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  1. Sam has the potential and showed it in the the first two finals and that is where he became a man so to speak. IMO if you stand up in Finals you are on the way to making the grade no doubt. The Weid is ready for his breakout year and at his age he has the scope for improvement. The bounce is not too far away for the start of the season and am hanging out to see him take big marks and kick many goals in 2019 and beyond.
  2. Congrats Big Maxy looking forward to your 100th game and another 100 great games after that. 2 AA'S, 1 B&F and a Premiership Medal around the neck would be fine as well.
  3. Well spoken individual Simon Goodwin and very articulated he is invested heavily to seeing our club become great again. I can see him being with the us for quite some time as Melbourne on and off the ground evolve into becoming a major player in the AFL . We are certainly on on our way. Looking promising.
  4. Jay has plenty of talent and is only a 24 yo . Playing for Casey last season he strung a number of games together and produced his best form by becoming a ball magnet with 30 plus possessions in games and ended up playing a number of games for Dees. IMO he handled himself well and deserved his promotion. I hope that he does receive the 2 year extension where it will give Jay confidence .He deserves it.
  5. Oh well, so much for bringing in the so called Big Gun ! Not only did he fire a blank, he was disarmed at the Tribunal.
  6. The suspension doesn't feel right to me . I hope this is appealed by the club. It certainly wasn't intentional. A connect to the upper chest missing the chin but head drops forward causing a love tap to the chin. No concussion there just a nice love tap. I have seen worse incidents than this and opposition clubs have backed and appealed for their players and many have got off.
  7. I was at the family day at Yarra park and had a yarn to Oscar Baker. Played 3 Quarters of the game in the 2s and was happy with the outcome . He pulled up well after the game and he certainly tested his hammies. He was chasing all day but loved being back blew all the cobwebs away. Oscar said that it was good to be back and will be better for the run. He certainly had a gleam in his eye.
  8. Fourteen of my Family members are all membership holders at Melbourne hardly miss a game at home. Where still growing the dynasty. I believe with the help of a strong performance early in the season we can reach 50,000 plus members . The membership will rise significantly and reach the target when we have the ultimate success.
  9. Anything that can help us win the game is good. He is a tall strong defender similar to Steven May. Hurley can play forward as well. I like advantages. Poor thing, cough.
  10. I think Curnow had a slight edge on the weid. However playing the last h&a rounds were tense games and the Weid played well. His first 2 finals were exceptional and expect him to rise to another level in 2019. Weideman IMO is developing into something special and will definitely hold his own. As for Mckay, Himmelberg and Hipwood they are improving types and Schache i believe is lagging behind.
  11. Salem is such an honest and silky smooth team member and in our best 22 without a doubt. His left foot precision kicking is a classic and a delight to watch. I wish him all the best as i believe he is ready to do something special. Ready for his breakout season.
  12. I agree with G Lyon and for Clarrie to be called the best ever Demon Midfielder then he has to help us win the Premiership.
  13. May , Gawn Milkshake Viney, Vanders , Lewis, kolo, Hannan, hibberd and Jetta. Lever sooner than you think. Not a bad lot. They are all handy and that is what you call great depth. Young Demons stood up well and pushed them hard early. Clarry 2 preseason operations and Tmac knee cleanout will be better for the run Jordan looks a player. I am pleased with the effort put in today. Overall we were playing a near full strength Tiger side and the boys stood up.I know it is a practice game but deep down the Tiger FD might be a bit worried when they meet us in the season proper. Looking forward to a big year.
  14. Fighting spirit Demons well played young Dees! Beaten by a more experience side. Fought it out and a good come back. 12 point loss fair effort. Pleasing. In for a big year.
  15. Behind that facade there is one determined person who means business. However these days the club won't go after someone if they think they cannot make the grade and play their role. Preuss is a down to earth person a likeable fellow. He is a good all round addition.
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