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  1. 1939 was the last year that Melbourne, Richmond and Collingwood played together in a finals series. Hard to believe.
  2. Big Carl

    James Harmes take a bow.

  3. Big Carl

    My 3 word player analysis V West Coast

    Will Viney be fit for the 1st Final?
  4. Big Carl

    Have we beaten a top 8 team yet?

    Would love to meet Geelong at the G in week 1 of the finals.
  5. Big Carl

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 22

    6. Harmes 5. Hannan 4. Melksham 3. Salem 2. Gawn 1. Oliver
  6. Big Carl

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Goodwin chose to make a “statement” at the end of 2017. He made an example of Jack Watts and moved him on. While we may not have missed Jack Watts in 2018 did Goodwin’s action have the desired effect on the broader playing group? I would say not! His requirement for the pre-season camp fell foul with the players as they ran to the ALFPA. The playing group DON’T have the “whatever it takes” attitude to take this club to the heights the supporters so desperately want. How is the coaching department rated at the end of 2 years of Goodwin’s tenure?
  7. Big Carl

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Not holding my breath. It’s been 50 years already.
  8. Which player that left to play elsewhere has been our biggest regret?
  9. Big Carl

    Ex MFC players at another club

    James McDonald
  10. Big Carl

    Ex MFC players at another club

    Yes. Scott Thompson and Martin Pike ( 4 flags).
  11. Big Carl


    Yes, Geelong’s set play (resulting in the win) in the last 40 seconds was staggering. MFC was clueless!!!
  12. Big Carl

    What is the point?

    That’s what happens when you lose all the close games!!
  13. Big Carl

    Footy Classified 13/8

    Not right! Wasn’t it Peter Jackson that said about our rebuild that he expected us to be playing finals in 2016? Hmmmm.
  14. Big Carl

    Footy Classified 13/8

    The definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome” Einstein
  15. Big Carl

    MFC and foot injuries

    Viney T Mac and now Hogan
  16. Big Carl

    Bartlett: Dees Not Mentally Weak

    Correct. Blame is squarely set at the coaching group. For all the BS stats that are thrown around it is very simple. Get the ball into the forward area to give yourself an opportunity to kick a goal. We can do the first part but fail the second part. Our kicking is appalling. Get a former gun full forward done there and teach these guys how to kick!
  17. Big Carl

    Who is our Forward coach?

    We need an overhaul of our coaching dept.
  18. Big Carl

    Lyon: Dees in 8 by Default

    He rolls out the cliches in the deadpan tone with no hurt or anger. No wonder the team play accordingly.
  19. Big Carl

    Bartlett: Dees Not Mentally Weak

    Soft as butter.
  20. Big Carl


    Give Lewis his 300th game this week and retire him. Start getting some games into the players on the fringe in the next 5 weeks to see what we have for next year.
  21. Big Carl

    Viney MUST be sole captain 2019

    Jones should step down at the end of the season but I don’t think Viney should be stand alone captain. He doesn’t get on the park enough. Who else should be co captain?
  22. Big Carl

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    In: Melksham, Hibberd, Kent and Hannan Out: Hunt, Pederson, Spargo, JKH
  23. Big Carl

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Exactly. This maybe only Goodwin’s 2nd year but it is year 5 of the rebuild and I would suggest we have fallen well short of the plan!
  24. Big Carl

    Goody and the Ferrari?

    Some days we look like a Billy Cart. Slow with poor direction.