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  1. nosoupforme

    Goody in the offseason

    I can see the potential and speculation that it creates for this season and beyond. However l see that Goody is well respected and in control of his own destiny and will one day eventually move on like all coaches do one way or another. For now l think he is well focused for a tilt at the Premiership and won't be going any day soon.
  2. nosoupforme

    Goody in the offseason

    I don't see a concern for him leaving the club and the team that he has put together over the last 2 years or being lured to another club. Goody would have loose screws in his head to even think of that. He is too devoted to his boys and the cause. There is some unfinished business that is awaiting. I have faith that he is in for the long haul.
  3. nosoupforme

    Down Memory Lane # 1

    Remember that game well as it was dam hot and the temperature was in the 30s. It was also Gary Lyon's first game.
  4. nosoupforme

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    RIP Colin Sylvia he enormous ability but he had his issues in life and sometimes God can really test you. Always remember you.
  5. nosoupforme

    2018 Player Reviews: # 1 Jesse Hogan

    I loved having Jesse at the club and am sad to see him go because you never want to lose one of your most players and a good guy. This sadness will be offset by Sam weideman as he looks more humble being a Demon. Good luck Jesse Hogan with the new " culture ". The Fremantle me Culture. Pity we didn't get the Brayshaw kid out of there.
  6. nosoupforme

    Aaron vandenBerg not going - signs a new deal!!!

    Aaron Vandenberg is built for finals football. He hits, you stay hit he breathes down your neck and tackles hard. He comes at you with great intensity. What l love most is his loyalty to the club and for that l give him great credit and more respect . Rapt your still with us Vanders.
  7. nosoupforme

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Fremantle you have embarrassed Jesse Hogan's value if you stoop so low and you are looking for a bargain basement you might find something you like at K Mart. You mistook David Jones for K Mart. Sorry Freo you took the wrong turn! HEAVE HO AWAY WE GO WHERE WE STOP WE DO NOT KNOW. Come on Dees! convince him to extend his contract.
  8. nosoupforme

    2018 Player Reviews: #5 Christian Petracca

    Christian is traveling well although we believe he should be doing better as he is still learning his craft. He will find that spark and all will come together with him . A player that can get out of traffic and set someone up and on the run or off 3 steps kicks the ball like a Mule and hits targets with ease is a valuable commodity. If there is query with his game it is his set shots at goal and lacking a touch of fitness. Petrac is already a star however he can do alot better he just needs a breakout game just to break it open.
  9. nosoupforme

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Freo you you have it all wrong. You want Jesse Hogan you forget that he is worth the 2 first round drafts picks. In return we will give you a packet of Dunking biscuits for your Football Department to SUCK ON! No chocolate Teddies for you lot.
  10. nosoupforme

    The Day the Contract Died

    Next who ever signs a contract say 4 years the Player should request a back end contract. After the first year plead insanity or family issues and ask for a trade to your club of choice start all over again what a scam. All jokes aside what rights should a player have if he has a contract and doesn't keep his word? The club should have more rights as the player is privlidged to be in the position he's in. POOR OLD SUPPORTER not fair on us.
  11. nosoupforme

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    If we get 5 and 11 for Hogan or maybe 5 and 23 and another pick what ever it may be. Let GC come to us with the deal we have the time as it is on our side. If it doesn't eventuate we go into the Draft and chase the best kids. We have OMac, Frosty and Lever to come back Start rating them they will do the job. May is 27 not 23 and has a history of suspensions. He is no world beater.
  12. nosoupforme

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    You hope that you keep your bet players at the club. Sometimes l wonder if Hogan wants to go however the FD are sick of it as well. Trade him for first round No 5 and Brayshaw's young brother and the deal is done. No other deal plain and simple and if the answer is no cut the losses and keep him.Somehow l don't think he wants to go. IMO.
  13. nosoupforme

    Maxy Tops Robbo's Top 50

    It's good that we are starting to be recognized. l have to get used to seeing their names mentioned as top players. Gawn and Clayton leading the charge and Brayshaw not far behind. Jetta Wow! and hopefully more. I'm so proud.
  14. nosoupforme

    2018 Player Reviews: # 13 Clayton Oliver

    It is amazing to have such an accomplished young man an elite in the game he plays. When he gets the ball you excpect him to do something special. He is the future of our great club.
  15. nosoupforme

    2018 Player Reviews: # 15 Billy Stretch

    Billy was dropped earlier in the year as he just couldn't get going for some reason or another or seemed disinterested as l saw it through my eyes. I remember him playing some very good games against Geelong at the cattery and Hawthorn at the G which we beat both of them as Billy's future looked bright at the time. Going back to Casey did him good as he started to find his feet and enjoy his footy where he played several outstanding games with continuity mainly on the ball and was pivotal for them as Casey went on a winning streak of 12 games with Billy being involved in 7 or 8 of those games. Came back into the Melbourne side against Fremantle and played an excellent game tackling hard and being involved linking up well and he belonged. Unfortunately he had a fractured small toe and was ruled out for the rest of the season. The kid has talent and is only 22 and with a good preseason behind him l believe will be pushing for selection in round 1 2019.