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  1. Smokey

    Sole Captaincy?

    As much as I'd love to have Viney as sole captain - it doesn't make much sense until we can be sure he can stay uninjured for a decent period of time.
  2. Smokey

    Goody in the offseason

    At this point of our list and development, if we are struggling mid-year because of his coaching - then maybe he should go?
  3. Smokey

    Goody in the offseason

    In most cases, the "unwanted distractions" you speak of really only distract the supporters in the end. Otherwise the club, as a professional organisation, continue onward understanding that delayed contract negotiations does not explicitly mean someone is thinking of leaving. It is abundantly clear that he is fully invested in the club, and if he puts off contract negotiations till later in the year to leverage his contract worth, then good on him. He deserves that autonomy. Relax, its only November and Goody is going nowhere - I'd bet the farm on it.
  4. Smokey

    Lyon's Plea to Petracca: Be Like Max

    For sure, I understand what Gary’s getting at. I’d like to see trac lose some weight for sure. Rather he train with stretch than many tho
  5. Smokey

    Lyon's Plea to Petracca: Be Like Max

    Great idea. Come back early after knee surgery, what could go wrong? Nice one Gary ...
  6. Smokey

    Pass Mark 2019

    Watch what the Weid does next year. His kicking action, pack crashing and contested marks are far superior to Hogans and I reckon he's gonna rip it apart in 2019. His body is ready, and the supply from the midfield will be as good as its been in decades I reckon with Kolo in the frame. Sure, he'll never be able to cover ground like Hogan did but who cares, he's a true KPF. Someone else can run the park. Top 4 regular finish and playing a GF is my pass mark (and why not, we've been upwardly trending for years now, no reason that cant or wont continue just cause we're at the pointy end now)
  7. Smokey

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    Round 1, injuries considered; FB - Jetta May Hibbo HB - Salem Omac Lewis C - Kolo Viney Brayshaw HF - Melksham Tmac Petracca FF - Fritsch Weid Hannan Fol - Gawn Oliver Harmes Int - ANB Vanders Jones Spargo Lewis to be phased out once Lever is fit, straight swap and that's our full strength back 6. Looks delicious on paper. No idea where Pruess fits in all this yet, don't think we'll see him in Round 1. Hopefully Jones to be used up forward and not in the middle, the guts ain't for him anymore but he's obviously still best 22 (can kick a decent goal after all). Kolo coming out firing is probably the thing I hope for the most. He will be a very important key if we are to go deep. Give us a Richmond 2017-style lack of injuries and I'd rate us as short priced favs in 2019. Here's hoping, on paper we look deadly across the board.
  8. Genuine excitement at our prospects next year? Dangerous thinking round these parts
  9. Smokey

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    I see what you mean. But my point still stands - you can't invest profits you don't make back into the game, therefore profit must be at the forefront of thinking to enable reinvesting back into the game. My view on this indirectly goes hand in hand with others here, its just a case of needing to make the money before it's spent on improving and maintaining the game.
  10. Smokey

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    No sleep lost, just another name added to the list of w4nkers on DL who apparently find comfort in talking down to complete strangers on the internet who are sharing an opinion. Well done big man!
  11. Smokey

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    AFL pay tax I would assume
  12. Smokey

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    Your passive-aggressiveness and pompous attitude toward this discussion has been duly noted. You can bang on about how the AFL as a body is more than just a business till the cows come home, but in the end it is a business with the objective of making profits as any other. There are a number of examples I can think of off the top of my head that support this; - Expansion teams in Sydney and Gold Coast before Tasmania - The AFL neglecting to reduce the number of home and away games to better balance the competition at the expense of revenue - AFLX - The fact the AFL has an ABN (97 489 912 318) and reports yearly profit/loss statements I'm simply making the observation that the AFL conducts itself like any other private business and the yearly fixtures reflect that in that they maximize revenue. Feel free to keep playing the man if you must. A team of business analysts probably do the draw each year, not a group of ex hall of fame players with the intent of preserving the sanctity of footy.
  13. Smokey

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    You remind me of a Simpsons episode with Lionel Hutz "Imagine a world without the AFL ..."
  14. Smokey

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    That could be relevant if the supporters ran the AFL, but alas, they don't. Doesn't matter what you or I see the goal as - in the end it comes back to money, as do most things in a free market. The AFL is not a democracy. Sentiment won't get us a better fixture. A larger member base and continued success will (we've had one good season since 2006, we are not a powerhouse by any stretch of the imagination). Until we prove ourselves to be money makers again, we will continue to be worse off than other clubs fixture-wise. Do I like it? No. Can I appreciate the reasons for it - absolutely.
  15. Smokey

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    People complaining about the fact the dons got more primetime games even though we are a better performing team seem to forget that the AFL is a business. The goal of a business is to maximize profits. The dons will make more money than we could in primetime slots due to their significantly larger supporter base. It's really as simple as that.
  16. Smokey

    2019 Leadership Group

    Can anyone give me the reasons as to why we all seem to be married to the idea of having co-captains? Any danger of us going back to a good old fashioned single skipper?
  17. Smokey

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    So you’re saying he didn’t do his best, but he couldn’t have done any better. Right.
  18. Smokey

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Completely agree. We have struck a great balance in the force this trade period.
  19. Smokey

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Good result. Well done Mahoney and co.
  20. Smokey

    24 hours to go - closest to the pin

    I predict the trade period will finish at exactly 2030 this evening
  21. Smokey

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    You’ll never find less of a watts fan than I - but lacking in talent he was not. Highly talented in fact. All came down to work rate with him, which is starting to looking the same with hogan in some ways, but hogan has already far surpassed anything we ever got out of watts.
  22. Smokey

    Calling all MCC Members

    Cool story bro. If you know us MCC members so well, riddle me this - why aren’t I rich and why am I a member of the MFC?
  23. Smokey

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    "We need to stick to our guns - 2x first rounders or nothing" Not sure if anyone has said this yet so I'm throwing it out there
  24. Smokey

    The Tom Campbell Thread

    If Max goes down, and Pruess goes down, and the rookie goes down, then we wont have a ruck. Best recruit a backup for the backup for the backup, and grab an extra backup just in case. Basically we need 8-10 fully functioning rucks on our list.