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  1. MurDoc516

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    Lever to return around 8 or 10 is a bit of a shock. I was going to say Round 1 looks less likely but i would've assumed he'd get in by round 5.
  2. MurDoc516


    Roosy gave us a winning mentality. We played to win and we trained as winners should. He developed the kids and turned them into men. Look at who we drafted in those years and look at the difference now. No one can promise you the current draft crop will become stars but effort and toughness can be promised and will be delivered. Also, we fell off a cliff leadership wise because most of em got delisted/traded or retired. Now we have 2 players over 30 but a group of real leaders.
  3. MurDoc516

    Training - Friday 18th January, 2019

    Compared to previous seasons i've never been more excited for the next one to start.
  4. MurDoc516

    Weids ready to grab opportunity with both hands

    30-35 Goals but consistent effort and a steady mark of improvement from his past seasons is my prediction for Weid in 2019
  5. MurDoc516

    Training - Friday 18th January, 2019

    Melksham might have a bad back which causes hamstring tightness.
  6. MurDoc516

    Training - Friday 18th January, 2019

    Is Trac training as a forward this season? With Hogan gone i'd like to see him hang forward more. Just needs to learn to kick straight
  7. MurDoc516

    ANB: Lever building to something "scary"

    If Lever plays at the level he was before his knee then he's gonna be a hell of a player. Just needs to stay fit.
  8. MurDoc516

    50 point turnaround against the Dockers

    We had some decent players in that line up. Poor to only win 3 games that year.
  9. MurDoc516

    Meet Braydon Preuss

    It will be interesting to see what happens. I imagine Gawn starts the qtr in the ruck so we can try and get a fast start and then Pruess comes on and does a majority of the rucking while Gawn goes to whatever end needs him.
  10. MurDoc516

    Training - Monday 14th January, 2019

    Hope we sent our players there with the motivation of cozying up to the VIC players playing outter state.
  11. MurDoc516

    Training - Saturday 12th January, 2019

    A fair number of fans turned out by the looks of it. The last time i went to training was 2013 (WA demon) and i was practically the only one there. Looking at the Instagram live videos players are signing shirts and taking photos with a whole bunch of fans.
  12. MurDoc516

    TMacs Toe .... Again?

    Cut it off and get a robot one i say
  13. MurDoc516

    Training - Monday 3rd December, 2018

    Loving all the photos of Gawn and Pruess. Look like they gonna do some wrecking ball tag team moves this season.
  14. MurDoc516


    Haha imagine if she visited the one day Jakovich made an appearance. Nobody would care about her.
  15. MurDoc516


    Apparently, her little kids joined the warm up, sounds like a blast.