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  1. Alex Flood

    Round 1 team 2019

    After watching the scratch match against Collingwood (not taking it too seriously) but I think Pruess is in for a big year playing a Mason Cox type of role. Dude used to be a forward so it’s not like he’s unfamiliar with the role & has a cannon of a boot on him. He’s also got a pretty good mark & is actually deceptively quicker than he looks. i just think having the 3 talls of Pruess, TMac & Weideman is a good idea because it puts less pressure on each of them. That with Petracca, Melksham & Spargo/Garlett/ANB/Fritsh will make us unstoppable up forward.
  2. Alex Flood

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    So with May on board, who do we think should take the CHB position, OMac or Frost ?
  3. So now with May on board, who do we think should take the CHB role, OMac or Frost ?
  4. Alex Flood

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    So as someone who doesn’t regularly check up on this page, at the moment what is the likelihood that that Hogan-May trade gets done ?
  5. Alex Flood


    Similar attributes to Gawny so if we can get him on the program that Gawn’s on he will be a beast ! Not saying he can’t kick goals or mark but we really need to work on those attributes so he can be more than just “Gawns back up”. He could become a dangerous tall up forward with TMac & Weids while being a very handy option to Max Gawn in the ruck when Gawn has a rest or plays up back/forward. If he followed a similar trajectory to Mason Cox when playing forward we will be unstoppable next year.
  6. Alex Flood

    Harley Bennell

    yeah no thanks ....
  7. Alex Flood

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Just a quick one fellas ? Do we have enough room to keep Hogan while picking up May ?
  8. Alex Flood

    Go and get Gaff!

    I’m actually happy he’s staying, you add him, a fit Naitanui & we somehow manage to get May while keeping Hogan & you’ve got a blockbuster between the two of us for next years grand final.
  9. Alex Flood

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    Looking forward to 2019, will be a damn good year if both the Demons & Celtics win it next year.
  10. Alex Flood

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    Sorry mate, only been a supporter for a couple of years so really don’t know how TMac goes down back. From what I’ve seen up forward I thought he’d go alright up back. I’m guess OMac goes better than his brother down back ?
  11. Alex Flood

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    Obviously these trades have to take place for this too work (Don’t know how it will work but this team keeps Hoges while picking up May.) Mind you this is when everyone is fit & if Kolodjashnij reaches his potential without injury. Lever May Hibberd Kolodjashnij TMac Salem Harmes Oliver Fritsch Gawn Viney Brayshaw Petracca Hogan Jones Pruess Weidman Melksham Reserves - Spargo Jetta Stretch ANB/Hannan