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  1. If Jesse was less introverted I would have expected him to be paraded out in a Freo jumper but I doubt he'd be up for that. Maybe some Freo socks.
  2. pewpewpew

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    I think I'm only comfortable with losing Hogan because of who he is likely to be going to. I don't want to lose him but if he wants to go I'd prefer he goes to Freo than he go to a Hawthorn or Essendon or any club likely to be competing with us.
  3. pewpewpew

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Freo claimed that Melbourne were asking for too high a price in terms of picks and they also alluded to the whole "due diligence" suggesting "other issues". I still believe they would have taken Jessie with his "due diligence" issues if we only asked for 2 second rounders. They can go shove their "due diligence".
  4. Can't confirm the authenticity of this photo.
  5. Maxy's favourite ruckman!!! On a related note to this trade Tyson wouldn't have hit the target that The Big Prussian hit with the kick from the free.
  6. pewpewpew

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    The more I listen to or read what Sam McClure has to say the more I'm convinced he was intentionally dropped on his head as a baby.
  7. pewpewpew

    What Makes a De$tination Club?

    It does seem to be the case of cash making a club a destination club. I think we were all fooling ourselves that we were a destination club due to the direction that we were heading in.
  8. pewpewpew

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    If Jesse wants to go home this year but we can't get the deal we want then what happens? Do we get screwed and have to release him or do we make him play out his contract? I don't believe Jesse would put us in that position but I don't want to get Cam McCarthyed.
  9. pewpewpew

    What Makes a De$tination Club?

    So are we no longer perceived as a destination club? Gaff is either chasing dollars or thinks North are better placed at a Premiership tilt. He obviously wants to come home but what is his other motivation. If Shiel is choosing the Blues then his decision is purely cash based. Why not choose the Dees? I'd play for us given ability and the choice and I'm not biased at all.
  10. Dollars? Premiership Window? Chance to help develop and build a list? Are we no longer a Destination club because we don't have the $$$ or the picks to throw around? There are some big names bandied about, (Gaff, Shiel) but none of them want to play for the Dees. Why? I'm not counting Steven May because his priority seems to be to desperately get out of the Suns rather than specifically go to the Dees. So is there such a thing as a destination club or does the timing of $$$ and picks have to be right to be considered one?
  11. pewpewpew

    MFC and foot injuries

    Don't forget the surface of Gosch's Paddock. There has to be a correlation to the surface and the spate of foot injuries over the past few years.
  12. pewpewpew

    The Elephant in the Room

    Is it time to bring up not attending that camp yet?
  13. pewpewpew

    Buddy Domination

    14-0 We've been his [censored] for a long time. He has not lost a game against us. Time to turn the tide. Goodwin has said Frosty will get the first look him. If that fails who do we put on him next? I'm worried about OMac on him given the Geelong game. Would we throw TMac back down back?
  14. pewpewpew

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    It's midday on the day after this was announced. Why haven't we had a press conference with Pert paraded around in Demons regalia?