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  1. The smartest thing anyone has said on this thread this week.
  2. Need someone to play the intercept role...Wagner best suited for that.
  3. That is exactly the point. Well said. The challenge is in the mids we have an inspiring bloke in Jones and then huge experience gap to these young bulls with 50 games..they are standing up big time and this loss could be a big moment.
  4. What makes you think we would take a kid with the number one pick rather than use it to trade in some speed and clean ball skills to the list?
  5. Just about right...don't see how we can seriously pick any of Petty, Hannan, Tyson and Lewis going into this week. Petracca border line based on talent alone...is he carrying an injury? Need workers not shirkers.
  6. Having one of those Mark Neeld kind of days...
  7. Ins Weideman, Petty, Garlett Outs T.Smith, Petracca Vince No to Vince and Lewis in the same team fand why not pull that trigger over the next three weeks given the games coming...Petracca out to either get over an injury or just get his head straight. Garlett is speed and X factor which we don't have much of (or at least the X factor we have isn't on display at the moment (Hogan Petracca), Weid in after 7 yesterday...offers more around the ground and is future. Petty is future as well and wouldn't over think the match ups against the Saints...give the guy a few games.
  8. That answers the question. Pretenders.
  9. Core issue on lack of leg speed was getting smashed on the inside..Goodwin said something like when you're winning the inside you look fast on the outside...flip that...when you get smashed on the inside you look slow on the outside.
  10. I was there for that game...remember Diamond Jim kicking a bag and vague memories of Robbie running out there....fantastic to see that footy record...can almost smell it!
  11. The answer could be two changes in the back half with Frost there to stop a Gorilla like Cox and Wagner or Harmes to play the intercept role. If that's Wagner which probably makes more sense due to extra cm it leads to a hard call on who misses out and that could be Bernie (who doesn't play either of those roles).
  12. My top 5 of the last 40 years...all outstanding. Hardeman Hughes Wight Johnson B.Lovett
  13. That's right...the players aren't hurting nearly as much as the Supporters sitting in the stands....really?????
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