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    Training - Friday 15th February, 2019

    I wonder if behind closed doors means inside/another venue away from prying eyes or don't come and spy on our super secret game plan being practiced on an open field.
  2. pewpewpew

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    +10000 It's the same tiresome bores that take umbrage with Saty. I'm bound to a desk and I love the training reports and can filter out the fugazi.
  3. pewpewpew

    Poll: The Zurich Logo

    The current logo looks like it is just covering up the old AHG logo.
  4. pewpewpew

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Where's the announcement? I thought there was supposed to be a press conference this morning? The club fired out a couple of quickfire tweets with Maxy saying Stay Tuned and nadda since.
  5. pewpewpew

    Training - Saturday 9th February, 2019 @ Casey

    They're not out of the woods yet. They could still be co-opted by the AFL if they're deemed fully fit and the other teams wise up to our strategy and pull players.
  6. pewpewpew

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    Jetta and Gawn
  7. pewpewpew

    Dees to take on Pies in Scratch Match (22/2/19)

    I think that they should move this practice match to the 'G.
  8. pewpewpew

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    Jetta TMac Clarry GMax
  9. pewpewpew

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    James& Clayton& Max& Gus
  10. pewpewpew

    Aaron Davey

    Welcome back to Demonland Flash. Looks like he could still play.
  11. pewpewpew

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    Oscar McDonald v Alex Neal-Bullen Bayley Fritsch vs Aaron vandenBerg Sam Weideman vs Angus Brayshaw 
  12. pewpewpew

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    Jack Viney vs 5. Nathan Jones Sam Frost vs Charlie Spargo Jake Lever vs 4. James Harmes Joel Smith vs Christian Salem
  13. pewpewpew

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    6. Tom McDonald vs Mitch Hannan Jeff Garlett vs Billy Stretch Braydon Preuss vs Jayden Hunt
  14. pewpewpew

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    Christian Petracca vs Jake Melksham Tim Smith vs Jordan Lewis Michael Hibberd vs Josh Wagner
  15. pewpewpew

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    Mitch Hannan vs Jay Kennedy-Harris Corey Wagner vs Austin Bradtke James Jordon vs Kade Chandler Toby Bedford vs Aaron Nietschke Charlie Spargo vs Declan Keilty
  16. pewpewpew

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    Corey Maynard vs Joel Smith Bayley Fritsch vs Oskar Baker Josh Wagner vs Harrison Petty Tom Sparrow vs Marty Hore vs Guy Walker
  17. pewpewpew

    TMacs Toe .... Again?

    From Jake Lever's Instagram Story from Jack Viney's wedding. Sky falling time? D78F39FB-E801-4D62-BEAD-45F630EB5EEB.mov
  18. pewpewpew

    Training - Friday, 21st December 2018

    Found it.
  19. pewpewpew

    Dees List Envy of Competition

    I don't know why the media keep harping on this: Given the dominance of Gawn, it was strange that North Melbourne back up ruckman Braydon Preuss was so keen to get to the Demons. Even more so given Kangaroos big man Todd Goldstein is in the twilight of his career, while Gawn has years ahead of him. Preuss has put it on the record that he believes he and Gawn can play in the same team, just like the Eagles premiership duo of Scott Lycett and Nathan Vardy did in 2018. But if it ain’t broke, why fix it? I simply cannot wait til the Gawn/Preuss tag team shuts these clowns up.
  20. pewpewpew

    Dees List Envy of Competition

    Yeah it is Fugazi but it beats the hell out of the negative [censored] we've endured for a decade. Also better than all the false dawns we've had. This feels completely different. Can we win a cup? [censored] I hope so.
  21. pewpewpew

    Meet Steven May

    I've been very impressed with Steven May and I cannot wait to see him run out in the red and blue come Round 1. Kudos to the recruitment staff for getting this done now before the vultures swooped. We got a huge asset to our backline and the team. Didn't know he was a pilot to boot. Another tick from me.
  22. pewpewpew

    Least Successful Club in 40 Years

    In other news the sky is still blue. Take 2010 out of the equation and we easily win this one. Still would be a hollow victory.
  23. pewpewpew

    Training - Wednesday, 19th December 2018

    Why? All reports about him so far have been extremely positive even the non-rose coloured reports. Sure it's pre-season training and everyone's up and about and training the house down but he could does fill a necessary hole for us and looks capable. Proof will be in the pudding. I'm certainly looking forward to the JLT series to see what he can do. Hopefully he'll make the cut for Round 1 and from there we'll see.
  24. pewpewpew

    Training - Monday, 10th December 2018

    Why is Melksham in the rehab group? What is he recovering from?