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  1. The Scrapping of the Bounce is Imminent

    Stupid away-strip jumpers, no melees, no power full forwards anymore kicking over 100 goals a season, no one on one duals like Jakovich on Carey or Knights on Van der Har. Just teams full of midfielders racking up meaningless possessions in the backline, umpires who have selective vision and who suffer anxiety and workplace injuries over trying to bounce the ball. What a joke.
  2. The Scrapping of the Bounce is Imminent

    Just another change to our once great game! it will be unrecognisable in 10 years!
  3. Best MFC team in last 50 years

    J McDonald and A Obst need to fit in there somewhere. Both better than G Parke
  4. Famous MFC jumper number

    18 Robert B Johnson Brian Roet John Tilbrook Greg Hutchison Steven Stretch Sean Charles Matthew Bishop Brad Green Daniel Cross
  5. Famous MFC jumper number

    Keenan, Crosswell, Yeats, Frawley
  6. Famous MFC jumper number

    Even though we didn't have success he made up a great centre line in the 70's Alves Wells Flower
  7. Famous MFC jumper number

    Also got pipped in the 1975 Brownlow. Great that he had success at North in 77.
  8. Famous MFC jumper number

    33. Gary Hardeman, Greg Healy, Jeff Farmer.
  9. Famous MFC jumper number

    Ross Dillon wore 24
  10. Famous MFC jumper number

    Norm Smith, John Lord
  11. Famous MFC jumper number

    Apart from 31 what is the most famous MFC jumper number?
  12. 20 Great Games

    I always put in the ESS vs Melb game at Windy Hill in 1990 when we were down by over 5 goals in the last quarter. Shirtfronts, great marking and 4 last quarter goals from Darren Bennett all from outside 50m. Not a final but a great win!!
  13. 20 Great Games

    20 great games in the last 30 years in no particular order Essendon vs Melbourne Windy Hill Round 16 1990 Melbourne vs Adelaide MCG QF 1998 Melbourne vs Carlton VFL Park 1988 PF Footscray vs Melbourne Western Oval Round 22 1987 Melbourne vs North Melb MCG EF 1987 Melbourne vs West Coast VFL Park EF 1988 Melbourne vs Carlton MCG QF 2000 Melbourne vs North Melb MCG PF 2000 (Farmer 8 goals) Geelong vs Melbourne Kardinia Park Round 20 2005 (Robertson 7 goals) Geelong vs Melbourne Kardinia Park Round 12 2015 Adelaide vs Melbourne Adelaide Oval Round 8 2017 Melbourne vs Hawthorn MCG Round 22 1990 Melbourne vs Hawthorn MCG EF 1990 Collingwood vs Melbourne Vic Park Round 20 1992 (Jakovich 7 goals) St Kilda vs Melbourne Moorabbin Round 18 1991 (Jakovich 8 goals) West Coast vs Melbourne Subiaco Round 8 1989 Melbourne vs Foostcray MCG SF 1994 (Lyon 10 goals) Melbourne vs Essendon AFL Park EF 1991 (Jakovich 8 goals) Sydney vs Melbourne SCG Round 24 1994 (Schwarz 9 goals) Melbourne vs Collingwood MCG Round 14 2000 (Farmer 9 goals)
  14. Top 10 individual seasons last 30 years

    Darren Bennett - 1990 87 goals for the year including 5 great goals to best Essendon from 5 goals down at Windy Hill.