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  1. lucifer

    Changes v Port

    I would move Petracca back to a half forward role, with no midfield time and put Tyson back in. Probably at the expense of Hannan. Spargo went missing for the entire first quarter and isn't hitting the scoreboard. I'd bring Garlett back and give him a crack. And...I can't believe I am about ti write this. Frost has to come in. We are too think down back to handle Dixon, Westhoff & Watts. Frost to Dixon, O Mac to Westhoff, J Smith to Watts. In - Tyson, Garlett & Frost Out - Hannan, Spargo, Pedersen.
  2. lucifer

    We could miss finals with 13 wins

    Without stating the obvious, we need to knock off a Pt Adelaide or a Sydney otherwise even if we do make it, we are just going to be Pt Adelaide circa 2017 who were just making up numbers. Would I rather be making up numbers than 10th? Absolutely, but our worry is clearly that we haven't beaten a quality team all year (Adelaide and North Melbourne don't count IMO)
  3. lucifer

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 6

    6. Gawn 5. Hibberd 4. Jones 3. O Mac 2. Jetta 1. Melksham
  4. lucifer

    Post Match Discussion - Round 6

    Fritsch reminds me of Cameron Bruce - just appears to have a lot of time. Love the way he floats across packs. I will take Spargo's intensity and 2 goals any day of the week over Garlett's pathetic efforts since the Brisbane match. Thought out backline stood up - and jesus, O McDonald. I have been calling for his head for however many years, he is playing really well. I will be interested to see how Weid, T Mac and Hoges all play in the one forward line - but I wouldn't be dropping Weid. Based on today, one of Tyson or ANB needs to go for Trac. Most likely ANB surely.
  5. lucifer

    Be Patient with Lever

    He looks devoid of any confidence. Every time he goes near it you re waiting for him to f**k it up. I feel with him like I do watching Oscar, no confidence, heart in mouth and waiting for him to make the error. Saying that, Oscar is doing bloody well, Level is stinking it up and I bet Oscar isn't on anywhere near the coin Lever is.
  6. lucifer

    Changes v Richmond

    I for one was really keen to get Frost into the side. Just thought the he would help Lever. He is the dumbest footballer. Thinks he's a tough guy, but has little to no skill. Gets caught out of position, doesn't run hard enough in both directions and constantly gives away simple free kicks. Needs to go. Lever made some absolutely shocking errors today, but wasn't the only one. There were a couple of times he got smashed for putting his body on the line, the same can't be said for half our other defenders. Is he playing like a $800k defender? No. Is he playing like a guy worth two first round picks? No. He looks completely devoid of confidence. Not sure whether it's better to persevere or to send him to Casey to get some confidence. I'd say persevere for now. If he gets destroyed on ANZAC eve then they have to make the call. My problem is we have too many of the same type of player in the forward line. Harmes, ANB, Melksham & Bugg (and Kent but he is at least effective at the moment). They are rotating through the midfield and high half forward and today they were all pretty average. ANB looks ok on the stats sheet, not sure how effective he actually was. Anyway, I would say - In - Tyson, Hunt, Perderson, Hannan Out - Frost, Melksham, Harmes, Bugg
  7. lucifer

    2017 Post Mortem

    I am devastated. After living through the Neeld era and daring to think we were out the other end and making our first finals in 10 years, to only have it ripped away by a) an insipid performance against Collingwood and then b) waiting until the last 3 minutes of the H&A season to know that the last 23 rounds were pointless really hurts. Here's the thing - can someone explain leaving out Frost, playing TMac back (when he had been really solid forward) and going with OMac over Frost yesterday? I understand that Pedo was in, I understand Watts was in, so the forward line would have been too top heavy, but I don't get the love for OMac over Frost. Am I missing something - (besides the Frost wants to leave rumours?). I am devastated about what could have been. About the fact that the team coped so well with all the bloody injuries - for nothing. I mean for FFS - Gawn, Hogan, Jones, Viney, Watts all out for extended periods of time throughout the year. Yes, there was improvement. But I am tired of waiting and people taking the [censored] out the team who still can't beat North. Who are mentally fragile and lose the games the outside football world expect us to win, but all us supporters expect to lose - you know the ones? Like Hawthorn, Freo, North etc etc. I am tired of it. And I await the abuse from those of you who think we should support through thick and thin. Of course, I will be back next year like the sucker I am. This team is like a hardcore drug addiction that you know is killing you but you can't quit it. Bloody hurts. And on another level - we are kidding ourselves if we think this club and this team is an attractive option for out of contract, high profile players from other teams. I will be staggered if Lever or any of the other players we are apparently "into" come to us in the trade period. We are a joke.
  8. lucifer

