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  1. What are the odds/stats on Champion Data finally getting it right?
  2. D4Life

    Our Tall Forwards

    De Goey played on flank but even if he plays full forward. If he and Cox go down, who is their third tall? Who is Swans, second tall forward, if Buddy goes down what happens. My point still stands not many teams have two key tall forwards, let alone three. Cats - Hawkins then who? Hawks - Roughead nearly finished, Gunston almost half forward. GWS - Cameron & Patton
  3. D4Life

    Our Tall Forwards

    If Riewoldt & Lynch both go down, Richmond have? If Cox and ???? Go down Collingwood have??? if Darling & Kennedy go down Eagles have ???? Big KPF are hard to find and very few come up to speed within a few years of being drafted. Hogan was one of the few. Demons have TMac and Weideman on the way. If either go down the Demons may look to Preuss to do a Cox like role, or turn to TSmith, Keilty, Petty or even OMac. Not many if any teams have a good 3rd big key forward!
  4. D4Life

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    Very good team, I’d make a few changes: Lewis to interchange Salem to half back Harmes to wing Preuss to bench Melksham to flank Petracca or ANB into pocket Spargo for Garlett (unless Garlett improves 200% on 2018) By season end Lewis out, Fritsch in Note: don’t think lever will make round one, so Fritsch in.
  5. D4Life

    PICKS # 26 & 31 (formerly # 23 & 28)

    Apologies, couldn’t help myself on Sparrow!!
  6. D4Life

    PICKS # 26 & 31 (formerly # 23 & 28)

    Definitely Sparrow, heard he flies down the wing!
  7. As players get older, slower and gradually worse (except Cameron Smith@ Melb Storm), supporters, commentators all tend to highlight poor games. I know against the Swans, Jones didn’t seem to be running, maybe he was injured, but did make me consider, how long has he got to go! From a loyalty perspective, it would be a hard hearted Demon who wouldn’t want to see him part of a flag! As this years GF showed, margin between winning and losing is fine and you can’t carry any passengers. Lets hope Jones has an injury free pre season and has a great year, but in the end the club/team is greater than any one player!
  8. D4Life

    SEN: Best 22 and Draft Needs

    Teams rarely have their best 22. Look at round one - Lever won’t be in the team. Realistically it’s a best 26. The 22 above is very good, then as backup Frost, Vanders, Preuss, Hunt. Hannan worries me a little as he can go very cold at times, but can see why people like him as he can also fire. Still have Smith, JKH, TSmith, & Maynard who can fill in and I’ve probably missed a few more! Disagree we’re like Lyon Saints - Gawn, Oliver, Brayshaw, & Viney stars. TMac & Lever will be close! Fingers crossed Petracca takes that next step!!
  9. D4Life

    Sole Captaincy?

    Co captains worked well this year. Let Viney get a full year playing 20 plus games, under his belt before being the only captain in 2020.
  10. D4Life

    Goody in the offseason

    Richmond dipped to 13th after 3 years of making finals, before winning a flag. Hardwick was riding the players too hard & evidently he realised or was made aware of it, made some coaching and cultural changes. Football approach was simplified, players started enjoying the game and boom - flag. Pies after slowly going backwards for Six years under Buckley, as he was too hard, changed his approach, Nick Maxwell influenced the culture, players started to enjoy playing and they got within 45 seconds of a flag. Melbourne players evidently very happy with Goodwin, shows in continued improvement and with a bit of luck will go close 2019 or 2020! Sounds like club will extend him before 2019, he has been part of developing the right culture, it would be hard to see him leaving if he gets signed up for a 2-3 year extension.
  11. D4Life

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    While a few weeks on I’m still disappointed that Hogan wanted to and has left, drafting May, KJ, and Preuss has strengthened our obvious areas of weakness. Add Lever coming back and hopefully Viney having an injury free year, and we have a strong platform for success in 2019. A little more zip & skill on the wings, and another good small forward and defender would give us almost a perfectly balanced list. The Hawks kept winning flags after Buddy left, and I’m hoping that our best wins in the last few years were without Hogan in the team, is an indicator we can cover losing him. Looking forward to another successful season in 2019, making top 4 and being in a position to have a real crack at the Flag would be terrific! Go Dees!!!!!!!!
  12. D4Life

    New major sponsor?

    Assuming one of the reasons Pert on board was big sponsorship experience, although he did have Eddie in his corner previously.
  13. D4Life

    2019 Fixture

    All Demons supporters turn up and make it profitable for the club. A good chance to start the season with a win.
  14. D4Life

    2018 Player Reviews: # 23 Bernie Vince

    Bernie was very good for the Demons, really made a difference in our growth & improvement. Seems like a great bloke! He looked pretty relaxed playing golf and having a few beers and snacks at Riversdale GC yesterday afternoon!
  15. D4Life

    2018 Delisted Free Agents

    I’d rather punt on some kids and maybe find a gem later in the draft. We got both Macs at 53!
  16. D4Life

    2019 Jumper Numbers

    Bundle numbers 43,47,48&49 for Kelly!
  17. D4Life

    Phantom Drafts - 2018

    The best thing about this draft is we already have a strong 22 with 6 decent players as depth. If we could snag a player ready for2019 would be great. Seems like a zippy small forward and another outsidemid with speed & skill would complement the list.
  18. D4Life

    AFL.com.au Dees Best 22

    Agree. Be pleased to see Lever in round one, however might be Preuss to stand next to Cox!
  19. D4Life

    Jason Taylor Resume

    Hawthorn lost Buddy for pick 19 or thereabouts! I think after Buddy left the Hawks went onto three flags in a row. I’m not 100% sure if he played in the 2013 flag. Buddy was better than Hogan! Our list management team keep strengthening the team. If someone wants to leave, make the best of it and that’s what we did. I’m looking forward to the next five years after a very very good 2018 that beat my expectations in winning more than one final! Go Demons!
  20. D4Life

    2019 Ladder Predictions

    Agree the best teams just make it happen. Collingwood got to 3rd with only one win over a finals team, being us unfortunately. Then played a strong finals month. The Demons dropped 4-5 games by under 10 pts, Cats 2&3, Saints 2, Port 10(robbed) and Swans? We win 2or 3 of those and top four spot was ours!
  21. D4Life

    2019 Ladder Predictions

    The biggest thing about an easy draw is you win 2 more games and finish top 4! Collingwood & Hawthorn in 2018. North were only in final contention due to easier draw.
  22. Eagles rag dolled us in Prelim, adding May & Preuss will definitely help!
  23. D4Life

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    I’m a fan of Jeff G, as the crumbing role isn’t easy to play! His challenge to overcome, is not playing more very good or average games, it’s turning his shocking games into at least making a contribution to the team!!
  24. D4Life

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Looking at 1 page in 30 for this thread and not missing much! FWIW: Hogan for 5&6 - very good Hogan for 5&11 - okay Hogan for 5,23&30 - okay Hogan for 5 - feel screwed I’d still rather keep him! Fast forward 24 hours, to put everyone out of their misery!!
  25. D4Life

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    Very good 22, slight changes for me: Salem ahead of Lewis Fritsch ahead of Hannan Jones ahead of KJJ Joel Smith in 22 replacing Hannan Frost & OMac close between these two!