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  1. We done with the Jakovich interview, thoroughly enjoyed it .
  2. YES ! You are on the the right track with Sam and with a solid preseason he will manage to allow his development over the three years do the talking. He will become a power player in the similar vein of a Neitz.
  3. All support the same club and we don't so called slagg. ?????
  4. Ruck depth

    Yes you are right on. I am hoping for Gawn to produce his All Australian form. I think then l think then we will be a dominant team.
  5. Trade rumours

    THEY wanted JW out and they had an agenda obviously. How could anyone but Port be happy with the trade? They did the trade to get it out of the way.
  6. Ruck depth

    I won't elaborate. Spencer went down definitely lost that game because of his injury against Richmond. Gawn All Australian form . Win most of the games. Ruckmen can dominate ....Very vital.
  7. Sam Gibson

    Still a handy pick up bar for his age.
  8. Who is going onto the Banner?

    Clayton Oliver best and fairest Future Great GUN and is a NORM SMITH lookalike How can you beat that?
  9. Trade rumours

    That would be very good if it happens. I hope so .
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    And if that is the case we are a laughing stocks once again.
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    My opinion, Its not going to happen on my say so. I don"t want the club to suffer, l hope he feels the heat of disgruntled supporters.
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    I can read between the lines. How would you like to be treated like a piece of meat?