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    2018 Player Reviews: # 36 Jeff Garlett

    There is also no real evidence that he spat the dummy or wasn't trying. All that was obvious was that he stopped impacting games and was in poor form. I think it's worth remembering that the small forward position is one of the least predictable in regard to correct running patterns. Often the crumbing forward is taking a punt on where they should run to either present for the ball, crumb the ball or pressure the opposition. These problems are worse at vfl level where the ball tends to be kicked long to packs more regularly. Whilst I don't actually know for sure, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was trying. Like everyone else I hope he comes good in 2019.
  2. HardBallGet

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    6 and 23 was an ok deal given he wanted out, For the life of me I can't see why we had to sweeten it with pick 65 though. I would have thought given we have 7 list spots and 4 draft picks another pick in the 60s would have been worth holding on to
  3. HardBallGet

    Finals Tickets

    Got 5 seats together in m54 row L. Last week we were M12 towards the back. I'm wrapped to be back in the Olympic stand. Our usual spot is m51.
  4. HardBallGet

    Changes v Brisbane

    The Hannan debate is an interesting one. like you I feel that with Fritsch and Garlett we have 1 to many small forwards and could afford to replace 1 with a mid. All 3 of these guys hit the scoreboard and had moments of influence against Geelong. All 3 of them also went missing for long periods of time. To a degree that is the nature of the small forward position. At times it can be tricky to find the right spot to run to. I agree that Hannan had a poor game. I do not understand though why supporters question players effort. All of these guys were putting in all the time. Sometimes though effort does not equate to high performance. I'd drop 1 of Hannan or Fritsch, along with Maynard and possibly Wagner. Although I really liked his 2nd half I think we may be better off with an extra tall. In would be Tyson, Bugg / brayshaw and Frost. although if they stick with Wagner over Frost I can see how that makes sense. The defense was pretty solid in the last half of footy they played together.
  5. HardBallGet

    AFLW: Round 1 vs. GWS

    very surprised Mifsud has not been selected. I though she was our best key forward last year. Anyone got any goss? Selected as an emergency so presumably not injured.
  6. HardBallGet

    2018 Membership Thread

    I rang the club about this a few weeks back. If you have an existing reserve seat package you can continue without the $429 reserve seat gfg bundle paying only slightly more for your demon seat package than you did last year. However you cannot purchase a new reserve seat package without the gfg bundled in. If like me you purchased a gfg and demon seats in 2017 you were automatically transferred into demon seats plus for 2018 with the gfg at a cost of $429.
  7. HardBallGet

    2017 Post Mortem

    I was listening to the Ox on SEN talk about our lack of a hard edge against Collingwood. In particular he talked about Bugg as a player who would have added some intensity to the Collingwood clash. It led me to a theory on our psyche over the season. I feel like we started the year with a fairly hard edge. Things weren't always going perfectly but we were winning contested ball and were hammering the opposition when we got the opportunity. Impressively this hard edge continued throughout the mid point of the season despite a difficult fixture and injuries to key players. Skills weren't always perfect but we were defined by our work at the contest. We were a tough team to play against. I feel like the Sydney game saw a significant shift in our psyche which in the short term adversely affected our attack on the footy and the man and in the long term meant we lost our way. Now I don't blame Bugg. I've been around footy long enough to know that several of those look away punches are thrown every week and the fact his landed square on the jaw with devastating impact was pretty unlucky. But I think that brutal strike, the resulting six week suspension combined with earlier suspensions to Hogan, Lewis and Vince meant everyone at the Club including Goodwin felt suddenly compelled to defend the team as fair sports. I think in turn players felt subconsciously obliged to show that they were decent people on the field. All of a sudden they lost what had defined and galvanised them as a team. The hard edge, the mongrel, the intensity. I don't imagine this doubt lased more than a couple of weeks, but it seemed to lead to a mental shift from which the group couldn't recover. I'd be interested to hear what others think of my theory. Obviously it could be a load of cheap pop psychology but having a way of explaining what I saw over the last 3rd of the season has helped me pick myself up this arvo.
  8. HardBallGet

    Member appreciation

    A small world on demonland cmwyw. see ya at the footy in 2018. Go easy on the green squirts next week
  9. HardBallGet

    Member appreciation

    hey Shane J. Yeah I remember waiting a fair while for the walk on the ground in 2016. Overall though I felt like it was a good experience. I liked the novelty and excitement of being on the ground before the match. I also struggled to get to my seat by first bounce but I felt like it was worth it.
  10. HardBallGet

    Member appreciation

    Howdy All I've been lurking here for a few years but thought I'd sign up to share my match day experience at the G yesterday. My wife and I were registered to participate in the walk around the ground which was opened up to members who attended all home games. Whilst waiting we got chatting to a a young guy and young women who were working for the club. The woman got a phone call and seemed a little flustered. Upon hanging up she turned and to us and asked if I'd be interested receiving a jumper from one of the players on the ground instead of doing the walk. Naturally I hastily agreed. She rushed me down just in time to see the boys jog up the race for their first warm up. Next thing I know I was on the ground with 22 other supporters standing in front of Dom Tyson's jumper. Dom and the team jogged over. He said g'day , asked my name, shook my hand and handed me his jumper. I wished him luck for the game and gave him a pat on the back and he was on is way. Now I know according to a few on here he butchers the ball but I absolutely love Dom and think he is crucial to our success. He's tough around the contests and wins the tough footy. So I was wrapped to get his jumper. The whole experience was amazing. Thanks to the club for making things like this happen. Now I'm not usually a track watcher but I thought I might head into training to get the Jumper signed by Dom. I'm assuming the main session this week will be Thursday morning. Does anyone know any details. eg start time.