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  1. Watson11

    Peak - End Effect

    Geelong final was number 1 for me. A combination of the unbelievable support there is for the MFC and the players just being brutal in the contest which is what they stand for. The first 30 minutes was the perfect package. The crowd in the last quarter was unbelievable. The Adelaide 3rd quarter the second time we played them. We were under the pump that day and completely outplayed for almost 3 quarters but hung in there. Then blew away a very good football teams season in 15 minutes of unbelievable play. That was the first time I thought this group will be going places, especially coming after the Geelong debacle. Low-light was obviously Saturday. First time all season where at half time we had no chance of coming back.
  2. Watson11

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    Hopefully drive them to beat the WC 2006 contested possession differential record next year.
  3. Watson11

    Must address in pre-season

    Must get Oliver's shoulders 100% over pre-season. Bl#%#%dy hell. Double shoulder reco.
  4. Watson11

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    Yep and it's inexplicable and the club needs to understand and review what happened during preparation etc I totally agree. I really think there is nothing Max could say but overall the article expressed how bitterly disappointed he was. But if I looked at the 8 this year, I though only Collingwood and Geelong were capable of smashing us in contested possession. I think that is what Max was expressing. He was expecting Melbourne to do that to West Coast, and after 10 minutes we lost all composure.
  5. Watson11

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    MFC is now a different group. Different board, management, coaches, players. They understand the history but don't have to be weighed down by it. I'm old enough to have seen dozens of mistakes on live TV by the way....
  6. Watson11

    How does the draw work

    Of the top 6 I would be happy playing Haw and WCE twice. Although not happy if WCE is an NT game. Prefer Syd twice over Geelong, NM, Adelaide, Port or Essendon. BL twice would be unlucky....
  7. Watson11

    Must address in pre-season

    I can see a lot of internal improvement from the current list over the pre-season and into next season. Wied - A few more kg of muscle and a bigger tank and he'll be even better than the last 5 weeks. Gawn - We just need backup so he is not spent at the end of September. Viney - A full season to get back on track. Oliver - Bit more upper body strength if he needs it. For our team balance does he need to develop into an elite outside mid. Would be far more damaging than Jones and has the speed and skills. Jones - Won't get better but I'd like to see him playing in his natural position which is as an inside mid. He is still best 22 but perhaps not when on a wing. Brayshaw - Should become more composed by foot with more experience next year. AVB - Improve composure by foot with more game time. He has been good considering 2 years out. ANB - Improve disposal with experience. Lever - Will make a huge difference when fit. Hogan - Only thing he needs to work on is inside 50 pressure when he doesn't have it. Is not as bad as some posters claim, but not in Kennedy or Buddy's league . Hopefully he will learn that pressure results in turnovers that results in easy goals sometimes to him. Harmes - A full season like his last 8 weeks. Spargo - Strength and endurance will improve with another full pre-season. Frost/OMac/Smith - All will improve again. Salem - Another year building on this years. Will benefit with Lever down back. Jetta - Same again please. I could go on. Game plan wise, not much to change. Just need to improve execution and execute for longer over games. The two main things to tinker are better quality inside 50s, and improve further on shutting down rebounds out of our forward 50.
  8. Watson11

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    I'm sure they will. Tired, over-confident, complacent, happy with year, who knows. All I know is they haven't lost contested ball all year, were smashed at it, and unlike Hawthorn the week before WC made them pay big time.
  9. Watson11

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    There are so many small things that can lead to a debacle like Saturday in hindsight. I suspect Max had to fill some news and didn't know what to write.
  10. Watson11

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    We didn't execute our gameplan. Coaches tried to mix it up when things started going badly. Our gameplan is not to lose contested possession and not tackle. That's what happened and who knows why. Coaches tried everything, including throwing TMac back in the first quarter to stop the onslaught.
  11. Totally true. But for the optimists plenty of sides have been humiliated in a final and recovered. Just a couple of examples. 2009 prelim. Geelong 17.18 v Pies 6.11. Pies won 2010. 2000 semi. Carlton 23.12 v Brisbane 10.9. Brisbane won next 3 flags.
  12. Ken Hinkley f%$&'d up the Port culture the year after their great run in 2014. He decided to put a senior individual player (Kane Cornes) before the team and the club, defended the decision to the hilt, and Port have been a shadow since. The tough decision for us will be knowing when Jones is no longer best 22 and handling it in the best interests of the club. I don't think it will be a factor in 2019. Clarkson does it better than anyone and Hawthorn tend to over-achieve because of the culture he has built, unlike Port who have been consistent under-achievers for 4 years. Goody also appears to be prepared to make tough calls (ie Watts).
  13. I'd be happy with a premiership in 2 years and 3 in 6 years but not missing finals next year!
  14. Watson11

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    Considering the ball only went inside our 50 about 7 times in the first 1 1/2 quarters it was irrelevant. Nearly all the scores came from turnovers. Halfway through Q2 WC had scored 50 points from turnovers out of the 57 points they had scored. And the ball spent most of that time in their forward 50.
  15. Watson11

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    Agree it is important and will burn a hole in their thinking but more important is what got them there. The score resulted from -15 contested possession at half time, only 17 tackles in the first half, and eagles scoring something like 56 points out of 69 points from turnovers to half time etc. For a side that prides itself on contested ball (No 1), pressure (No 1 in last 4 weeks before prelim), tackling (No 1) they will have a lot to motivate them over pre-season. But as Neale D would say about next year, it's not about what you say it's about what you do so I'm looking forward to what they do in 2019.