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  1. but plays every week & potentially a 200 game player......well and truly in the chocy box!
  2. KK has been in rehab for a number of weeks & has had 1 game for Casey......do you think its great prep for his first AFL game? (considering the obvious lack of fitness & form from some players in the same boat last weekend)
  3. This has been a problem with a lot of players coming into the AFL system......like Charlie Spargo, he has played predominantly as mid for his whole junior career, then all of a sudden, he's thrown into the system as a half forward which is somewhat foreign to him. I can see his benefit as a mid/rover type as he is a very smart little player, but this would be difficult for him to make the transition. ANB the same.....played most of his career as a high pressure inside mid & then the same thing happens......he has to survive as a half forward. I know its an option that we would all take if we had the same opportunities, but unless your an Oliver or Brayshaw, your probably not going to come into the system playing the position you have been or love. ANB plays in the centre when back at Casey......Spargo played rover when back at Casey & I'm sure its the same with others too..... Maybe lets cut these blokes a little slack.
  4. CP 136 metres gained - Salem 741 metres gained....... Love Trac but unbelievable nick......Common! (He averaged 340 metres gained last season.)' Hopefully your right about the shorter pre-season & we will be flying in a few weeks.......
  5. Another med-tall half forward unfortunately wont make any difference, in my opinion.The main issue sits firmly with the mids & to allow the Power over 50 forward 50 entries halfway through the 3rd quarter is a nightmare for any coach. (50 at the completion of a game is somewhat embarrassing!) clearances, rebounds & speed around the footy were the killers.......The early missed opportunities were a momentum killer too.
  6. I agree with Frost being a depth player, but I haven't seen any evidence thus far that suggests that Oscar is a depth player.......the proof will be when Lever returns in the later half of the year when May is also in the side. We all know he's one of Goodwin's fav's so let's not dance around that fact either. He wont be dropped.
  7. I disagree WB. Depth players don't usually play 70 games in there first 4 years & like Oscar or not (& I do) he is here to stay......or at least will Goodwin is coach.
  8. Yeah I agree......also some are quick to critisize Frosty, O'mac & other players who have had very little senior footy for their disposal inefficiency, when the embarrasment from the weekend came from 2 or 3 of our most senior players. Coach has to grow some plums!
  9. Lockhart is also a rookie & can't play seniors
  10. Not sure where your info comes from Gawn, but a mates son (who is a mad demon fan) went out to Casey yesterday & said that the Casey boys, especially the mids, were fantastic. He said Preuss & Keilty were the dominant big men on the ground & Stretch, playing as an inside mid was the dominant mid fielder with 25 -30 touches. He also said that Maynard & Wagner were solid & good contributors. Apparently is was a great win as the Casey boys were kicking into the wind in the last quarter......& he was very complimentary of Jade Rawlings too!
  11. Thanks Drunken, great report...... so in your opinion Dec & Preuss up for selection round 2? Although, I suspect there wont be any changes after Goodwin suggested for all the supporters 'not to overreact'
  12. Thanks D......Someone explain to me why, with the new rule on 'kick outs' why the coach wouldn't have some sort of game plan to utilize the extra distance you can cover, instead of going short & trying to pinpoint players? Watched a few games on the telly this weekend & a lot of teams trying to kick over that HB line to the centreline..... Surely that would have some merit, or is that too obvious?
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