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  1. These threads are much more enjoyable when we win I have to admit .
  2. Off to the tweed 2mozza for a tissot for my 40th present. Will have the scarf out the window
  3. Geez I loved tracc tonight ex his 3-4 crud kicks to hawkers. But man apart from that he was. .... wait for it ... EPIC NEV - BOG?
  5. He has had 3-4 kicks into the fwd line where we could punish them and he kicked them DIRECTLY to hawthorn note: he has done some great stuff but see above
  6. Just the one I think 2nd qr where he mounted the hawks player as if a crocodile and death rolled him
  7. Petracca and fwd entry is doing my head in wheres the irrational game day thread please
  8. Jeez the notion we will just romp it in now JoM and ol mullet statton are out is just frightening
  9. No change hunt no thanks garlett? I'll literally spew
  10. Hey cunyards how bout this dees song then do a lagwagon cover for fun sorry Barwon club flashbacks
  11. If a boy I have plans you will be pleasantly surprised stay tuned
  12. Yes this verbal diahorrhea about the free on the boundary against Selwood when Hawkins was IFOG "we'll never know " is unecessary vacillation
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