening. This is what convinced me he must also possess a remarkable mental toughness. He owns up to his mistakes and doesn't blame others. He also alluded to the stark difference between his debut game and that of his Port team mates debut game. Wounds may heal but scars remain. As I said, I wish him the best.
  7. Could hear the emotion in his voice in that interview on the ground after the siren. He has endured immense pressure in his career and he has admitted to stuffing up a few times without citing "mental health issues". Appears easy going and likable, but I am now convinced he must possess mental toughness. Personally I wish him the best for his future.
  8. Petracca- Light and Easy (Needs to be on it.)
  9. Waking up to a new day and reflecting on yesterday's debacle, regretting the missed opportunity to attract new members to the club because yesterday was the Welcome Game. I know free tickets to the game were being given out in the Chinese communities and perhaps others. Can't see any of them signing up to the MFC after yesterday's performance. As I said, a missed opportunity.
  10. Oh, Melbourne, my Melbourne. You promise so much, but deliver so little. Disappointing day, especially when you have to hear those Portdelade supporters singing that awful song. If there is a wall to be built, I propose there should be one across the Vic/SA border, to keep them out. On the serious side, someone mentioned the reason why Jones dropped that mark was because he looked to see who was in the goal square. He need not have bothered, because Watts had already sprinted down there. I was disappointed by Tommy Mac kicking it to Jones in the first place. He took a mark and should have pretended to be having a shot at goal (he is a forward!) to give time for his team mates to get down there, because Watts was the only one there. Instead he had a brain freeze, played on and passed it to Jones. It was all downhill from there. Watts played well, Melbourne did not, dang it. Also disappointed to see poor Marty Hore standing next to that big galoot Westoff. Hore was smaller and less experienced. Westoff was damaging. Needed May to be on him. I cannot say anymore, too disappointed. I am even disappointed I had to overuse the word disappointed.
  11. This is lovely. I think Goody was genuinely shocked and gladdened by the show of passion and the loudness of the long suffering Melbourne supporters at the Geelong final. Now he wants to give the fans the Premiership they are so hungry for.
  12. I hope it will be at least 40,000. Although watching football in 32 degree heat doesn't seem quite right. Hopefully everybody doesn't head off to the beach! Believe Melbourne supporters are champing at the bit and eager to see the boys in action. It has been a long summer. Too many weeks of mulling over what went wrong in the Prelim and agonizing over what could have been. Time to start a new year full of optimism. A win would be the best start! Hope to see everybody at the MCG tomorrow!
  13. Eddie McGuire said on Fox Footy he sat on that committee (?) and the discussion for 40 minutes was the determination to stamp this sort of thing out. Going on what was said, in his opinion Jones should be gone for a week. So what happened? Didn't Christian get the memo? Oh well. Knew it was going to happen.
  14. No one knows and neither does Fremantle. Doesn't their song go like this? " Heave ho, heave ho, round and round we go, where we stop we do know". At least that's what it sounds like to me every time they play that terrible dirge.
  15. And that's not all! I told him he was too good looking to be playing football. He might get his face messed up. He had a good laugh with us and he speaks well. All round nice guy. ( He won Collingwood's VFL best and fairest award in 2017 and 2018, so hopefully he brings this good form, with further improvement, to our club).
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