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  1. Dangerfield past it? Its only my opinion and it don't count for much but the guy might be a donkey but he's an afL jet still.
  2. You don't touch a trophy until you win it. Just my two cents. Maybe I watch too much Ice Hockey.
  3. At least one thing hasn't changed for us. The AfL still hates us.
  4. So who we getting next to play as a defender.
  5. 4_Kent_Watts


    Think I'll be wearing my Patriots jacket to round one, please lads don't creep up and behind me and slap me in the head. Go Pats Go. Been a fan since the Booming Darren Bennett started punting so I don't mind the Chargers either. Pity Drew Brees didn't stay there, their history would of been different and won a title or two.
  6. Forget Fox Footy just go and get the Legend Pack, 6 games for under $20 and watch them till your hearts content. 1987 Rnd 7 vs The Filth. 1990 Rnd 22 vs The Squawks. 1991 Rnd 18 vs The Aints. 1998 Rnd 4 vs The Team that needs some Blood on their jumper. 2002 Rnd 1 vs The Squawks. 2007 Rnd 11 vs The Filth. Just over Three bucks a game. Bargain.
  7. I'm pretty easily pleased, I want a MfC Stadium Jacket. Please Santa.
  8. For his price he won't have to score too high but it's gonna mostly depend on how much game time he'll get. Not much risk and he'll be in my team.
  9. With Max being the first and most picked last year, that new bloke we got I think will be a bargain and must have this year.
  10. Well I guess my SuperCoach team will be filled by only Red and Blue jumpers this year. Bring it on.
  11. I think all girls look prettier in a Melbourne jumper. Natalie naturally pretty.
  12. Since we're looking for some outside run and something different to what we've got, would Jordan Murdoch be worth a spot or does everyone think he's a little soft between the legs for what we need.
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