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  1. i don't think so. the new rules probably favour strong 1 v 1 players, something Hogan wasn't good at anyway.
  2. yep its remarkable how little info we've received about our pre season from the footy club media department this year full stop. its really gone backwards from previous years and not very good promotion of the club imo. most stories we do get are just lifted from the AFL site anyway.
  3. I disagree, he's already better than Hogan in his intended role. that's why we traded him. Hogan plays more like an oversized half fwd flanker than a key fwd and he's frightened of the big stage. that's why he always gave a poor showing in big games against top teams, and is probably the same reason why he wanted to go to lowly Freo. unlike Weid who plays like key forward, taking contested marks and bringing the ball to ground for the crumbers, and he tore it up on the big stage against good teams when he got his chance.
  4. hope not, we got rid of Hogan for being a Hogan type.
  5. so after watching a couple of pre season games, when it comes to 666, I think teams with the dominant midfield should be able score more easily when on a roll. I mean if a team is dominating from centre bounces, wont coaches just send all their forwards deep inside the F50, then if the opposition defenders man them all up, it will leave a paddock for the mids to run into for an open shot at goal or to even hit up a fast lead. on the other hand if the opposition decide to put some loose guys up on the 50 to pressure the midfielders and stop them running into scoring distance, the midfielders can then just kick long to the top of the square where they have the outnumber. looks a win, win situation for the dominant midfield to me.
  6. we still did better than the Bombers. no one showed up to represent them!
  7. that's a bummer, he's a good little player from what ive seen of him. no doubt he'll be missed.
  8. I think small forwards like Spargo and ANB will benefit when the real stuff starts and team pressure lifts to another level. I doubt either will be dropped for r1 for their supposed lack of pre season form.
  9. it wasn't off the ball at all. the ball was in the immediate area. Berry handpasses a split second before the bump/block.
  10. i doubt we'll refine it before the season starts. our forwards have been getting in each others way for years now and we've continued to do stuff all about it.
  11. I think the neck is considered high though isn't it? Mays shoulder goes right in under his chin into his neck. but if there's no injury to the neck could you say it was medium impact? also we could possibly argue that what else was he supposed to do besides brace for contact, as you cant tackle a bloke without the ball.
  12. For me it has to be Hore. Those other 2 are hopeless in the air.
  13. B-Jetta May Hibberd HB-Hore Frost Salem C-VDB Harmes Fritsch HF-Melk Weid Spargo F-J.Smith TMac Hunt R-Gawn Gus Oliver int- Jones Lewis Petracca ANB I'm a fan of the 2 tall defenders and a mid sized who can play a bit taller, like Hore can. I also prefer Frost for his pace over Oscar. I'd be willing to live with his deficiencies more than Oscars, but I also concede that they will likely stick with Oscar. same for the forward line. 2 talls in Weid and TMac, plus the mid sized Smith who adds a bit of a mismatch with his pace and leap. didn't mind the look of Hunt up forward yesterday. leads straight and fast, which draws the eye for the ball carrier, and that should only help our inside 50 delivery. also his pace would make defenders nervous and we need him as another defensive forward option as teams have been strolling out of our F50 far too easily. i'd play Spargo up the ground a bit further where he can use his smarts and skills more, and Hunt closer to goal, where he doesn't have to. Stretch is no good. turns it over, can only run in straight lines and is slow to take the game on. not what you need from your winger. he is depth only. I don't think Viney will be there for R1. sounds like an injury setback for him when he was cutting it tight as it was. hopefully i'm wrong, but I also don't want them to take any unnecessary risks with him either. he's too important.
  14. gimme JKH over Maynard any day. now that bloke is what you call a list clogger.
  15. please don't quote me, so I don't have to read through this sort of dribble, only to find there was no point to any of it.
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