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  1. drysdale demon


    And this belongs on this forum site because......................
  2. drysdale demon

    Gaming - we are out!

    Governments. Wouldn't have thought that needed explaining.
  3. drysdale demon

    Gaming - we are out!

    Poker machines are a curse to society and the sooner they get rid of them the better off society will be.
  4. drysdale demon

    Gary Pert?

    Reports do not mean they are factual.
  5. drysdale demon

    Tom Campbell

    Obviously and rightly so, the footy dept. disagree.
  6. drysdale demon

    Tom Campbell

    You are obviously the leader and only member of the Tom Campbell fan club
  7. drysdale demon

    Contract Extension Looms for Goodwin

    The critics of Goodwin in the other thread were only the hysterical type supporters who have no idea of how to build a successful team or groom individuals to perform at their best for a sustained period of time.If anyone also thinks there will not be hiccups along the way over the next few years also has no understanding of this. Goodwin deserves a contract extension of at least 3 years, I would offer 5 if it were my decision.
  8. drysdale demon

    Tom Campbell

    That's okay, you just keep yourself in a flap about it until the list is to your liking, I have better things to do. As far as casey is concerned there is nothing stopping from recruiting a ruckman.
  9. drysdale demon

    Tom Campbell

    I am quite sure they are aware injuries or poor form could happen to the areas you mention, but it could also happen to the midfield, backline or small forwards or a combination off the lot. They have a very balanced list at the moment and like every other club will do,hope like hell injuries don't spoil the party.
  10. drysdale demon

    Tom Campbell

    Sh*t happens
  11. drysdale demon

    Tom Campbell

    That is only your opinion, i will trust the opinions of the people running the football department.
  12. drysdale demon

    Casey Demons: 2019

    It is most likely he did not want to stay just to play with Casey and Bernie probably won't want to do it either. There is no chance in hell that Trengove would even think about coming back.
  13. drysdale demon

    This Earth - as WE KNOW IT

    Shouldn't this topi be in general discussion and not the football section.
  14. I take it your questions would be pretty similar to Kingdingaling's
  15. You must be pretty smart to think of that, why aren't you doing Josh's job.