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  1. Oscar is a better lock down defender, and suits May and Lever’s natural dash and intercept marking
  2. Dees finish 4th, lose to Pies in qualifying final, beat the Crows in a home semi but lose again to Tigers in a Prelim... Oliver wins his 2nd BnF and All Australian blazer Garlett the biggest surprise, kicking 30+ goals in a welcome return Salem becomes a genuine star Thank god for Preuss, as Maxy only plays 14 games due to injury Neitschke the best of the rookies Oscar plays more than Frost, making a great defensive combo with May We beat Sydney twice, as the Swans struggle into a bottom 6 team ANB finishes Top 5 in BnF, and joins the leadership group by 2020 to support sole captain Viney Dees play in a drawn game, which costs us a Top 2 finish. Maybe against Eagles in Alice Springs Spargo becomes very handy as he pushes into a midfield role
  3. KK16

    Champion Data: 6 Players in Top 100

    Player ratings take into account the last 40 games of a player. So Brayshaw’s concussion year of 2017 is still factored in. It’s why he is bound to be pushing top 50 next year
  4. KK16

    Champion Data: 6 Players in Top 100

    With Viney at 134, Brayshaw 166 and my boy KK all coming back from injury, we will have at least 9 by end of 2019