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    Umpire Report

    30 frees against, second half worst umpiring almost ever! Normally over loss next day, but am still cursing the umpires! Wingard non mark paid Dixon 75 metre penalty Melksham x 2 goals disallowed plus 50 metre penalty against Brayshaw mark not paid As other poster mentioned, ball in our forward 50, 68 times and we hardly got a free inside 50, total BS! Umpires had at least a six goal impact, absolutely disgraceful!
  2. D4Life

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Port in Adelaide with home crowd and a 6 goal umpiring advantage, are a top 2-3 team, away they are an 8-9 team!
  3. D4Life

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    Was just having a bit of fun re trade #, need something to take my mind of last nights umpiring crucifixion!
  4. D4Life

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    Agree, I would have him over all of the above except Petracca! He has great skills and would have made a difference to our season. Re getting to old, Vince in his last season and Lewis gone next year. Trade Tyson for pick 19 (assuming Carlton on bottom) and take Murphy as a FA and Carlton get a high pick as compensation.
  5. D4Life

    Four Field Umpires

    I’ve noticed goals from frees is a stat that isn’t showed anymore. Should have a stat for Umpires goal errors, Port got a dream run last night. Port player pulled the ball in under him last night in last quarter in our forward fifty, 25 in front and got a free. Umpiring last night was about as bad as you will ever see in the last half!
  6. D4Life

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    Went past play took him out - should at least be a free! Oh that’s right umpires didn’t pay any frees or marks to Melbourne in the last quarter!
  7. D4Life

    Changes v St Kilda

    Agree. I’d pick Garlett, add his average of 1.8 goals per game and it counts! Also stick Weideman on 50m arc as a different target when opposition flooding inside 50. He’s a big pretty straight kick! Vince very lucky to hold his place. Maybe try Petty instead of Vince!
  8. Plus we had Tyson last night. Looking forward to Hunt getting fit and in form, to provide more run out of the backline!
  9. D4Life

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    Aside from still being angry about the umpires changing the result of the game a few less cranky thoughts below. 1. Would happily play Port in a final, particularly in Melbourne. 2. Demons need to learn how to handle a flooded forward line. Bombing it to the same spot isn’t the answer. Agree with many posters on lowering eyes etc. 3. When I saw Tyson, Vince and Lewis in the team, posted it makes us too slow and unfortunately was proved right. 4. One of Garlett, Spargo or even Bugg should have been in forward line for sharking at the fall of the ball. 5. We certainly had a crack, even if a few players didn’t have great nights. Which is normal for nearly every team every week, if you studied every game. Only issue is when it’s the same 3-4 appearing in the bottom 6. 6. Our best players are still young and will get better at dealing with big games. In comparison Ports better players bar Wines will be finished in 3-4 years. 7. Did I mention the umpires, Port had 26 players, hard to beat!
  10. D4Life

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 14

    He hit Brayshaw with a perfect pass and the umpire didn’t pay the mark in last 5 mins!
  11. D4Life

    Umpire Report

    Still Melksham & Hannan both caught high inside 50 in last quarter, nothing. How many Port goals came from frees or 50 metre penalties!
  12. D4Life

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    There’s not many games that the umpires really impact! But they absolutely screwed the Demons tonight!
  13. D4Life

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    Hard playing against 25
  14. D4Life


    Add Vince, Lewis & Tyson feels like we will be slow across the ground. Hopefully I’m wrong. At least most of our bigger players in TMac, Hogan, JSmith and even TSmith cover a fair amount of ground.
  15. D4Life

    Darwin game to be dumped?

    Roos on Demonland highlighted that games in Darwin & Alice don’t make sense when you are in and around position 6-10, as it may cost you a final spot, that has other sponsors kickers attached to making finals, and other benefits!
  16. D4Life


    Jack Viney took Port apart at the G last year, in the game he came back to early! Would love to see him dominate on Friday night!
  17. D4Life

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    Murphy is a highly skilled player who uses the ball really well. Would be a terrific 17-22 player for the Demons, provided he wasn’t required to do grunt work for 22 weeks! Anyway sounds like it won’t happen, so we move on! As an alternative, let’s take Gaff!
  18. D4Life

    Ladder predictor

    While we were poor against the filth, our prior six weeks were very good - excellent. If we can bring that form for the last ten weeks we will win 6-7 if the last 10 matches. That gives us 14-15 wins and a place in the eight, maybe even sneaking into top four if results fall our way! Somewhere between 4-6 and at least one finals win would be a good progression from last year.
  19. D4Life

    Changes v Port

    After 6 very good wins and statistically excellent, the Collingwood loss while not totally unexpected was disappointing as it felt like we didn’t turn up to play. Rather than over react to a poor loss and then having the bye break would be surprised if we have too many changes. Two changes maximum three for me. Likely two - Out: Pedo (Possibly stiff after concussion) Vince (I don’t think we can play both Vince & Lewis, makes us too slow) In: Weid or T Smith (for Pedo) Garlett (We have plenty of guys who can go back & replace Vince, already in team). And maybe # Three If you want more height (Frost) or grunt (Tyson) against Port then it’s possibly Hannan that I would leave out.
  20. D4Life

    Changes v Port

    Have a few stiff drinks, accept a shocking day and let’s reset! last I looked we’re still in the 8. Go Dees! Okay maybe have quite a few drinks!
  21. D4Life

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    TMac, Cleary & Jetta were ok, rest of team were beaten. M Cox probably won’t ever kick 5 again. crap day, learn some lessons move on. The sky isn’t falling! I’m out of the country in the morning and I’m sure by the time I get back, the earth will be flat again, and Dees back on track. Today just a shocker, forget and reset!!
  22. D4Life

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    I’m looking forward to seeing Lynden Dunn try and run with TMac or Hoges today!!
  23. D4Life

    Shaun Smith: Joel can fill Lever's Role

    Agree, we need to give him a number of games, to settle in. Levers first 3-4 were ordinary, but last 3-4 were very good and it appears he really helped with leadership and structure down back. Best of luck to Joel Smith, may he be part of a grand win for the Demons today!!
  24. D4Life

    Neville Jetta

    In Nev we trust!