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  1. Frustrated Demon

    Ladder predictor

    Can’t see us winning both unfortunately. I think we will finish 9th or 10th. The loss to the saints etc are going to prove costly once again.
  2. Frustrated Demon

    Tom McDonald sent for Scans (24/5)

    Same here. I can breathe now...phew
  3. Frustrated Demon

    If we lose to Freo....

    It will be Game, Set & Match. Thank you linesman and thank you ball boys. Game over
  4. Frustrated Demon

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    Surely you are trolling with the Brayshaw comment? Taking the [censored]!!!
  5. Frustrated Demon

    Heart of the Country Game

    Keep the Alice Springs game and get rid of the Darwin game.
  6. Frustrated Demon

    My 3 word player ananlysis V Adelaide

    It was a joke FFS.
  7. Frustrated Demon

    My 3 word player ananlysis V Adelaide

    You forgot one. Tyson - Did Not Play
  8. Frustrated Demon

    Round 10 Non MFC games

    GWS are cooked. Doubt they will play finals
  9. Frustrated Demon

    Port Melbourne v Casey Demons - Round 8

    Where does that put us on the ladder?
  10. Frustrated Demon

    My 3 word player analysis V Gold Coast

    I swear I only read this thread each week to see what’s written about Tyson.
  11. Frustrated Demon

    AFLW Demons - Poaching season

    Think the main issue maybe the coach. How did we not win a flag with all that talent on the list.
  12. Frustrated Demon

    Round 7 Non MFC games

    This is the only year I can honestly say that I have very little interest in watching AFL (apart from the MFC). The football this year is awful to watch.
  13. Frustrated Demon

    GAMEDAY - Round 7

    Is this on FTA tv? Was hoping to make it today. Dee’s by 30-40 pts.
  14. Frustrated Demon

    Casey Demons v Geelong VFL

    Is it me or does it feel like the game plan in both MFC and Casey’s both lack structure. We cannot got from beating sides last year to looking horrendous with the ball this year. I believe the coaches have changed something and it hasn’t worked. Or did we over achieve last year?
  15. Frustrated Demon

    Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    If we are leaking a [censored] tonne of goals in both senior and reserve teams then something isn’t working in the game plan