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  1. nosoupforme

    Hibberd Ruled Out of Cats Clash with Quad

    WHAT THE !....No Hibbo ? Josh Wagner has been in good form he has go and Quick as well, can play. Please Goody no Joel Smith! UNTIL HE FINDS CONSISTENT FORM AT CASEY. Anymore surprises ?
  2. nosoupforme

    Casey V Geelong R16

    It's good value for many of us to see you giving your insight. It is is good to have Vandenberg back and playing well. I am confident it will be a great week.
  3. nosoupforme

    Who will be the next Dees Brownlow Winner

    How good is Gawn's influence in the centre bounces and around the stoppages ? What about his big telling marks in defence ? His ground work is exquisite. 40+ hit outs 13 times out of 16 games. Leads the MVP by 5 votes before this count smashing his nearest rivals. If he keeps this form going and free of injury he can legitimately win this years Brownlow without a doubt. He is the main reason that we are in the hunt to make finals for the first time since 2006. He has a big influence in the saying of how we finish the year. I and many others would prefer a Premiership than a Brownlow, however he deserves both medals.
  4. nosoupforme

    Mr Jones

    Nathan Jones has plenty of heart and when the tough get going there are not many like him around that can lead from the front. However apart from Viney and Oliver and Gawny there aren't enough personnel with the discipline to lead from the front at our club at the minute. T H E R E F O R E .......................... Look up the word Discipline and some of you knockers will learn something. It equals Nathan Jones.
  5. nosoupforme


    Gawn, Clarry, Angus ,GAWN, CLARRY, ANGUS and G A W N, C L A R R Y, A N G U S. my eyes were so sore, I would blinked and that's all l saw in the last half. Just joking . They were the instigators. Well done all the boys.
  6. nosoupforme

    King: Oliver can be Dee's Dusty

    We are blessed in a matter of speaking that he has this special talent in winning the ball frequently. However we expect it and some of our young talent can take a leaf out of his book and better themselves as well.
  7. nosoupforme

    Billy Stretch - Stress Fracture / Toe

    Billy Stretch had 7 good consistent weeks playing for Casey before he was picked to play against Fremantle. Deserved his spot in the side and having 24 touches to boot. However that good form has carried into his last game and looked as though he had turned the corner as he looked comfortable showing a touch of class. He will prove to be handy if we make the finals. Good luck Billy hope it doesn't take long to heal.
  8. nosoupforme

    Roos on Oliver

    Melbourne needs to sign him for the next 10 years so that the Vultures keep there hands off him. Such teams as the desperate North M. or the cunning Hawthorn who are looking for class midfielders. Clarry would be on all clubs top list.
  9. nosoupforme

    MATCH REPORT - Round 16

    Frosty back makes a difference and Goodwin has acknowledge his efforts and knows by the way he was able to spoil and use his big frame on the Freo tall timber and especially on Apeness which he kept goaless . Although it was slippery because of the high humidity we were still able to run the game out comfortably and exhaust the opposition. We certainly need the win for a bit confidence.
  10. nosoupforme

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    Simple maths. Vince in as he will be fresh from a weeks rest in Darwin. A big O U T for me will be J Smith as l don't know what Goodwin sees in him.He makes big mistakes by not taking the game on and is a poor decision make.He certainly isn't a Key back.
  11. nosoupforme

    Game against Freo - umpiring

    This game shouldn't worry us with the umpiring as we should put FREO away completely and boost our percentage. The game we should worry about the umpiring is the game against Geelong at the Cattery. that is 2 weeks away.
  12. nosoupforme

    Harmes and Wagner re-sign

    Thinking positively, It is great to see Harmes with a new contract. The kid has go in him and will mature into a dependant member of our team. Wagner deserves to be around as he has shown that he has plenty to offer. He is a little unlucky given that he has to battle with Lewis and Vince for a spot on the backline. He will receive his chance in the not too distant future. Happy to support them both. With a sooner rather than later l am hoping for Angus to sign because he will be so valuable a member that he has plenty of scope to do better. Let's hope.
  13. nosoupforme

    Worst selection of 2018

    Just thought l let you know he has played some good games although at times he makes mistakes plays on the edge and is big bodied and stands at 195 cm.Can break the lines. Unlike Joel Smith or Petty wet behind the ears and no disrespect to Petty, they never took the game on and that is even a bigger mistake. You might not like Frosty's potential however he is our best bet for mine. I am sure there are others that agree and like to see him given a chance.
  14. nosoupforme

    Outside mids

    Tmac struggled and hardly touched the ball bruised lung of course you know all that and very tentative. J Smith and Petty just not up to It at the minute. How can you not look slow and out of sorts when you are struggling with hand and foot? The last 2 I mention didn't bust their gut. I agree with you lets hope we don't capitulate
  15. nosoupforme

    Outside mids

    Yes l agree with you there, However they won those games although the opposition looked slow. Is that the way it works? So if we win on the G next time we play is it because we are not slow anymore? Let's wait and see how we go at the G against Bulldogs, G Coast, SYD and GWS. and and get a better idea. There are a whole lot of reasons why we are not playing well. A win will help. Whats above the shoulder is where the confidence comes from.