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  1. His win loss ratio is also in positive for his first year as coach. By comparison Hardwick only broke into the positive after 2017. If he was a Peter Rhodes or a Mark Neeld, this thread would be justified. But otherwise, he needs another year at least.
  2. God, what a trash article from the Age. Don't get me wrong, it was an appalling, frustrating game but if you can survive 186 points and call yourself a Melbourne supporter you can survive Sunday.
  3. I blame Rawlings leaving as a backline coach and being replaced by Troy Chaplin as a 'defensive co-ordinator'.
  4. Richmond? What credibility? They'd lost 3 elimination finals in a row against teams they should have beaten (including a team that finished 9th), had a dreadful 2016 and were in off field turmoil at season's end. There was a lot of discussion heading into 2017 about how re-signing Hardwick was a disastrous decision. Sure, he turned it around and won a premiership, but let's not pretend Richmond had stacks of credibility heading into 2017. Freo have even less credibility. 3 wins in 7 finals since Lyon took over. Lyon himself has only had a draw from 4 grand finals. I'll give you the other two have more credibility. And it was a terrible, terrible result Sunday. But [censored] happens.
  5. 2014 - Geelong lose to Sydney by 110 points, make the 8. 2015 - Fremantle lose to Port and Hawthorn by 60+ points, are minor premiers 2016 - Hawthorn lose to GWS by 75 points, make the 8. 2017 - Richmond lose to Adelaide and St Kilda by 80 and 67 points, are premiers. Calm your farm.
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