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  1. Sorry but in the 1st Q we played so much better than them, had it locked in our forward half for most of the quarter, that is playing well in anyone's book. We didn't put scoreboard pressure on and that hurt us, doesn't mean doom & gloom. It has been said already but several missed shots in the 2nd also hurt us, but they were in great positions after some great forward pressure, so instead of just seeing the miss, try seeing how the shot came to be in the first place. It is easy to stay negative about everything in life, especially when it is comfortable, I am guilty of it often, but you can never enjoy the wins if you don't break the cycle. Like i just said in an earlier post, I had given up on them when we were 30 points down, I believed we deserved a drumming for the way we were playing because GC were kicking goals but we were not. I still believe it wasn't the worst performance of the year.
  2. At that point i thought to myself, I hope they beat us by 100 points, that's what they deserve.
  3. It is not ludicrous to think that a team that has beaten you in the season proper doesn't subconsciously think they can easily do it again.
  4. No, we have taken teams lightly this year, it happens.
  5. Melbourne Vs Anyone we SHOULD beat says hi.
  6. In the top 8 atm, Crows would be the only one that wouldn't take us lightly.
  7. I hated it, bad jokes, crappy guests and those blokes that host are awful, who are they anyway!? Stupid idea that is a disgrace to this site, if I were in charge of Demonland I would distance myself from it completely.
  8. I do not think we have earnt that kind of fear from other clubs...yet.
  9. Inside Aus you have to add the cost of a VPN to that too. Does the Watch AFL service run yearly? Does it have on demand games? I have foxtel ATM but soon to be moving and have decided that we will not be getting it again, I would keep it if not for all the advertising, we are literally paying for commercials. Bring back the Optus pay TV days!
  10. No more than $20 a month. That's for full HD no ad breaks siren to siren.
  11. Seriously why can't they offer packages AND allow people to pick & chose their own channels?
  12. So you go to such beautiful places to have your head underwater the whole time?
  13. They also had an 8 day break before going to China and look how that turned out for them. Didn't do too well after their bye last year too.