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  1. Think we dodged a bullet getting rid of him.
  2. Didn’t realise they’re playing netball now.
  3. Jack Viney obviously trying to copy my set of biceps.
  4. We seem to have a knack of first year players to the club doing their ACL.
  5. Makes the Fritsch for Watts deal seem sweeter by the day.
  6. Standouts were Jetta, doesn’t miss a tackle and evading skills were impressive. JKH was actually really good, closing fast and hitting targets. Petracca just a bull. Preuss has the strength but lacks the endurance and repeat efforts at this stage. Tmac looking good for another big year. Maynard’s hands are really clean and fast inside. ANB and Salem both looked really sharp and agile.
  7. Thanks. About a dozen in rehab group including Oliver, Viney, lever. May’s hammy not too bad. Starting a practice game now.
  8. First time poster. Just joined today. I’m not there today but my brother moved from Melb to QLD 5 years and loves the Dees. He is at training today. May has a tight hammy and walking laps. The Weid is clunking some very good marks apparently. I’ll keep them coming.
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