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  1. kevin martin


    Agree Wiseblood and I think we are capable, especially when our confidence is high. That 3rd quarter last week. We can take teams apart for short periods. Hope we can bring it for the entire game, control the momentum, defend when they have it and put goals on when we get it. We have some opportunities to get those scalps in the next 5-6 weeks.
  2. kevin martin


    Last year we were a less mature team and didn't deserve to be in finals after the North loss and the Collingwood one. This year we are stronger. Are you sure none of the coaching staff would fire a few of them up with what the media say? The ego of these young men can be manipulated in order to drive them to be better players. The fact remains, "we have not beaten one team in the current eight ", this I don't dispute. I do dispute the relevance of the statement. At the start of the season the narrative of the many is, it is an even competition. I believe this and any team can beat another on any given day. Alot comes down to the mystery of sport. It is why I watch. To suggest bottom 10 is useless buys into the myth of best. Often the psychological effect of being a winning team or losing/winning close games or smashing or being smashed, has its effect. This I believe is what determines top teams, not necessarily there skills. It is in their heads except for a few champions/elites. We also haven't played many of the "top teams". Playing these stronger teams gives us a learning curves and can drive us to be better next time.
  3. kevin martin


    The media has bashed us for a while now. The labels of "flat track" and not beating a top team have been used. Goody could have plenty of motivational stuff to get them going hard. I hope he has set the team up to hurt the cats and show them the way down the ladder. Time for us to stand up, I would be disappointed if we don't roll them or at least give it all from the first bounce.
  4. kevin martin

    Casey Demons v Geelong VFL - Round 16

    At wednesdays training he was in the rehab group. Must have a 'niggle'.
  5. kevin martin

    Casey Demons v Geelong VFL - Round 16

    Has Harry Petty been rested due to his mauling at AFL level and not doing well when he returned to VFL? Gee, his bubble has been blown. Hopefully back to best next week.
  6. kevin martin


    He was looking good at training. No fumbling, players falling off when they tackled, hitting targets. Want him to take the next step. I think he is working hard to get there. Tracca for a blinder against the old stars.
  7. kevin martin

    Club to Assess Training Program

    Next to our ground at Goschs the victory train. Before they train they turn on the sprinklers. These are the pop up/integrated watering systems (just need the tap turned on and off). My guess is because they play through the warmer months they do this to soften the turf. Their fields are also immaculately groomed. Makes me wonder why the stronger professional league, AFL doesn't get premium care by the managers of the paddock.
  8. kevin martin


    At wednesdays training he was in the rehab group doing light duties. He joined the main group for awhile but did not engage in contact work. The injury is probably genuine.
  9. kevin martin


    Great to see Dom back in. We will learn alot about his desire. Hopefully no clangers. With Viney gone we need him getting his hands on it at the contest. Jeffy also has a bit to prove, 2 to 4 goals please. Going by positional changes, Bernie will be a stopper in the midfield rotating with Harmes. Still want to see Joel Smith take some 'hangers'.
  10. kevin martin

    Training - Wednesday, 18 July 2018

    The morning brisk and a little windy, with beautiful blue skies. It was a much harder session then the other ones I've seen. Strength in the tackle and hard running. In rehab was Mitch King, Dion Johnstone, Tim Smith and Jayden Hunt with light duties being Mitch Hannan and Neville Jetta. Neville and Hannan rejoined the main group. After initial warm up, group spilt into positional groups: Fwds included Sam Wiedeman, Dean Kent, Harley Balic, Jay Kennedy-Harris, Charlie Spargo, Aaron vandenBerg. Backs included Cam Pederson, Pat Mckenna, Joel Smith. Mids included Christian Petracca, James Harmes, Dom Tyson, Oscar Baker, Bailey Fritsch. They didn't stay long in these groups and moved to simulations fairly quickly. The first simulations had no talls. Again using lateral movements to find a corridor. They were intercepting the ball and filling space in front of the receiver. There was plenty of talk about positional structures. The talls were drilling contested marking (strength and holding ground) and low ball gathering. They broke again into skill drills and back to simulations. Simulations seemed to include the squad for the weekend. Included were Bernie Vince, Joel Smith, Dom Tyson, Josh Wagner, Jay Kennedy-Harris, Neville Jetta but not Mitch Hannan. They were hard at it with medium strength tackling and contests. Plenty of talk and encouragement was heard. Nathan Jones, Christian Petracca and Angus Brayshaw had 50 and 75 meter sprints under fitness coach who worked them hard. Bernie Vince and Jordan Lewis drilled in kicking to leads after rolling away from mark. I didn't notice the Michael Hibberd incident.
  11. kevin martin

    There is a role for Bugg

    He has big engine and is very determined. After his suspension for the brain fade he has come back showing less harassment. That aggression seems to be channelled into him being more of a leader. Would love to see him get back to his nasty best. Till that happens we shouldn't play him. I love it when he is a pest.
  12. kevin martin

    My 3 word player analysis V Bulldogs

    Saw a play from the centre bounce and I think in the 3rd quarter run. JHK came in from the southern wing and collected the ball cleanly and with fast hands handballed it to a MFC player who called for it. He also made a fast handball as was under the pump and hit a free player ending in a 50 entry. Beautiful hands, quick and clean, beat his opponent to the contested ball, listened to teammate and kept our run going. Can't remember who the other Dee players were. Must be other plays as well but I liked his participation in this attack.
  13. kevin martin

    Changes vs Geelong

    On second thoughts, no changes. Balic carrying the flu and didn't play at Casey not fit for the big show. Joel Smith's injury sets him back, so don't want him in as he is only just performing at AFL. Give him a bit more time at Casey. At least Vince has experience, courage, can read the play and able to close a player down. Hannan still a possible out but I can't see who comes in.
  14. kevin martin

    Changes vs Geelong

    Unsure about Hannan's game, involvement and decision making. Can Harley Balic get a run, a mature head who is an outside runner? Could bring Joel Smith in. Get him settled so he can play a bit more of his natural game and start taking some marks. Out: Hannan, Vince In: Balic, Smith
  15. kevin martin


    Is Dom Done, given he could have been the obvious in to replace Viney. Well done Harmes, closed McCrea down. Gee some of our kicking to leads in the first half was bad. Spargo saw it flying over his head a few times when on a lead in the 50. He is finding meters off his opponent. Jesse is a confidence player. Couldn’t stick it till a free kick brought him into the game. Always attracts numerous opposition players to him. Good to see our crumbers come into the game in the second half. Max found himself isolated a few times. He should always have a crumber at his feet. Hibbs and Jetts not up to their usual standards of late. Oscar has a great fist and works closely off the shoulder of his opponent. Jordans turnovers, has to be able to see opposition players not just our own. Oliver's intentional plays often look like errors. Amazing footy brain, so creative. Very well rounded footballer, hard to stop. Angus's side steps and run through traffic, great. Max so consistently good. Doing it all over the field. Sticking marks as well. I thought Jesse was going to have the great hands. Fritsch thinks it through well, always does the right thing. Can't wait to see Petracca dominate, I want him to take the next step. I wonder if Bernie, Hannan and JKH did enough. Is Jones Ok, his kicking was usually his strength, it has been off in a few games this year. Love it when Melbourne control the ball and the opponents can't get a touch. Beautiful third quarter. Good coaching, able to change style throughout the game, good adjustments.