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  1. Graeme Yeats' Mullet

    Changes v GWS Giants

    I heard something like 10k of those Richmond membership signed up late season also (i.e. for Finals ticket priority - whatever that's worth when 100k have priority) Give us 2-3 successful years I think 60k will be surpassed
  2. Graeme Yeats' Mullet

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 23

    This is a really interesting point. We get rebounded against like a sling shot quite often. On the weekend against WCE Final Qrt 11:30 remaining, Spargo had a free kick from OOB on full 45m out in LHD fwd pocket. He centred to a contest 20m out, ball bounced off hands to wCE amd they ran the length of the ground without us getting near them until Hibberd in the back pocket. This for me is an example of the above and I see it often. We press hard forward but often good teams break out the far side easily and are away
  3. Graeme Yeats' Mullet

    Waleed to the rescue.....

    The whole rule change debacle is a complete circus. Gill and Steve trying to make their mark on the game. People's panel consulting is just an attempt to find ex-ante support for unnecessary changes. The last 8-10 weeks of footy has been great. They should keep their grubby mits off our game! Why? Because the umps have thrown the ball up quicker, and been (a bit) better making decisions (including winding back interpretation of stupid recent rule changes) How successful have recent changes been? - Ruck nominations - confusing debacle - 10m protected area 50m penalties - blight on the game (umps now directed to largely ignore) - pay head high free kicks at any chance - duckers and floppers like Selwood, Puopolo and a host of others leading with head to be rewarded cheap frees - Deliberate OOB or not trying hard enough to keep in or whatever the rule is - who the hell knows what's going on here? - Deliberate rushed behind - idiotic response to one games tactics There's probably more... As someone else posted - Solutions looking for problems!
  4. Graeme Yeats' Mullet

    Sam Weideman

    Yes RJ I acknowledged his outperformance of my expectations earlier in this thread #354 I think it was a promising performance, showed a bit in the contests, but disposal and sticking marks needs improvement.
  5. Graeme Yeats' Mullet

    Was the win against West Coast rigged?

    I think it is pretty obvious that the umpires were specifically directed to not get sucked in by the crowd noise given recent form To round 14 the Free Kick count for WCE at home was 183-117 (156%) including RD1 losing the count to Syd by 8. Since then it is 93-76 (122%) Also, would love to see the stats on 50m penalties for encroaching on protected area - thos rule was 'changed' after the appalling Harmes free kick a month ago. It must have dropped 80% or more.
  6. Graeme Yeats' Mullet

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Apologies if this has benn covered today, but We only really have Jack Viney and Joel Smith who become available from here on in, Hunt at a stretch We have Garlett, JKH, Pedersen, Wagner, Tim Smith ... blah blah blah for depth Who is left out of our 'Best Available' 22 come finals? For me it comes down to Spargo / Tyson for Viney depending on match ups AND Fritsch for Joel Smith Any further bids... ?
  7. Graeme Yeats' Mullet

    Changes v GWS Giants

    Just before he grabbed at it, he backed into a marking contest as the ball was kicked out of defensive 50. Copped a knee in the back of the leg I was hoping at the time this was the case
  8. Graeme Yeats' Mullet

    The Ox reaction to yesterday's win!

    This is pure Gold! Exactly what what happened at my place, I almost squashed my four year old. The Kent goal turned the nervous shivers into jubilation 👹
  9. Graeme Yeats' Mullet

    Gerard Whately is a Moron

    Been listening The supporters phoning in are taking a bit of a victory lap Settle down people! It's only the beggining
  10. Graeme Yeats' Mullet


    I can't put my finger on it.... But, there is a subtle change in tone on this forum compared with last Monday. Any thoughts?
  11. Graeme Yeats' Mullet

    Sam Weideman

    Pass mark - outperforming my expectations Overs in the contested/effort which was pleasing Unders in the disposals and would like to see a high percentage of grabs stick I think he'll take a lot of confidence from the game, well done!
  12. Graeme Yeats' Mullet


    Dead rubber I'll be in Qld !
  13. Graeme Yeats' Mullet


    If Hawks win and we beat GWS then we're at home vs the Cats 3rd time lucky!
  14. Graeme Yeats' Mullet


    Yeah, as good as! "Did we win" ?!
  15. Graeme Yeats' Mullet


    Btw - I'm not sure i said how happy I was with the 5 changes in the side today!! 🤣