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  1. D4Life

    Jake Melksham

    Great game today and on top of his five, he was involved in many more and looked for players in better position. Forward line is really starting to function as a team. TMac has made a big difference.
  2. D4Life

    My 3 word player analysis V Carlton

    Umpire trying to even up the qtr time score!
  3. D4Life

    Our Failure to Crush Teams

    Sweet numbers!!
  4. D4Life

    14 Quarters in a Row

    Actually it will be good for the Demons. It will stop them getting ahead of themselves. Demon supporters can see with TMac back, Lever settling into the defence, Brayshaw starting to really play again, Max back fit, Hogan back fit, improvement in OMac and others building confidence, we are a much better team than last year. A win against the Crows next week, will have us on the map!!
  5. D4Life

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Bernie stays on for Crows and that hit on Thomas is a bit of what he brings every week, and every really good team always has a few tough players.
  6. D4Life

    Changes vs Adelaide

    After 109 point win, and I’m still grinning, normally wouldn’t make any changes, but I would give Spargo a rest next week and bring in Garlett. Spargo has been going really well and is very competitive but looked a little tired today in the 2nd half.
  7. D4Life

    14 Quarters in a Row

    The press this week: Demons have only beaten Essendon, St Kilda, Gold Coast and Carlton who are all no good! Still doesn’t hurt the Demons to stay under the radar. Win against Brisbane in Brisbane looking better & better!
  8. D4Life

    Demonland Player of the Year 2018 - Round 9

    6. Melksham 5. TMac 4. Lever 3. Jones 2. ANB 1. Brayshaw
  9. D4Life

    Post Match Discussion - Round 8

    After the Richmond loss, if you were given six goal wins against the Bombers and Saints, and a 11 goal win vs the Suns would you be happy with those results? I think the answer is Yes! Enjoy the wins, we’ve had more than our fair share of losses in the last ten years. Lets get another strong win against the Blues next week and then see how we go against some better teams.
  10. D4Life

    Which of our young stars will end up our best player

    I don’t care who will be best, as long as they are all premiership players for the Dees!!
  11. D4Life

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 8

    Garlett averages 1.8 goals per match vs Betts 1.9. He has the odd bad game, tell me a small forward who doesn’t, but has delivered approx 40 goals a season for the Demons. He is in my top 22. I really like Hunts speed but he has lost some of his mojo, and his kicking needs to improve. A stint in the VFL to focus on improving his kicking, will hopefully help. Then he would be deserving his spot in the 22. Hannan does some nice things, just needs to do them more often on a week to week basis. ANB just seems out of form, when Viney comes back, unless ANB does very well this week, I’d give him 3-4 weeks in VFL to find his form. I’m really enjoying watch Fritsch play, highly skilled and a great decision maker. Spargo has also been lively and seems to have “a good footy brain”, just automatically does the right thing.
  12. D4Life

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Goodwin has coached 30 games, has a winning record we have picked up after one shocker and a loss to the Tigers who are on top. He deserves a fair crack at it.
  13. D4Life

    OUR BEST 22

    For mine: Hunt over Wagner Vince or Lewis out (can’t play both) Garlett over Kent
  14. D4Life

    Collingwood vs Melbourne

    Just having TMac back in the team made a big difference. Our backline started to look a little better in structure, Jetta, Hibberd and Lever started to find some form, OMac continued his improvement. We looked good in the third, Max giving Jones & Brayshaw some taps into space. The forward line worked well together, and pressured the Bomber defence when the ball was in our forward area. Once Viney is back and Petracca, and if we win the next three games, you will see a team playing with some confidence. Then we can see what we really can do, and how we stack up against the Pies and the rest. Another good win is what we need this weekend, 5 goals plus would be great!
  15. D4Life

    Time to show Oscar some respect!

    Well said. He has improved out of sight, still has things to improve, but the signs are bright.