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  1. nosoupforme

    ANB: Lever building to something "scary"

    Lever is a class above and l expect him to make us even a better team with him down back there. After all he is one of our leaders. ANB has skill knows where the goals are tackles hard and runs hard all day. What more can you ask of them. Thorough professionals.
  2. nosoupforme

    Vanders raring to go

    Good to see Vanders back early from rehab. Stay healthy we need you for the finals for the big assault.
  3. nosoupforme

    Complacency is Dees Biggest Hurdle

    We have set ourselves up to be a contender and the window is wide open therefore l am going to enjoy the ride smooth or rough and ride it home to the line this year and the next and so on. IMO the list is well balanced and barring any major injuries the dream is real. We can drop our percentage and we might kick less goals however we will stop the leaking in our backline We can also grind some wins as l believe they, our list is now more talented and most of all smarter as it comes down to experience. We haven't dropped our heads from that WCE loss and come round 1 we will be ready to go.
  4. nosoupforme

    Tom Mitchell out for the season

    Well l feel sorry for Tom but not the Hawks. STUFF THEM AND THEIR SUPPORTERS. However you look at it that is football life and l am sure there are many that feel the way l do. As the saying goes QUE SERA SERA. Jeff Kennett and the arrogant Hawks supporters, your season is over !
  5. nosoupforme

    Players of note 2019

    Our list is full of beans and l can not remember a better list in my time put together at this great club of ours. May, TMac Clarrie Petrac Gawn Lever Viney Brayshaw, and young players in Sparrow, Oscar Baker, Spargo and the Weed. Billy Stretch is due and there are many more others that l haven't mentioned, infact the list has more improvement to come IMO.
  6. nosoupforme

    Dream Forward Line

    HF: Lyon Schwarz Green F: Jackovic Neitz Farmer ------------------------------------------------------------- HF Yze Bennett Jurrah F Wight Robertson Flower. The great Robbie Flower. Try stopping just him.
  7. nosoupforme

    R1 2019

    Barring any injuries VandenBerg is a shoein and is in our best 22 IMO. The kind of player with the big body aggressive and hits hard.
  8. nosoupforme

    2018 Player Reviews: # 32 Tomas Bugg

    Buggy was useful while we were building a stronger list and that others were coming on and becoming excellent players. It showed as we finished the season in the finals. Although Buggy gave us some good moments and kicked multiple goal at times, he was also a tough nut which was a part of his game. His skills were average at the very best and that wasn't enough for him to play a vital part in our best 22. So off he goes to a very average team. Good luck to T.Bugg and l hope he does well for himself as he should get a game at CGWS.
  9. nosoupforme

    Congratulations Max

    I am not surprised your partner saying yes going by the rock on her finger. Congratulations to you and your lovely fiancee.
  10. nosoupforme

    Operation Re-Sign 2019

    The talent now is there and although you never stop to make the list stronger there are some gems waiting to be unleashed. Oscar Baker if his hammies can get through the preseason and Tom Sparrow a new recruit both have speed to burn. Midfield talent. Tie up our uncontracted players as IMO we don't need to disturb the list as we now have an excellent cross section probably the best in the AFL. Why in the hell would would you want to leave?
  11. nosoupforme

    Dees List Envy of Competition

    It is all worth having Preuss and learning his craft off the great man. However l can see him in the distant future being our no 1 ruckman when his turn comes and the prospect of being a leading ruckman in the AFL. It is not a big call as this boy can play. IMO I can see him playing regularly.
  12. nosoupforme

    VFL Curtain Raisers Return to G in 2019

    I remember running out onto the" G" in a reserves match against Collingwood after the game in 1969 chasing autographs and came across no. 4 Tony Sullivan who gave me his signature and felt chuffed about it. Only to find that he signed it Fred Bear. I wasn't impressed to say the least. Loved the Reserves game.
  13. nosoupforme

    Least Successful Club in 40 Years

    We know the stats and the disastrous years. We are moving on into a new era and l am excited to be a part of it. Jump on board Plough.
  14. nosoupforme

    The Ox is Excited

    The most sceptical of people are starting to believe in the hard work the FD have done to put together such a list. We are well on the way. Clarry, Viney Brayshaw, Harmes Petrac Jones. The engine. Classy with plenty of Guts. However I must say OX it is better than Geelong's 2007 Mids.
  15. nosoupforme

    Crystal Ball 2019: Predictions for next season

    Our back line will hold up with May and Lever eventually returning successfully which will give us a good boost up. Oscar Baker will make his debut and become a speed king sensation with plenty of tricks to boot. Harmes, Brayshaw,Viney, Clarry, Petracca and driven by Gawn and help from a brute force in Preuss alternating in the forward line will cause havoc. The Weid will have a breakout year and kick 40 plus goals and TMc to kick 50 plus which will make them a formidable combination thanks to our backline launching attacks. Petracca will finish in the top 3 in the B&F with his breakout year and a possible AA. We will finish in the top 2 as we set ourselves up for an assault at the Premiership. You have to believe.