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    High Flying Shaun Smith

    It was the last round of 95 on a Friday night and the winner made the finals. The stand was being re-built hence stuff all in the background. Despite Smith's mark we lost and Brisbane's first finals appearance occurred a week later! We finished 9th after capitulating late in the year culminating with that loss, pretty much like 2017!!
  2. Spud

    Aaron Davey/Maroochydore Training Camp

    He was the "shooter" who pretended to shoot clay targets every time he kicked a goal. Pretty good player, bit of a [censored]!
  3. Spud

    Random MFC encounters

    I was at the Depot in Richmond on a Thursday night in 2002 and ran into Godfrey with his mates. I asked if he was playing on the weekend and I think he freaked he'd been recognised out on the town before a game as there was pretty much no one else there. He proceeded to shout a few drinks for my mate and I. Awesome bloke, haha. BTW, yes he was playing on the Sunday!!! Different times I guess. I wasn't in the greatest shape to work the next day or play on the Saturday myself after the session from memory!
  4. Spud

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    Can we simply change Corey for Josh? think they'd find out if we crossed out Josh on the forms and wrote Corey above it in Crayon? Unbelievable that Corey Wagner got delisted by North and yet Josh seems impossible to rid from our list!
  5. Spud

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    He is an ok player in a good side. Geelong have slid from good to mediocre and an soft outside running player with ok. not elite skills will fall away quickly, which he did this year. Hopefully we are a good side and therefore he may be worth a depth position? Tipping he'd prefer to be on AVB side so he doesn't get crunched by him again too!
  6. Spud

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Think you may find, the GC have ample picks this year at the top of the order and are looking to try and bank picks for next year when they will have the start of a number of elite academy players start to come through. While they May still want Pick 5 for May (lots of May's), they will then look to either turn this into picks next year or look for a group of Future picks instead of taking pick 5 into next years draft to lift the points they have available for academy players. How they do that remains to be seen, but one thing I can guarantee is they want picks next year! Apparently their Academy squad at junior levels is pretty darn good, coming from far more informed sources than I on the subject of scouting and recruiting.
  7. Spud

    The Cheese Thread

    The whole Jesse Hogan waiting thing and the Cheese grater reminds me of this quote: Ford Fairlane: Conversation with Zuzu Petals was like masturbating with a cheese grater: slightly amusing at first, but mostly painful.
  8. Spud

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    On this wensleyday it would be gouda if we heard what Jesse intends to do, but if he isn't traded next year he'll be a restricted Brie agent. If he does stay I'm tipping some will get a blue vein with their stilton!
  9. Spud

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Hi end Cheeseboard perfect for both hard and soft cheeses!
  10. Spud

    Free to a good home

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone maybe interested in a Ticket for the game on Saturday. Unfortunately I'm now in NZ for family reasons and cant attend. Don't want any dough, just barrack F.cking hard like I would I have, that and a MFC victory would suffice! PM if you are interested. Cheers
  11. Spud

    Free to a good home

    Haha, Cheers mate have a good one!!
  12. Spud

    Free to a good home

    Cheers, The ticket is in the talons of Chook, so if he bails, I guess he can send it too you!
  13. Spud

    Free to a good home

    Haha, No worries Chook, Serves me right for having a Kiwi Handbrake! Enjoy, just shot you a PM. I'll be at the GF, have to be an earthquake causing my death to stop me from getting back for that!!
  14. Spud

    Finals Tickets

    If anyone is still looking for a ticket for Saturday, I do have one available. I'm stuck in meetings all afternoon, but PM me and I'll get back to you around 5.30ish. Cost price, unfortunately I have to go to NZ for family emergency so have to give it up (plus shite loads on flights to Perth). Cheers
  15. Spud

    Perth flights

    G'day, long time reader first time poster as they say! While the price is still pretty high (about $850 return), I have booked to fly to Adelaide, fly from Adelaide to Perth on Saturday morning. Then flying from Perth to Sydney Saturday night (red eye) connecting back to a Melbourne flight Sunday morning. Pretty steep still, but better than the $1,700 odd elsewhere.I will have one nights accom to pay in Adelaide (flying in Friday), but for barely a night happy to do backpacker accom to keep the cost down! An option for anyone really keen to explore to get the cost a bit lower, is consider mix and match fly in and fly out?