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  1. Smokey


    Why on earth would something like this bother you?!
  2. Smokey

    Clarry vs Cripps

    I'd take 1 Clarry over 2 Cripp's. Clarry has a far higher ceiling.
  3. Smokey

    Demons on Masterchef (16/5/18)

    You seem like the kind of bloke that has there school listed as "The School of Hard Knocks" on Facebook ...
  4. Smokey

    Lyon Questions Viney Selection

    I couldn't get any context whatsoever from the seemingly random quotes in this article. Fake news.
  5. Smokey

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 8

    I couldn't believe the persistence with Omac for a long time but look how he's going now. Must be his last chance though with Viney coming in next week. Keen to see how he responds.
  6. Since when were the smart, dumb, young and old considered a minority? Senseless comment.
  7. Perhaps reading the article before having an opinion on it would be a start
  8. Smokey

    Is Brayshaw more rounded than the Trac?

    Happy with both of them right now. Can't figure out why we need to compare the two though.
  9. Smokey

    Poll: Who Impressed Most in JLT 01

    All 3 fantastic, really hard to pick. An in form Gawn is a salivating prospect. If he regains AA this year we're top 4 IMO. ANB has been progressing as steadily as any player I've seen in recent times. His work ethic and attitude must be of the highest order. Bayley has already made me forget Jack Watts. Hopefully doesn't go missing in JLT 2 because at this stage he's making me slightly moist and I wanna see him in round 1. I could go on. Noteworthy - Melk looks likes he's ready to breakout to elite this year. As are a few more. We'll find out soon enough. God damn I'm excited for the season actual now ...
  10. Smokey

    Jake Lever

    “It just reeks of self-importance. I reckon he’s got to be more humble or choose his words better, ” Blight told Sportsday radio. “The future will be what it’s going to be, but I had a saying, which I think I nearly invented, and that was: ‘The footy god can sometimes get you’. Translation: "Oi young fella - be more humble! Oh and by the way everyone else, check out this brilliant phrase I invented!" The irony is too much. Jog on, Blighty ...
  11. Smokey

    Sponsorship Problem?

    Agree with all of that. Just thought it was a bit ridiculous to say that our performance in 2017 would have zero bearing on potential investors.
  12. Smokey

    Sponsorship Problem?

    But surely a history of playing less games in a season than we should have, in turn offering our brands less exposure than was possible, has crossed a potential investors mind? This isn't about MFCSS, it's how someone with business sense analyses a potential investment. Historical data is very important. If I buy a product that should have a life span of 26 uses, but I only get 24, I'm going to question my purchase.
  13. Smokey

    Sponsorship Problem?

    I would have thought the missed opportunity to give the sponsors more exposure by playing extra games in September would absolutely be a major consideration. Any other scenario doesn't really make sense from a business perspective.
  14. If she feels violated and expresses so, then it ends there. Regardless of agreed upon facts. There are no legal tests to determine how a person feels in any given situation so this point is moot.
  15. Smokey

    2 ideas to make the club money

    I hear you, but don't necessarily agree with all of this. No-one said they need to be knocking down the door at Dreamhack, but a local Melbourne team that competes nationally wouldn't cost much at all but would provide enough exposure to younger generations for a positive ROI in my opinion. A byproduct of this exposure is of course membership. I see this as a viable longer term strategy to expanding our membership base, not a way for us to make millions in the next few years. Our biggest problem is securing long term major sponsers (no answers for that from me other than getting a better draw from the AFL). Consider this idea a side project at the most.