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  1. And I'm here from France to watch my one and only game for the year. What a disappointment!
  2. Thanks. I've suffered from that too, but hope to escape its clutches this year.
  3. Thanks. Yes, waste of space.
  4. Sorry, Balls. Who was this? More clues, please.
  5. Really? Max's parents are level headed young men?😁
  6. Surprised to see Melksham in forward pocket in so many of the earlier posts. He is easily our best kick to inside 50. Must be played at half forward, as per Spirit of Norm Smith's team.
  7. Hi DV8. My Melbourne overseas membership gives me the games on the Watch AFL app. It doesn't work within Australia, but I get every match of the season live, or on demand if i choose. Plus all the Fox Footy shows like AFL360 and On The Couch. It's fantastic for expats.
  8. I got up at 6 am to watch. (I'm in Europe) Should have stayed in bed. My observations: Backline let down by mids allowing Brisbane easy forward entries. Forwards competing with each other in marking contests. No real crumbers in forward half. For all his strength and supposed ability, Petracca's disposal is pathetic. Yes, we have Viney, Jones and Melksham to come in. But they haven't had full pre-seasons or proper match practice, so we can't expect too much from them in round 1. I'm to Melbourne for a holiday next week and intend to go the Port game. But I fear we will struggle against them.
  9. DeeSpencer, you've summarised the need perfectly.
  10. Good one, It's Time. No offence meant. "Let alone" is the correct one. At first I thought you might be from NZ... a Kiwi might pronounce let alone as little own.
  11. Salem's disposal is excellent. When thinking disposal, can't help thinking of Dom Tyson. Ever notice how TV commentators would say "normally uses it well" or "exceptional kick" just before Tyson turned it over?
  12. Robbo is a moron with a very poor understanding of the language. Makes me cringe. Imagine how good AFL 360 would be if Gerald had an intelligent and articulate sidekick.
  13. Hi It's Time... Is "little own" similar to "let alone"
  14. If that's ankle deep, he must have enormous boots.
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