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  1. Noob question I know but only the second time I'm buying tickets for a game.... my first experience didn't go well (ended up being in amongst the Essendon fans at the round 15 game of the 2015 season), so I was wondering which area of the Gabba is for the away teams supporters? I have a hunch where but want someone to confirm before I buy tickets.
  2. Changes v Brisbane

    My 2 cents in reverse order of disposal count: Jake Melksham: I was pretty underwhelmed by Melksham's performance yesterday, especially in the final quarter. Looked cooked - no run, no dash, couldn't deliver any of his outside 50 on the run darts I've come to expect from him last year. Looks like he needs to hit the track again. OUT. Jeff Garlett: Had a bad game, being our leading goal kicker last year, my vote is keep him. Especially up against a Brisbane side full of young defenders with small bodies that he can out manoeuvre and out contest. Zach Tuohy and Harry Taylor are elite, big bodied backmen. IN. Mitch Hannan: 1 Goal 1 Behind, 9 disposals. A solid warning here, not his best game but still young, has the potential to perform well against a Lions side of youngsters like himself. IN. Jake Lever: Just a case of noobishness for him - first game with a new team who play completely different to Adelaide. Will find his form again, maybe played off HB where he started last year with Adelaide? IN. Bayley Fritsch: Performed exactly how I'd expected him to perform. Young, I think we should rest him this week though, so we don't cook him for round 3. OUT. Neville Jetta: Out marked just about every time in the second half. Looks like he's lost his leap and spoiling ability that showed so strong last year. Could just be a poor game for him, stellar performer in just about every game last year, performs are vital role and can lock down some of the best forwards in the game. IN. 1st Warning. Oscar McDonald: A lot has been said about O Mac, so I'll say this: Still obviously a young player, showed some strong form and looked improved over last year at times, only to disappoint again when its counted. Could excel against a young Lions side, IN for now. Christian Salem: Laid some solid tackles, but as some others have said, 12 disposals isn't enough footy for a Mid. He can play some beautiful footy, and has a beautiful kick. Needs to start on the bench rather than as a dedicated Centre. Can rotate him out of the Mid and HB. Unlucky OUT. Cameron Pederson: Suffered from a case of over utilisation I think. Up forward, down back, at the contest as a Ruck, as a Mid. I know he's a designated utility but when we played him forward last year for a spell I feel like the position clicked for him. A Ruck/HF mix for Cam I think will see him return to form. IN. Alex Neal-Bullen: 2.0 at games end with 15 disposals. A decent day for a youngster of 35 games against an experienced and bigger side. Whether I'd keep him at HF is another thing though. Like Salem, should start on the bench for depth and rotations until he's more experienced. IN, with a Warning. Josh Wagner: So much improvement in this guy - some less than stellar moments but I stopped cringing by the 4th quarter whenever he went near the ball, cause it wasn't the instant turnover I'd come to expect - close to a 60/40 split effective use/turnover ratio which is big for Wagner. Laid some outstanding tackles, and generally used his body well. That being said, playing him in the Mid was a mistake, needs to go down back again. IN, with a warning. Corey Maynard: Dig a good job for a quarter on Gaz - not bad for a kid in his second game. Ran out of legs in the end I think, but to lay 7 tackles for a game is a solid effort. Should be rested this week though, no need to over-cook him, we have the depth. OUT. Jesse Hogan: Was it just me or did Jesse appear down back way too often yesterday? Took him away from where he plays best for too long, Jesse was nowhere near goal too many times - he has the body, with the endurance now, to play as a mid/rover but still excels as a Full Forward. Play him as that or don't play him at all. Let's hope he can kick a bag against Brisbane again. IN. Bernie Vince: STARTING HIM ON THE BENCH!? Anyone else think that was ludicrous? He is a starting C/F if he's playing, end of story. Didn't have the influence on the game as we'd come to expect - may have done a better job as a tagger from the outset - definitely if played as a defender on their talls. Poor game from a solid contributor, we still need his experience. IN. Jayden Hunt: Had some good run and carries but looked like Geelong were counting on us using that as part of our game plan and planned to limit it accordingly. Just a poor game from a solid contributor. Tough game took it out of him at the end, as we saw last year could've made the torp from outside 50 but tiredness, pressure and being rushed made him fall short. IN. James Harmes: Poor game from a solid tough nut, who can lob darts at goal most games. Unlucky to be 0.2 at the end of the day - as with the whole team, needs to be able to handle expectation and pressure. IN. Max Gawn: Seriously unlucky to miss that goal - but as an article I read today pointed out - Gawn regularly misses shots from that exact position, so he was just true to his form (laughs). Will bounce back, and an obvious IN. Michael Hibberd: Below par game for him, had some stellar moments especially at the end but I feel like our back line just haven't gelled with Lever yet, but it will come. IN. Jordan Lewis: Undisciplined at times, which was poor. Could see him attempting to marshall the defence in the second half but maybe players didn't hear him? IN for now until he cops a suspension, then drop him a few games after the suspension to cool his jets. Christian Petracca: Missed some crucial goals, but can't really say anything else, obvious IN. Clayton Oliver: Match high of ten tackles, plus a goal, plus being our second best ball getter. Enough said, IN. Nathan Jones: I was worried about Jones after watching the JLT series. He looked cooked at the end of both JLT games and I'm aware he was having back spasms during the pre-season. Combine the two and I was worried he was not going to be up to standard - but this is why he is our Captain. Didn't deliver any seriously uplifting plays like he's capable of (back soreness still maybe?) but a solid contributor with no question of retention. IN. So where does this leave me? Well, this is what my 2 cents worth thinks we should take on Saturday: B: Hibberd, O-Mac, Lever HB: Hunt, Wagner, Jetta C: Jones, Lewis, Tyson HF: Petracca, Pederson, Hannan, F: Garlett, Hogan, Bugg/Kent I can't decide who should be given a chance here. zzzzz FOL: Gawn, Oliver, Vince I/C: Harmes, Frost, ANB.
  3. Maroochydore training camp

