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  1. Neil Crompton

    Support Melbourne

    my apologies. getting wet for nothing
  2. Neil Crompton

    Support Melbourne

    What are the odds of this happening this coming round: - magpies lose - swans draw with hawks - we beat giants Then we finish 3rd and play west coast again!
  3. Neil Crompton

    Changes v GWS Giants

    Do we need to discuss possible changes just yet? Cant we just enjoy this great moment for a day or two first?
  4. Neil Crompton

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    ha ha never in doubt!
  5. Neil Crompton

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    Saty, if that were true then it would be hypocrisy. Please show us an example of where a particular poster has been hypocritical to back your "amusing" claim. Your opinion is as important as anyone else on here - just hope its factual.
  6. Neil Crompton

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    Like Jaded, i’m not feeling the usual pre-match anxiety that normally follows the Thursday chat. I think deep down I have almost accepted that we have blown it for this year, so the expectation for the last 2 games is not so high. If we do the improbable then I will be over the moon. I may well feel different on game day, but I almost prefer this current state of mind. It’s so much easier on the old ticker. On reflection we are certainly a better side than last year. While extremely disappointed we have stumbled this year, the fact that we have, simply shows we are not yet ready for the big dance. We’ve effectively had 5 years of progressive improvement. No one should be disappointed in that. Maybe the rebuild has not been as quick as some would have liked, but while we are not yet the real deal, I don’t think we are too far from it. In this age of instant gratification, having patience is not an easy emotion to embrace. As someone who sat on the wing and watched as our back pocket player snapped the winning goal in the 64 grand final, I know what having patience means. But in all those intervening years I have never felt more confident in a playing group as I am in this one. So i’ll enjoy the rest of this year, whatever the results of the next 2 games, while knowing that next year, 2019, will be ours. Go Dees.
  7. Neil Crompton

    Trade HOGAN

    DV8, there is no way i'd trade Hogan to get better midfielders! That's like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. And i never once said we are not good enough through our midfield! I said our disposal - from all parts of the ground - is poor, causing Hogan to have little confidence in leading.
  8. Neil Crompton

    Trade HOGAN

    I think its our delivery that's the problem, whether be mids, forwards or backs. Hogan appears to have no confidence in that delivery, so he hesitates. Put Hogan at the Tigers, West Coast, the Cats or Giants - teams that can hit a target - and he'd be a superstar.
  9. Neil Crompton

    Trade HOGAN

    If we had mids and half forwards that could actually hit a target when they kicked, Jessie would have confidence in leading, would kick 60-80 goals a year and be an absolute superstar. Spend our time improving the delivery of the likes of Jones, Tyson, Petracca, Brayshaw, Spargo, ANB, Viney et al, and our game plan would work, our forward line, and Hogan in particular, would be almost unbeatable, and all this ridiculous chat about trading Hogan would disappear.
  10. Neil Crompton

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    This would have been a great first half if we'd kicked straight. The sky id not falling yet.
  11. Neil Crompton

    Melbourne and Matthews

    Can't wait for the game to begin. Might give us a break from this. You two should get a private room.
  12. Neil Crompton

    Melbourne and Matthews

    Interesting quote from Leigh Mathews some years ago: “When I look back I was a young, driven, selfish, egotistical, brutal, callous - call it all of those words - footballer," he says. "As a 61-year-old middle-aged grandfather now, I kind of think 'Jeez, that was a nasty piece of work'." For once I couldn’t agree more with Mathews - although somewhat understated I believe.
  13. Under the present system, it would appear that players who have reached the final year of their contract, can have a new contract offered to them at any time during that final year. This is beneficial to the Club, because an early signing provides more certainty in the planning going forward. But is it putting too much pressure on the player? If he doesn't sign in due course, or if he states that he wants to delay talks till the end of the season, he becomes the target of extensive media, public and peer speculation and often pressure. The better the player, the more the pressure. Think of the media and public frenzy surrounding the Dangerfield or the Martin or even the Hogan decision to delay contract talks. Look at the peer pressure and resentment we know was placed on Lever, and appears to have been placed on Lynch, or the rumored pressure surrounding Gaff's current indecision - and the possible impact it's had on him. The pressure is there whether they sign or not. Therefore, is there a better system that would not place players under so much pressure during the season proper - particularly in terms of team moral and performance? Even acknowledging that contract talks can take some time to negotiate, would a set period at the end of the season for all contract renewals to be offered and accepted / rejected be a fairer way? Interested in your thoughts.
  14. Neil Crompton

    Go and get Gaff!

    A lot has been written on this post about what a nice guy Gaff is, how uncharacteristic his attack on Brayshaw was, and how upset he currently is about his actions - almost to the extent that the authors are looking for reasons, in their own minds, to excuse his actions. I use the word “excuse” because those characteristics certainly don’t explain his actions. But they do offer a good number of Demon supporters some justification for still wanting Gaff to join the Dees. But why did he do it? He didn’t try to chop an arm that may have been hindering him or use a “don’t argue” to gain some distance - the methods most players use to escape. He deliberately chose to use a forceful closed fist punch to break away. In terms of intent, where he hit Brayshaw is irrelevant, he chose to punch him. The pressure of the game situation couldn’t have caused this - WCE’s were winning comfortably, Gaff was playing very well and their top 2 position was not being threatened. The only explanation offered, because of his good character, is “brain fade”. A layman’s definition of brain fade could be an unconscious act or desire escaping the prison of the brain unfiltered. Minor brain fades occur all the time - he kicked when he should of handballed, or went for the mark when he should have punched. Players are skilled in what to do and what not to do every single week of their playing careers, it’s ingrained, and because of this, of all the thousands of players who have played AFL/VFL football, there have only been, fortunately, very few who have had brain fades of this magnitude - Bugg, Hall, Mathews to name some more recent players that come to mind. In fact a player of 170+ games, who knows how important he is to his teams success come September, would know internally that you don’t make stupid decisions that will jeopardise your teams chances. Yet he did. Is he likely to do it again? Probably not, but who knows? Hall and Mathews certainly did. Bugg hasn’t to date. And quite apart from his impact on Brayshaw, his actions have certainly affected his team. And that to me is a huge issue. We appear to have a wonderful group of current players and coaches who are developing our own unique team culture, and for me Gaff, post incident, and as good a player as he is, has shown that he could be a risk to that culture. So for all of that, and I know I am in the minority here, I would prefer if we didn’t chase Gaff.
  15. Neil Crompton

    Go and get Gaff!

    I think the title of this topic “Go and get Gaff”, may have just taken on a whole new meaning since the events of the weekend.