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  1. Spud

    Finals Tickets

    If anyone is still looking for a ticket for Saturday, I do have one available. I'm stuck in meetings all afternoon, but PM me and I'll get back to you around 5.30ish. Cost price, unfortunately I have to go to NZ for family emergency so have to give it up (plus shite loads on flights to Perth). Cheers
  2. Spud

    Perth flights

    G'day, long time reader first time poster as they say! While the price is still pretty high (about $850 return), I have booked to fly to Adelaide, fly from Adelaide to Perth on Saturday morning. Then flying from Perth to Sydney Saturday night (red eye) connecting back to a Melbourne flight Sunday morning. Pretty steep still, but better than the $1,700 odd elsewhere.I will have one nights accom to pay in Adelaide (flying in Friday), but for barely a night happy to do backpacker accom to keep the cost down! An option for anyone really keen to explore to get the cost a bit lower, is consider mix and match fly in and fly out?