    Best 22 for Round 1, 2017

    Jetta Frost O Mac Hibberd T Mac Hunt Salem Viney Tyson Petracca Hogan Kent Watts Weideman/Pedo Garlett Gawn Jones Lewis Oliver Brayshaw Vince Melksham
  9. My first input on this - I can understand while MFC supporters worry about situations like this. We thought we had a gun in $cully, he left. Frawley left. Sylvia left. Howe left. Some of us wanted these guys to stay (I will openly admit that I was one of the misguided ones who thought every pre-season "Sylvia will tear it apart next year". And for everyone of those players, they said the same thing "I will talk about my contract at the end of the year". The club has done an outstanding job, particularly this year of re-signing its players. The one we are desperate to see stay is Jesse. Despite some comments on here I am willing to be 95% would be thrilled he has signed. He looks like the type of forward we haven't had since Neitz/Schwarz. I can see all the pieces of the puzzle fitting together, we have a good young midfield, the making of a good defence (if O Mac stops the brain fades and kicking like Bambi). The forward line with Jesse/Watts and the potential of Weid to add to Petracca, Kent and Garlett looks dangerous. I feel like we are finally headed in the right direction, and to lose Jesse at this point would be a real setback. We would have to ask 2 top 10 draft picks and a solid established player in return. Melbourne can't keep going to the draft, so presumably one of those top 10 picks would have to be on traded for a key forward - who? No idea. They don't grow on trees, hence the desperation to keep Jesse.
  10. lucifer


    Apologies if this has already been asked, but how far off is Weideman? Logic tells me that if the club is prepared to play Oscar McDonald to fast track his development, when clearly his form doesn't warrant selection, I can't help but wonder if they should be affording Weideman the same opportunity.
  11. lucifer

    Changes vs Brisbane

    Out: Garland (hopefully never to be seen at AFL level again), Hunt, Vince (Susp) In: Dunn, Lumumba, ANB Dawes surely needs more game time after missing most of the pre-season. If Kent is fit, I would look at bringing him back too, but not convinced that Roos will make 4 changes. Fingers crossed Nev Jetta isn't rubbed out, because at the moment he is the only thing holding our backline together. I am confident every time he is at the contest.
  12. lucifer

    3-3 & 9th

    No coincidence that when Tom Mc plays like crap, we get thumped. Essendon he was smashed by Joe Daniher, then he got smashed by Reiwoldt yesterday. Our two worst games of the year are his two worst games.
  13. lucifer


    I don't think it's any coincidence that when we were level in the last, and Gawn had to come off for a rest and Frost took the ruck duties, we were exposed for about 4 minutes and they got three quick goals. Frost is not a ruckman, nor is he a forward. Not sure who the other option is in the ruck, but it's not him.
  14. lucifer

    Changes v Collingwood

    Vince will get 1, maybe 2 depending on how inconsistent the MRP want to be. IN - Brayshaw, Garlett Out - Vince, Stretch (didn't do anything wrong as such, just reckon we need to give AVB more time). The other thing is - I don't want to see Frost play as a forward ever again. The experiment surely needs to be marked a fail at this point. Maybe bring Pedo in, and move Frost back. I also don't want to see Howe play a flukey cameo and rub it in that he left, the pea heart. Presumably Lumumba gets the match up or maybe Wagner, - wouldn't be shocked if the brought Garland back to play on him (not saying i want that to happen, before all the hate is directed my way.
  15. lucifer

    Post match Discussion "Fire away"

    Firstly, let me preface what I am about to write by saying, I wasn't one of the fans on here last week professing we had turned the corner and were in fact going to make the 8 this year. I thought we played a half of good footy, and were ultimately lucky to come away with the 4 points. The last quarter was great to watch, the first three not so much. I have supported this club for 35 years. I have been week in, week out. I enjoyed the late 90's/early 2000's. The inevitable rollercoaster of the Daniher years (one year on, one year off) the transition into the defenceless Bailey era with the all out attack, to the disaster that was the Neeld era. I was sucked in completely to the acquisition of Roos. And I will acknowledge that I am a huge supporter of some of the recruits he has managed to bring in - Vince, Tyson now Kennedy. Not so much Lumumba. I could go on about this but it's not really the point is it? I have never been more embarassed to be a Melbourne supporter than I was yesterday. I know I will get the inevitable diatribe of "fair weather supporter" "don't follow us then". But if you can honestly tell me that what you watched yesterday was acceptable on any level you are kidding yourself. The only winner we had on the field for the day was Ben Kennedy. The players looked disinterested from the moment they ran out of the race. Roos was out coached badly yesterday. Why Garland was left on Daniher in the first half is beyond me. Why no one manned up on McDonald-Tippungwutti is beyond me. Why Roos allowed Essendon a spare man in our forward line is beyond me. Why he publicised that they had a small forward line, basically daring Worsfold to put Mitch Brown in the forward line is beyond me. Why the ball movement wasn't quicker to attempt to isolate the mismatch between Gwilt and Hogan is beyond me. As you can see from above, a lot of what happened yesterday is beyond me. I will continue to turn up, week in week out as I have for 35 years. But, when will this team stop being so mentally fragile? I couldn't believe the threads on here asking "how many will Hogan kick"? Or, "how much will we win by"? This is EXACTLY the type of game Melbourne lose every year. It kills me.