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  1. MurDoc516

    Jeremy Finlayson

    Giants are only going to accept a decent offer. They made him open to offers, so bascially whoever is the most desperate (Freo, GCS, Carlton) can offer early 2nd round picks and get him if GWS can't offload 2 of Scully, Lobbe or Shiel. As a player i don't know much about. I saw a GWS fan saying he needs to put on some muscle if he wants to be a proper one on one defender. Sounds a bit like Oscar with the bonus of pace like Frost.
  2. Kelly was pushing for an exit and only signed a bumper deal instead of the proposed long term deal. He wants to come home to Melbourne, Scully on the other hand is more being pushed out so GWS can keep their other stars just like Shiel was.
  3. Tyson isn't as bad as people make it seem. Like i said Fritsch was guilty of blazing away and not picking out a target.
  4. Big news. If Shiels stays Kelly or Scully needs to leave to fix cap issues. Kelly dream alive boys.
  5. Nothing major is really lost. Fritsch hasn't exactly been amazing and probably quilty of blazing away last two games. If this allows Hibbo to be the intercept mark then that's okay.
  6. MurDoc516

    Open Training - Wednesday, 19th September

    I'm just saying if i was an ump and the crowd kept booing me it wouldn't make me favour them. Maybe that's the kind of person i am.
  7. MurDoc516

    David King thinks Eagles will Belt Us.

    The logic is based on performance. I think we played better 4qtrs vs the cats and i think Hawks played better against the tigers than what we both dished up on Friday. Again King isn't saying we are trash or didn't deserve to win. He makes note of the first half, not the second. Coming off the ground Lewis said we played [censored] at half time. Full time PJ himself said we didn't play great. Let's just be happy we beat a team that belted us by 60 this year and has beaten us 15 of the last 16 times by 33 points in a big final while not at our best.
  8. MurDoc516

    My 3 word player analysis V Hawthorn

    Viney - tom mitchell who Jones - the quiet achiever T.McDonald - hero we needed Melksham - a clutch player Brayshaw - quiet but good Spargo - same as above Weideman - more to come (Same as last week) Petracca - couldn't be stopped Neal-Bullen - very quiet game Gawn - game of moments Hannan - competed for everything vandenBerg - kicking was poor Harmes - great three quarters Salem - best kick alive Fritsch - brave and ambitious Frost - won his battle Hibberd - quick and clean Jetta - never gets beaten Lewis - safe and tough (he learned what free kick hawthorn is) O.McDonald - Tough and composed Oliver - proper [censored] head Tyson - looked very sore (big last qtr but) Just wanted to say i think everybody competed tonight. It's all that you can ask for really. Hannan had 6 touches but i think he flew for 5 or 6 marks and created a contest every time. Same as Tyson, he may not be quick or as clean as our other mids but he chased everything and did what he could.
  9. MurDoc516

    Roaming Brian - Melbourne vs Hawthorn, Semi Final

    Hogan and Lever both in the coaches box and both made an appearance on roaming BT don't worry. You don't really get great interviews by suprising players who are dead sore and want to relax. I think the classic desk in the rooms and have 2-3 players and maybe a special coach or CEO come on for an interview is better. Maybe have a 2min segment where BT goes and finds something interesting (like the rub down table as he calls it) and let him do it. Running through the rooms with a camera and cords and approaching people in the way he does leads to some cringy moments. BT asked the lady who weighs everyone if she is the Rub down girl (great moment tbh), went into ice bath areas to interview a half naked hibbo and a kid (that sounded worse than it was) and had the very excited McDonald parents try and embarrass their kids on live TV.
  10. MurDoc516

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    Been up for 24 hrs my head is pounding, energy nothing left, gnight up the [censored] dees
  11. All i know is we could win every flag for the next 7 years and we'd still wonder if Goodwin is the right man. Also who is really going to be discussing if we are better than the tigers and dogs if we win. To busy out on the [censored] mate screaming "Nev Jetta for PM"
  12. Port will listen to offers for Wingard becuase they believe he will leave as free agent in search of a new challenge. Ring em up and remind them we gave em Toumpas, Watts and Trengove so it's only fair we get Wingard in return. [censored] it throw in a second rounder that they can use on finding some more top talent from other clubs.
  13. MurDoc516

    Oscar McDonald signs on until 2020

    The general goes again, what a time to be alive.
  14. MurDoc516

    Training - Thursday 13th September, 2018

    I'm suprised at the fitness work comment. I would've figured they worked them hard on the bye week. Recovery and Match drills are crucial right now. Good to see the goal kicking. I'm starting to think Trac has a touch of nervs about him. Good kick at training but in a game your nervous when he is lining up and maybe he is too.
  15. MurDoc516

    Is it time to serve last drinks on bath water?

    It's not helping anyone. It's just used as an excuse for when we lose. Everytime we lost a game this season Bathwater became the word of the day.