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  1. Big Carl

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 10

    6. Brayshaw 5. Hogan 4. Hibberd 3. Jones 2. Gawn 1. Lever
  2. Brian Cook (ex MFC player) would be a perfect replacement.
  3. How many father/sons have played for the MFC?
  4. Big Carl

    Father/Son combinations at MFC

    Ron Barassi Snr and Jnr - 7 Flags between them.
  5. Big Carl

    Changes vs Adelaide

    That is why Pedo should come in. Another mature big body. It is not always about recent form but matching up on the opposition.
  6. Big Carl


    When did Collingwood, Essendon or Hawthorn last play at the Cattery? It is always Melbourne, North, Western Bulldogs, Fremantle etc. Geelong has the only real Home Ground advantage left out of all the Victorian teams. The corrupt AFL - it is and always will be about $$$$.
  7. Big Carl

    Demonland Player of the Year 2018 - Round 9

    6. Melksham 5. Brayshaw 4. T Mac 3. Jones 2. ANB 1. Harmes
  8. Big Carl

    Changes vs Adelaide

    In: Pedo Out: Smith
  9. Big Carl


    I wouldn't include any current players (except Jones) as they have not played that long or made it to a Finals Series.
  10. Big Carl


    Rod Grinter was a fairly handy footballer playing in No. 14. Guy Rigoni No. 43
  11. Big Carl


    Yze. - 271 games 234 goals Jakovich - pure talent Oliver - too early to put him up with Yze
  12. Big Carl

    Changes v The Blues

    Totally agree.
  13. Big Carl

    My 3 word player analysis V StKilda

    Petracca underdone?? He missed 1 game!
  14. Big Carl

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 7

    6. Brayshaw 5. Olivet 4. Gawn 3. Jones 2. Hibberd 1. Hogan
  15. Big Carl

    Changes vs Saints

  16. Big Carl

    Changes vs Saints

    Any chance Jack will be a surprise inclusion?
  17. Big Carl

    The Game, the Press and the future

    Simple. Reduce the teams to 16 and take out the wingmen. There are no specialist wingmen anymore anyway. Keep 22 because the AFLPA would not agree to reducing the number per team. Therefore 6 on the bench at any time. This would take 4 players off the ground and reduce congestion.
  18. Big Carl

    Changes vs Saints

    IN: Petracca OUT: Tyson
  19. Big Carl


    Useless as a goal kicker!!
  20. Big Carl

    Goodwin Presser (28/4/18)

    Can't wait for the post match press conference! Win or lose how many cliches (footy speak) will we get to appease the AFL and MFC and try and talk it up? AFL footy is so sanitised.
  21. Big Carl


    9 scoring shots to 8. When will the forward coaches teach goalkicking??
  22. Big Carl


    Agree. Poor structure and game plan and they are not playing for him!!
  23. He has been named in the squad for Sunday. If he plays he will be the first 4th generation of a family with the same surname to play VFL/AFL football. His great grandfather played for the Demons.
  24. Big Carl

    If we lose to Essendon

    Put the cue in the rack until 2019.
  25. Big Carl

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    What in the hell did the FD and the team do for 6 months in the off-season??