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  1. Kane Cornes tips us to Top the Ladder

    Agree, just one would be a great start, before I croak preferably😃
  2. Gawny's Column in the HUN.

    Unfortunately I didn’t get to read article, was there anything else in it aside from: - gave up smoking - disappointment R23
  3. The article I referred to above listed TMac, Petracca, Lever and Hunt as elite in their position. My view is: Gawn Hibberd Viney Lever Oliver Garlett are our elite, and those who may get into that category this year are: Petracca Hogan Hunt Melksham (his 2nd half season was exciting)
  4. Totally agree, we blew yesterday’s game and Freo game with poor kicking for goal a fifty fifty conversion rate would have led to wins and a 6-1 winning season!
  5. I’m guessing none of the above predicted a Dogs 2016 or Tigers 2017 flag, so would feel a lot more confident seeing Demons have at least 8 points and preferably 12 points after winning the first three matches, than worrying about external opinions. Personally I struggle to see how we won’t improve with the age of our list and the extra year into the likes of Hogan, Petracca, Harmes, Viney, OMac, Lever, Hunt, Salem, ANB who are all in the 22 plus minus one year bracket. Missing finals would be a dismal fail. Over the weekend there was a 48 page AFL summary I read from a Sydney paper, David King giving his view and Robbo. Added to the article was a list of elite, above average, par, below average, poor, and a TBD. It was way off in my view, just be interested in a poll on Demonland to judge how our supporters rate our players. Who kicks off a new thread?
  6. Injury List - Season 2018

    Demons will do a much better job covering Viney, TMac, Lewis, Tyson and ANB, than the Cats will do with Dangerfield & Ablett!
  7. Herald Sun 2018 Predictions

    Port couldn’t beat a team in the 8 last year, aside from Sydney early on when they had a lot of players out injured. I just don’t get how they become a super team even with Watts and the other two gun recruits! I like Watts but would be surprised to see him kick 6 in a real game with pressure! Last years Port list wasn’t a young team, so where is the natural improvement coming from.
  8. We need to make finals this year and win at least one. For me that would at least partially make up for missing finals last year. We were cooked last year and would have got flogged in the finals, so finals and a win is a must! Even listening to a few of our injuries, think we are better placed to cover them, and make finals!
  9. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    This team looks really good, any changes would be minor. Jones looks a little out of sorts, but maybe back in the guts is best way for him to come good, and would like to see Hunt on a wing at some point during the season. When Viney comes back, the onball brigade will be great.
  10. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Looking at most people’s round 1 team, the above team, plus minus a player or two is pretty close to the mark. What I like most is the improvement on nearly every line from last year. Backs - OMac bigger, Stronger more composed Hibberd coming in fit from round 1 HBs - Lever positive addition Salem fitter, stronger Centre - Oliver, Brayshaw and particularly Petracca look fitter stronger and a full preseason for all of them CHF - Melksham ready to fly and I would definitely play Hogan at CHF and he looks really good to go after a full preseason FF - whether it’s Fritsch who brings something new and highly skilled, Hannan, ANB or Harmes all look to have advanced significantly on last year Rucks - Max fully fit, Tyson fully fit is positive Interchange - Just looks a lot stronger whoever is in, Vince fully fit after toe injury last year You bring Viney back in and we have to drop a solid player. When I look at the overall improvement the team seems much stronger and players will be under pressure to perform week in week out. Sitting outside the 22 above are Bugg, Frost, Pedersen, J Smith, & Weideman. This should lead to less of the bad loses. While I’m a glass half full supporter, the Demons look ready for a breakout season!
  11. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Garlett definite, Hannan and Bugg due to Viney missing. Fritsch will get his opportunities during the year.
  12. Post Match Discussion: JLT #2 vs St. Kilda

    I like it, only change for me is OMac in for Frost!
  13. A top 9!?

    A season too late!
  14. Post Match Discussion: JLT #2 vs St. Kilda

    Fortunately I didn’t see the third quarter, only 1st, 4th and start of 2nd, but what stood out to me: Melksham - looks strong, tough, sharpshooter Petracca - very strong, skilled, ready to break out like the HULK Max - fit, smart in the ruck, marking improved across game Oliver - gun, love to see him kick it Hogan - fit, has vision, will be great at CHF Lever - give him 5-6 games for Demons and will be a gun Brayshaw - on the up, give him another 10 games to build his confidence and will be really strong Replace - Wagner, Stretch, Pedersen, Maynard, Frost, Fritsch (who are all solid sitting just outside the 22 as depth) with Ins - Viney (if 100% fit), TMac, ANB, Harmes & Lewis and we look really solid across all lines. We look a lot stronger than last year! From what I read went with Salem & Maynard in guts in Q3, and also from seeing Saint goals perhaps stopped running. Probably missed Viney & Lewis Leadership. Will be good to see where we are after round 6, as season doesn’t depend on round one! Not withstanding, will be very happy if we beat the Cats!
  15. The Age Writers 2018 Predictions

    I reflect on going into last season and hoped with everything going right we would make the eight, meaning: - not too many injuries, instead we lost our key forward Hogan, #1 Ruck Gawn, #1 midfielder Viney, then Jones, Hibberd missed about 5 each, some poorly timed suspensions of Lewis, Vince & Hogan - beat most of the weaker teams, as has been mentioned often, we coughed up 5 bad losses North*2, Hawks, Freo & Pies - rack up wins very early because younger teams statistically fall away as the season continues, then we fell of a cliff from round 15 v Swans and the 3 * 6 day break games Going into this year: - fair drawer - positive pre season, most key players in good shape, hopefully Viney comes good, last season he didn’t have a great season either - You can see a lot of the young guys have improved like ANB, Harmes, OMac, Salem etc and have another pre season behind them - Max, Hibberd, Hogan, Petracca all strong pre seasons - Depth looks better, try pick your best 22, it’s much harder Going into the season we have no excuses and should do very well, and win at least one final!