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  1. Megatron

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    What dippy is saying is that pick 65 is the deal we got for Kent. We then on traded that in the hogan deal.
  2. Megatron

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I think you’re reading too much into it.
  3. Megatron

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    So u think losing Hogan and pick 65 for May, KK and pick 23 is a bad deal?
  4. Megatron

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Haha I understand but some of the things that are being said are comical. I have total trust in Mahoney and the footy dept. They will get the best possible deal done.
  5. Megatron

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Can everyone pls calm down ffs
  6. Megatron

    Farewell Dom Tyson

    Sam Edmond on SEN just said it.
  7. Megatron

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    All I’m saying is that today’s performance or lack thereof was more physiological than about leadership. You cant tell me that leadership was lacking in the first two finals?
  8. Megatron

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    History also shows we don’t make finals, but we did. Things are different with this group. This group has stood up a lot this year and in particularly the last month. Just look at Richmond. Would u say before last night that they had leadership issues?
  9. Megatron

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    I thought last night gave it a nudge. Today wasn’t a good performance but You have to look at the season holistically. The occasion got to them. There’s that, plus the emotion over the last 2-3 weeks. Eventually it’ll wear you down. Then you look at our age profile. We have a bunch of young guns who are only 20, 21, 22 y/o. We do need to look at someone with class but we are going to have a period of success in the next few years.
  10. Megatron

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    Yep that’s what happens over there. Lewis pokes Ryan who drops quicker than a $2 hooker and gets a free.
  11. Megatron

    Finals Tickets

    And for AFL members, tickets for the Pies v Giants game go on sale at the same time. Hoping we don’t have the same issue as last week, but I’m expecting the Ticketek server to crash again.
  12. Megatron

    MFC list changes 2018

    I did hear that he’s been in discussions with Carlton. That was last weekend. Makes sense if he wants to get games.
  13. Megatron

    Finals Tickets

    Yeah I know. I had to bite my tongue. Not a problem TSD. Happy to help a fellow member haha