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  1. KLV

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    iselect aren’t renewing, hopefully new sponsor announcement soon
  2. KLV

    2019 Fixture

    The 17 round draw assumes blindness to advantages; simply, every team plays every other once, and alternates hosting at home ground on a year on year basis Like the old days
  3. KLV


    We’ve had the Demon flag at half mast since we heard. He and J Watts visited our critically ill son at RCH, had respect and admiration for them both since then. Rest easily Col.
  4. KLV

    2019 Fixture

    As Garry Lyon apparently said, time for the afl to grow up and do the 17 round draw. Wont happen though, afl not likely to stomach the revenue loss, nor have the courage to do what is right
  5. KLV

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Nor do I
  6. KLV

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Hogan IS NOT A FREE AGENT NEXT YEAR sorry to shout, but haven’t we gone through that several thousand times?
  7. KLV

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Of course, isn’t that the only way?
  8. KLV

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Don’t mind a teddy bear smothered with butter, yummmm
  9. KLV

    Rumour File

    Why would Sydney do that?
  10. KLV

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Bit off topic I know, but I’m no fan of Geelong these days, but I think they are entitled to play hardball with kelly. Funny he’s so desperate to go home but is only interested in WCE. Disingenuous.
  11. KLV

    Pull the trigger? ... 2018 Edition

    Geelong viewpoint - Would you trade Tim Kelly and Pick 11 for Pick 7 and Pick 15? Yes Carlton or Adelaide viewpoint - Would you trade Pick 1 for Pick 4 and McGovern? Yes Port Adelaide viewpoint - Would you trade Pick 9 and Pick 10 for Pick 5 and Fremantle’s 2019 2nd rounder? Don't know Melbourne viewpoint - Would you trade Hogan for May and Pick 10? Yes GWS viewpoint - Would you trade Lobb for Pick 11? Don't know GWS or Carlton viewpoint - Would you trade Pick 4 and 2019 1st rounder for Shiel? No Gold Coast viewpoint - Would you accept Pick 9 for May? Hope so
  12. KLV

    Leaving Perth

    This is what I was told too. Say we’ll done from me too! They will be shattered.
  13. KLV

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    I think that is extremely ambitious
  14. KLV

    Who's going to Perth?

    We’re going and we’ll be loud! Goody convinced me! (Costing a small fortune- bought a package) Where’s a good pub for post game celebration (hopefully)? Also to watch the game on Friday night?
  15. KLV

    Ben Cousins arrested on drug charges

    I listened to the podcast on the way to work this morning, could not believe it when she talked about Jim’s statue and compared Melbourne’s tanking episode with essendon’s injecting program. It undid anything complimentary she said about us getting over the huge hurdle of Sunday. Just shows she takes it all very personally, can’t let it go, and must have really hated Cameron shwab’s guts. anyway at the end of the day, she the one that looks the fool - bitter and mean spirited