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  1. Neil Crompton

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    So disappointed in this side. As a supporter it’s hard to take when this team promises so much, yet delivers so little in the big games that count. We should have had the game won by half time given the amount of inside 50’s we had, so there is simply no good excuse for us losing this match. It was not the umpires that beat us, nor the opposition, we lost it because we played dumb football.
  2. Neil Crompton

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    Oscar has been pitiful
  3. Neil Crompton

    Petracca in a rut?

    That’s my point. His weight does not necessarily stop him from having a tank - as per Wines. I think Petracca’s problem is between his ears. He needs a serious wake up call now, or he’ll always be that guy who threatens to have a brake out game - and this blog can not afford another one of those.
  4. Neil Crompton

    Petracca in a rut?

    Ollie Wines is 97-99kg. You think he should lose some weight to be able to play well?
  5. Neil Crompton

    Watts Dropped from Port

    Normally I’d ignore posts like yours DrD, but not this time. While most people here would find it sad that JW’s form has warranted his dismissal from the team, you seem to take pleasure from the fact that this justifies some supposed statement you made about him. Feel good now? Jack has played over 150 AFL games - how many have you played? Sure we wanted so much more from Jack, but he couldn’t give it consistently, for whatever reason. So what? That’s life. Jack has had to take shite like this for way too long - from people who’s only claim to fame is that they are able to post a blog on demonland. Jack has accepted all this with complete dignity. I’m sure most of us here only wish him success. Perhaps if Jack had been drafted at pick 20 none of this bs about his ability and expectations would have transpired. Perhaps it’s the fault of the recruiters who simply misread his capabilities, and us supporters who needed a hero and simply wanted it too much. Good luck Jack - hope you make it back to the ones soon.
  6. Neil Crompton

    Disposal Efficiency

    While I agree with Tier that these stats need definition, and that stats aren’t everything, but I also believe they can provide insight to how a player is travelling. Using Petracca as an example, I think the stats pretty much sum up his performances to date, and why, given his ability, we want so much more from him: - top 5 for Clangers - bottom 5 for disposal efficiency - top 3 for turnovers All the other stats he ranks average within the team. For a player of his potential, average is not good enough. The only stats he ranks in the top 5 are Clearances and Contested Possessions. I am hard on Petracca because he has so much potential, but he is yet to consistently stamp himself on a game. Maybe time for a wake up call.
  7. With premierships comes recognition and credibility. After 53 years of disappointments it’s no wonder we don’t have any. And who cares anyway? Credibility doesn’t help us win games. And continuing to win games is all we should be worrying about.
  8. Neil Crompton

    Filling the hole left by Jake Lever’s injury

    I would hope they go with Joel Smith, as I believe his skill set would best compliment , rather than tinker with, our current backline system. With Smith you get both a tall (191cm and a great leap) and an athletic runner, and he appears to be coming into form with Casey. Talk of Pedersen playing back is just silly in my opinion; Frost has had many chances and has blown them all; Petty is nowhere near ready; and unfortunately I just don’t know enough about the form of Keilty. As such, i think Smith should get the chance to show what he can do at AFL level.
  9. Neil Crompton

    Congratulations David Neitz - 2018 Hall of Fame Inductee

    Watching Tim Smith have set shots at goal on Sunday for sum reason reminded me of Neitz and his bouncy run up. Might be just my memory playing tricks, but maybe someone has some video to compare the two?
  10. I’m sure our football team and their coaches would care less about having “media recognition”. A mature and confident side has belief in themselves, their teammates and their coaches - and therefore do not need validation from the media. It’s only the supporters that seem to require this recognition/validation - from the very same media personalities that are so often bagged on this site. Why would you seek acknowledgement from someone you don’t respect? It simply wreaks of our insecurity resulting from 53 years of premiership drought.
  11. Neil Crompton

    Post Match Discussion - Round 10

    What a fantastic performance overall. And after watching the game again via replay, all I can see is upside, because we made a number of fixable errors that cost us during the game - although obviously not a lot!. We gifted the Crows goals (think Salem twice) and butchered goal opportunities ourselves (think tmac and Hannan). Certain players disposal are works in progress (think Jones and Brayshaw - especially Gus - and for this game Salem). Unfair criticism after a great win? Maybe, but fix these skill errors and we become a premiership side.
  12. Neil Crompton

    Our Best Team, if.....

    Given our injury level is so low, it got me thinking about team make up if all players were fit, AND if all players were currently playing to their best of their ability. Who would be in this team and in what position to best suit the side? It’s a little bit harder than it sounds I think, because if all players are playing to the best of their abilities, then the more skilled players would have the advantage I believe. Anyway, here are my thoughts: Jetta OMac Hibberd JSmith Lever Lewis Hunt Jones Salem Melksham TMac Petracca Wiedermann Hogan Garlett Gawn Oliver Viney Int: Fritsch Brayshaw, Hannan, Vandeburg Emerg: Tyson, Harmes, ANB, Spargo Vince Like to hear your thoughts.