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  1. Why are you confused, it is obvious Collingwood don't have enough players with leadership quality, they are scraping the barrel a bit with Howe but who cares anyway.
  2. It Is based on intelligence, not spelling, any fool can spell correctli.
  3. Off course it was I am the President of Mensa Australia.
  4. Just a typical garbage post by you.
  5. is your name Billy Or Silly, the latter appears more appropriate.
  6. After reading this, I am convinced you have no idea about training athletes regardless of what sport they are in.
  7. He works at Matchworks Geelong as a job provider
  8. Yeah sure, I bet you know the winning tattslotto numbers every saturday night as well
  9. His replacement might be at the club already.
  10. It is obvious most people do not realize the amount of time it takes to get one person to the elite level of their sport let alone an entire team, at the moment the mfc are light years ahead of where they were prior to Misson joining the club. Injuries will always occur.
  11. Did you stand on a soapbox when you posted that?
  12. Yeah, real great contributions
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