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  1. 58er

    AFLW: Rd 3 vs Brisbane

    Can't Im sorry but am in Melb fir a week. Girls can win and start to bear all rivals. GDees
  2. 58er

    Sam Weideman

    Figures don't lie and we just couldn't get our forward line working vs top sides with Jesse as spearhead. Loved Jesse but Sam is a great kick for goal is a natural player with no worries and external pressures to sidetrack his performance. Watson is right the week after Joges went down we solved it sndcgur the next 6 weeks started our run and looked like the team we all want the Dees to be. OnwRds and upwards with Sam have no doubts he will succeed.
  3. 58er

    Sam Weideman

    Sorry Wrecker you are not on the money with that opinion. Sam's field marking has been one grab in R23 and the two MCG Finals. Last goal vs Geelong was as clean a mark and follow through kick off his left foot as you will see. Jesse was not always a one grab and I think Sam is as good and will be better overhead in the near future. Cant wait to see him keep improving all aspects of his game. Kicking for goal is elite by the way.
  4. 58er

    The Co-Captaincy?

    While JV Maxie And Nev are all good choices for either Capt and VC let's please not wipe off or forget Jonesy's CV. Hasn't done much wrong in the captaincy stakes that I can think of only query is will he be in our best 22 all season? Lets leave it as is as the team will always be selected by form, even if it does produce the potential tough decision/s. Also reckon Tommy Mac has come from behind in the last 2 years to push his leadership Claims, following on his leadership group role in 2017. One for the future. PS Lever and May aren't bad prospects either!
  5. 58er

    The Co-Captaincy?

    Who's Jordan Peterson ? Toms got 3 more years on his contract Both he and Gawny May have their time in the next few years.
  6. 58er

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    Well put Saty Whatever the rehab result and preparation issues or not with some players I have no doubt that first 22 for Mar 23 vs Power will still be an awesome team ready to embrace the challenge in front of us in 2019. Go Dees
  7. 58er

    Sam Weideman

    Big futuregir Sam Love his commitment skills awareness of Team responsibility and faith in the Club. Big year for Sam 35/50 goals. Like any Dees fan will never forget that Elim Final and the super performance from all and Sam's bog. Breakout last few games in 2018.
  8. 58er

    Demon Legends

    On the Galahs photo the player to the right of him is Barry Davis of Essendon a tough and skilful half back.
  9. 58er

    Gus on the Telly (11/2/19)

    Gus will only get better with disposal and skill this year. Great story of faith and ability.
  10. 58er

    Contract Extension Looms for Goodwin

    MurDoc516 are you talking abiut Buckley? Can't say that with Goody as he was assistant in past at Dons and under Roosy. Melb were happy with him in that role. This sounds like the role Carlton have with Bolton. Believe if Goody is happy then go with it but a term gives some relativity to all Football Club decisions. ztjinkk 3/4 years would be fine to add as I expect us to contend until st least 2024/5 looking at list age group and potential A graders on our list st present. Goody is the right bloke with help to nurture and succeed with the talent at his disposal and not only get that elusive snd much waited for 23 th but perhaps a dynasty like Hawks or Cats.
  11. Don't think Maynard would be fit enough based on his workload last Sat at Camp Mdore. But good team minus an engine room and May plusTom Mac.
  12. 58er

    Tickets for the JLT Series

    Re the sellout I went to the bookin link and it stated that tickets were all sold. Perhaps a call to the Club would be best to get advice. Yes It is not really feasible that the whole ground is sold out but no way either will they get 12,000 in at Casey based on previous crowds of say 6,000. Ground will have a safety net of say 8,000 or similar I imagine and then say Sold Out. As I live in Qld won't be in town that weekend so no real problem for me but hope the game is worthy of a sellout with both Clubs treating it with seriousness.
  13. 58er

    Tickets for the JLT Series

    So much for tickets to a practice game dl4e! Melb vs Brisbane has sold out !!! That Old Melb history of being able to turn up on the night or day and get a seat is a part tiingnif the past. Can I suggest that the Blockbuster Anzac Eve vs Tigers and Queens Birthday vs Pies games be treated with greater urgency if you want seats in specific locations in the ground. in other words start getting your act together as both will be 80,000 plus I imagine! Our home game vs Bombers in Round 3 is also another get your ticket if you aren't a member or get there early.anyway. Cheers and here's to three great games in anticipation. oh and let's not forget JLT on Mar 3. Great TV viewing on Fox!!!
  14. I agree the coverage of The Camp in 2019 especially Saturdays wonderful open Day has been somewhat underwhelming. What has happened to Burgo? No longer with us ? Did I mess an email? A fantastic turnout of Dees Qld fans and really those who went would not be disappointed. Players were great and couldn't do enough to sign be photographed and talk to all ages and embrace this opportunity to meet new fans no doubt to this opportunity. Just a few photos and some summary would be great to let our fans elsewhere in Aust and beyond to show how hard they are training to get 2019 to a new level and be the team we believe and want to be the best they can be. Otherwise all going well and rehab group will feature in the JLT. Trust our medicos and decision makers. We have learnt the hard way with Vines in 2017!! My summary of Sat Open day in Maroochydore is somehow in the section headed "How our recruits are shaping up" No doubt due to my lack of technology expertise. Go Dees !!