    Anyone know for definite if the open training session for the training camp up at Maroochydore is on the 3rd of February?
  4. Maroochydore training camp

    Can add my fiancee and her dad as well! We'll be at both games, wouldn't miss them in the world.
  5. Stewart Crameri to the Dees?

    Relationship with Goody and Macartney already so lower order draft pick? 99 Games and 166 goals - 1.8 game average. Would've been a bit more if he hadn't missed 2016 cause of the doping ban, and most of this season cause of hip surgery. Good choice for depth if he's fit and if Weideman doesn't perform this year or there's injuries.

    Looks like Lever will be out the door after those comments. I sure as hell wouldn't stay at a club if my captain said that about me on radio. "I didn't have a crack at him, I was pretty honest because I don't like people leaving our footy club," Walker said. "I don't think I was arrogant or aggressive towards him. "I was probably blunt." Sounds like Tex hasn't taken kindly to the prospect of Lever leaving. Something's gone wrong at Adelaide if Charlie Cameron badly wants out as well.

  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    Could Wattsy be on the outer, and Lever coming in, be part of a move to have T Mac playing forward permanently next year? I think there was talk of us acquiring another experienced mid - would that mean Petracca playing up forward more too? If that's the idea, and then I think we should trade Watts for sure. Sounds like he needs a fresh start to reinvent himself (who knows - he could get home sick and come back in a few years? ), and T Mac seemed to relish playing forward (so much so that when he went back again he didn't play like he normally would - maybe he needs to be reinvented as well and going forward is his tonic?). T Mac and Petracca floating in our forward line would be dangerous.

    Our contested marking skills were really showed up by the Lions last week. Jesse and Pedo were our shining lights in that regard, but whenever the Lions went long to a pack, they would mark it. Jeremy Howe as we all know is a great contested marker, so by leading him off with some of our other dangerous forwards he'll be neutralised and worn down. That being said, if they stick him on Pedo or Jesse, our other forwards and midfielders are so dangerous in front of goals we have plenty of other avenues for goal to go to, whereas the Pies only have a few dangerous forwards, which Tom and Jetta could easily handle. With Salem and Melksham firing off accurate darts into our forward 50 we're well placed to give the Scumwood a good thrashing 5 times in a row. Funny how Lynden Dunn has joined a 'more' successful team?
  10. Demonland New Member Meet and Greet

    That's awesome, thanks for that!
  11. Demonland New Member Meet and Greet

    Thanks for the pointers, will ring around and see what the best option is. Unfortunately Foxtel isn't an option.....yet. Have to agree with Deeby and some of the others, absolutely cannot stand the Hawks. Or Collingwood, or Carlton, Or North, Or Richmond....
  12. Demonland New Member Meet and Greet

    Hey all, new here. Demons fan for 5 years, marrying a lifelong Demons fan, whose father is a Demons fan too. Anyone know of any places in Brisbane that have the game on TV Saturday? (Monkey Tree Brewery does I know that already, wondering if anywhere closer than Logan way).